Thursday, September 07, 2006

Roll on Saturday, and why more footballers should be like Lillian Thuram.

Lots of Arsenal players involved in last night's action. Thierry bagged a goal in a, no doubt, cathartic victory for the French over the Italians; RVP got two crackers against Al Hleb's Bielorussians; Fab set up a goal in Spain's, frankly, amazing defeat at the hands of Northern Ireland; while Jens probably had a quiet read whilst the Germans ruthlessly destroyed San Marino.

It seems that Johann Djourou has picked up an injury while playing for the Swiss, so Gallas's starting position at c-b is surely now assured for Saturday, with Hoyte probably continuing at l-b. RvP can't really be left out after his storming performance, but he could potentially lose his place to Baptista. However, I expect Baptista to start on the bench, and, if the chips are down, as we try and break our consecutive passes record, he'll come on. He certainly seems an 'impact player', who can instantly make an impression on the game due to his size. We haven't really had a sub like that for a while.

Indeed, I have to say that I'm really looking forward to the game on Saturday, and seeing Rosicky, Bappy, and Willy. If we hadn't bought anyone, and if Cash and Jose were still here, I'd be more than a little anxious, but the new signings seem to have brought a tide of optimism - despite Chel£'s efforts - to the club. We need to harness this feeling as a driving force behind our performance on the weekend.

I was forced to watch the England game at work and it was aw,aw,aw-ful. Stuart Downing is not international quality, and if it wern't for the damage done to his reputation by Sven, Theo - who scored again for the u-21s last night - would surely be pushing for at least sub appearances on the left wing. Indeed, the highlight of the match was Ashley attempting a goal-line clearance and missing the ball. hahaha.

Every time I watch England at the moment it just drives me to despair: the massive hubris and comically inflated egos that constantly surrounds the England camp is almost too painful to bear. A prime example of this is Peter Crouch. He's done well since entering the England set-up, but for all this talk of so many goals in so many games, he's only scored in two competitive matches against the footballing titans that are Trinidad and Tobago, and Macedonia. I expect him, and England to come apart at the seems again when we actually play a half-decent team, and everyone realises that England, whisper it quietly, aren't that good. England played reasonably last night- although Macedonia certainly deserved a point if they had scored - yet without any real suggestion that they have, or will, improve from the world cup. 1/4 finals exit at next Euro Championships anyone?

Finally a word in praise of Lililan Thuram, who gave away his ticket allocation - some 70 tickets - to homeless immigrangts for last nights match. This from a man who had also openly told Jean Marie La Pen, essentially, va te faire foutre. An example for other footballers to follow. Thuram pour President! Bit of a contrast to the 'wags' isn't it.


Ash said...

Great article. Am glad you mentioned Thuram. Great footballer and a great person which is abit rare.

I think Wenger might be tempted to start with Baptista as he's more fresh than Henry and Van Persie. Rosicky played very well for the Czechs I think that he will score on his debut

Anonymous said...

i am very glad someone else realizes that so far england has not faced any team worth anything. but typical english, the players are already hyped up as being the best players in the world. oh we have all "world" class players, now in all honesty aside from Gerrard and maybe Terry, who else?

Borehamwood Gooner said...

Van Persie has to start on the right handside for AFC on Saturday.

Hleb has been poor for a while now.

I think Baptista might play LM to give the full back a bit more cover or Freddie playing there, and Baptista playing as a second striker.

Anonymous said...

Stevie G and Rooney maybe "world Class" BUT Terry is a yard dog...! As for us Gooners lets hope we don't play pretty football saturday and realise that yes we are allowed to shoot from outside the six yard box...! I for one want Flamini at left back again as Hoyte seems clueless... Even out of position a defender should know to stay goal side...!! He is forever the wrong side of the opponent..! Lets just hope we have our shooting boots on..!

Anonymous said...

England are very very average....
Why not try RVP on the left which will give us much better balance and Rosicky on the right...? Flamini for hoyte as well sounds good...! Gallas n Kolo is gonna be awesome...!

Deise Gooner said...

I wonder if we might benefit from a change of formation ? I was thinking a 4-3-3 is not out of the question when we look at the new additions to the squad. Even a 4-3-1-2 is a possibility.

Ralf/Eboue Toure/Djouru Gallas/Big Phil Clichy/Hoyte
Baptista Gilberto Cesc
VanP/Hleb/Freddie Henry Rosicky/Theo/Ade

Ralf/Eboue Toure/Djouru Gallas/Big Phil Clichy/Hoyte
Baptista Gilberto Cesc
VanP/Ade Henry

Kim Stian Ervik said...

The best thing about The Beast are his powerfull strikes from ouside the box. He shoots so hard, it is amazing.

Aint that just what the doctor ordered for Arsenal?

LG said...

I hope he gave away aa few nose pegs to the people who had to sit next to the homeless immigrants who got his tickets?!

Anonymous said...

Oi Kim!

I agree, but Rosicky, Fab and RVP are all known (or were knownn) for shooting outside the box, but they live in fear of le captain's scowl.

Baptista could smack the horns of a bull and your skull straight out of your skin, so let's hope Henry stops scowling otherwise the whole team could be wearing black arm bands the following week.


Goonerboy said...

Not funny Ig.

Little Dutch said...

Yeah big up Thuram, but it was also Vieira who did this, a big two fingers up at that horrible twat Le Pen. As for England, only saw highlights, I thought the France Italy game would be better and I was right. From the highlights it looked like Steven "me da man" Gerrard got over run by quality opposition. (Just like against those titans Paraguay and Ecuador). Can't really blame Theo for that one can you you egotistical twat. Come on the gunners, can't wait for some proper footie.

Anonymous said...

Its enevitable, Theo will be back into the England senior team, What will gerrald say then?
"aah, sorry mate, i was only trying to promote my book. as you kno, you need some controversy to sell books, like that cashly cole dude. but i always knew you had tallent".

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Simon (surthLondoooon Goooooner)

Deise Gooner said...

Sorry to burst your bubble but its already beed done mate - at least twice

Anonymous said...

Daise gooner, thanks for bursting my (bubble), but even a ten year old would tell the difference: Both newsnow and goonernews post just headlines, my site posts a summary of an article, also my site doesn't duplicate stories.