Thursday, November 09, 2006

Adebayor comes up trumps again, Wenger stays silent

Good win last night. Everton basically put out their first XI, so for our young guns to go up there and get a result is great. Especially after Everton's 11 men behind the ball antics at the Grove. I didn't see the game, as it seems to have not been shown anywhere, and have only seen precisely 1 minute and 30 seconds of the game via Youtube highlights. From all accounts- and I point you towards for this - Flamini had a good game, having a smart shot pushed away by Howard. Walcott also continues to come tantalisingly close to his first Arsenal goal, blazing the ball over the bar when he perhaps should have hit the target.

The sending off seemed a little harsh to me. Graham Poll is currently, ostensibly, running a one-man crusade to get players to not just respect, but fear referees, and if McFadden was sent off just for calling him a 'cheat' in the heat of the moment that's a bit much. For those of you with longer memories, Poll didn't even book Rooney for his memorable explosion of expletives at Highbury in 2004. Consistency, eh?

He did rightly turn down a penalty claim, however, when Andy 'I don't dive but I still win 900 penalties a season' Johnson went down in the box. A tangle of legs, nothing more. Playa reported that Big Phil was a little shaky last night, which adds to my worries about his consistency and his ability to deal with certain types of forwards. Still, Arsene wouldn't have given him the no.6 shirt if he didn't envisage Phil having a long future at the club, so I'm willing to trust Arsene on this one. Aliadiere also played well, but one wonders whether he's just treading water before a move in January. It'll be interesting to see if he's on the subs bench for Sunday.

And just when it appeared the game was heading to extra-time, the big-man strikes again. Reviled by many at the beginning of the season, even booed at times, Adey is quickly becoming a really strong part of the squad, and pushing for a regular starting place. I think he contributes a lot to the team, and that he is also Thierry's preferred starting partner. However, I can see, after playing 90 minutes last night, RvP getting the nod for Sunday. But my opinion is that if we support him, and try and forget some of his rather glaring misses, Adey should continue to improve.

Finally, Arsene has remained silent. He must be plotting something. Possibly a massive powerpoint presentation for his press conference on Friday, where he justifies, step-by-step, his actions on Sunday. Heh.

Til later.


Anonymous said...

Its been done to death but im gonna do it anyway.

On the one hand, you have Arsene Wenger, with 3 titles and 4 fa cups, 2 doubles in 1998 and 2002 and a whole season unbeaten, which something chlesea, despite their millions have yet to do. You have also won 2 trophies in japan, and the french title with monaco. You have turned unknowns into world beaters, spent far less than youre rivals yet still beat them, and was single handedly repsonsible for moving a 120 year old institution into a bigger and better home.

On the other you are Pardew. A mediocre player in youre day, and whose greatest managerial acheivement thus far has been to scrape a play off and lose the fa cup final. You were given 2 world class players yet still cannot integrate them into youre team, crashed humiliatingly in the uefa and league cups and had just lost 8 on the bounce.

Arsene has seen us denied a clear penalty, and this witless cunt pumps his fists in his direction. Everyone says that Arsene was classless but what is more classless than gloating at the bad luck of a fellow member of the manager's union? Arsene did not want to shake his hands with a racist fuckwit, and I am totally behind him.

We scored a goal
We scored a goal
We scored a goal from a corner,
we scored a goal from a corner,
we scored a goal from a corner

Goonerboy said...

Ah, yes, I forgot to mention that. We scored from a corner! Only took us 80+ practice attempts.

Anonymous said...

And we played 4-4-2!

According to EatSleepSport Henry wants to leave in January. What a load of bollox. If you haven't already, I suggest a boycott of such lazy pathetic football 'journalism'.

Anonymous said...

you cannot put eatsleepsport and journalists in the same sentence. oops even I did it.

Anonymous said...

My geographic disability (South Africa) means that the only gunners game I've ever made it too was the sol campbell implosion against the hammers last season.

The fact that I watch all the games on telly rather often seems to lead me to different conclusions about players than those of you that see things live.

Cases in point are Adebayor and Hleb. I've been surprised to read a fair bit of criticism for these two, for me it boils down to this:

Adebayor: He came in last season and showed right away that he could score goals (and important ones) at this level. I really rate his ability to bring in deep runners with knock downs and flicks, something that no one else in the team really does (Rosicky will get into some great scoring postions with him in the team). He also runs good channels off the centre backs meaning that with the right pass, he will create a lot of one on ones with keepers - this is the hard part of being a regular goalscoring forward, I'm willing to bet that while he'll never be TH, his finishing will improve. In short he's big, strong, quick, plays on the last man and his go-go-gadget legs mean he can get into the 6 yard box and put away difficult chances.

Hleb: In our recent dodginess he has looked like the only player capable of breaking the game - he is not a goalscorer though and often needs someone to finish his raids. He was also cruelly robbed of a penalty against the hammers. Aside from this, and what he has been doing for a while now is being the one to start moves - Cesc the metronome passes him the ball and he is the one to beat his man and open space up in front of him. What people lose sight of is that he plays deeper than someone like Rosicky and so his contribution is often not the assist or finish. For me is one of our most impressive players.

Goonerboy said...

Very much agree with your comments Muso.

Anonymous said...

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