Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Goonerboy is one; Arsenal are one down.

Uncork the champagne! Get the party rings! Pull out the cocktail sausages!

Goonerboy is one!

Picture the scene (apologies in advance for the use of the third person, but I feel grandiose):

It was exactly a year ago today. Goonerboy returns from the pub 'tired and emotional' after celebrating Arsenal's historic victory. He has so many opinions wrapped inside himself that an outlet must be found. And thus the blog is born.

Three hours later, and even after realising that he had no programming knowledge whatsoever, Goonerboy has finally set up his blog, and a few RSS feeds for his two readers.

Since then things have changed. My initial plan to post daily was slowly chipped away by a combination of studying, working and, it must be said, lethargy. I've received lots of lovely favourable comments, some interesting criticism, and also some out and out abuse from some of the rather imbalanced souls who stalk the 'net.

Most importantly, and largely thanks to NewsNow, I've also obtained readers - nearly 200,000 unique page visits in a year. I hope I've entertained you and I will endeavour to continue. Who knows, my plans for the 'Goonerboy Cultural Review' blog may also come to pass at some point. Or, perhaps not.

Anyway, perhaps we should re-cork the champers on the basis of last night's result.

Another frustrating display, almost the antithesis of that famous night in Madrid. Despite our creativity we didn't have the cutting edge required to break through the massed ranks of PSV defenders. My dislike for Ronald Koeman - borne in 1993 when he fouled David Platt in that qualifier - continues to grow. I'm worried that he knows how to nullify, and even how to defeat, Arsene's tactics.

A tense return leg has been set up. If we are to progress we need at least two goals (or, a shoot-out, but who'd want that?). We were unlucky last night - on another day, Rosicky's goal would have creeped in, and Thierry's shot would have flown into the net. But the return leg will surely tell us as much about last year as this year. Was last year a one off? Was that our big chance to secure the Champions League under Wenger? Or can we do it again?

One thing's for sure: it's going to be emotional.


Borehamwood Gooner said...

well done on your last year.

I think an area that needs to be raised is the volume of goals we are conceeding outside of the box.

Firstly the Essien goal, then the Blackburn goal and now PSV.

I know there are more goals than this but these have been key.

I think the issue we have is we follow the ball and the near and present danger in terms of players.

The players who seem to come from deep, then seem to be able to get space and whooosh, a goal

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first year. More grease to your elbow. I suggest you put some life into this site when u have more time so u can get more comments like goodplaya, gunnerblog and arseblog does. I believe u can get there. I like your summaries. I think your editing of any match is good.

Going to the game, I don't wanna moan. I believe in the Arsenal. I believe they respond most when they have their backs to the wall. Its's all about 180 minutes and I believe that Arsenal will tear PSV into shreds when they get to the Emirates. They will put 10 men behind the ball (Farfan up front by himself) but in that game they will be beaten and very well too. This is not the time to be negative. We were unlucky. But we have the resources to piss all over PSV. We will do it.

Goonerboy said...

There seems to be indecision between the defence and midfield as to who should come and defend balls ten yards outside the area sometimes.

It was the same as the Wigan match as well. Our indecisiveness is giving the opposition just enough time to pick a spot.

gooner67 said...

Happy 1st Birthday buddy!
Last night was an off day. Sometimes happens, hope we don't do a Bayern Munich like we did the year before last!! Let's look forward to Sunday and putting a few past Chelsea to get our first of much silver ware for this season - COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!

Dave "The Yank" Gilbert said...

As much as I love the Arsenal, and I do, I cant really say I have that twinged feeling in my gut for the Champions Leauge as I did last season... Last season I had this sneaking lil' feeling that something special was going to happen, dunno how I can explain it, I just did!! It's not there this season and it doesnt have anything to do with last nights lost at PSV (PSP Smackhoven)... It crept in after we lost to CSKA and then drew 0-0 w/em in our house, thats when I realized that I didnt have that twinged!! Now I know you may think I'm a loon-bag, and you maybe right, but I dont think so. I definitly think we are capable of winning it all, BUT we must start to figure out how to beat a defensive side, because too many clubs are now using that style v. us... I think back to Aston Villa at the start of this season, it ended 1-1, and we could'nt break them down either..... Every club minus Man'ure came to our house using a defensive style of play and a decent portion came out with something.... What really erks me is when we are near the box and we're passing the ball and we somehow think we can pass the ball through a person or even better through 2 ppl, they aren't invisible, it doesn't work that way.... This squad needs a kick in the arse to get them moving, or we may not have Champs. Leag. footie next season at the Big "E".... i dont care about IMHO, thats what I think, agree or not....
Dave "the Yank" G.

grammarboy said...

Well done on the first year. It's a good blog. Your entries are always thoughtful and engaging, without veering off into the rabid fanaticism you get with some of the others. It's like a neater version of goodplaya.
By the way, third person was definitely the way to go. It gives off a certain "superhero origins myth" vibe, which is very fitting considering your moniker.

arstech said...

Happy Birthday GoonerBoy!!!!!

I love your blog ----and all the way from the land of Kentucky Fried Chicken (translation: middle of nowhere)

I especially enjoy hearing about your view from the games you attend --stuff I can't get from watching on telly. Great stuff, well written too. Keep up the good work. Sorry about the result....

I too am really concerned that Arsene may get outfoxed by Koeman. I thought it was significant that we used one substitute. Not to pick on Cesc, but my biggest worry is that he has been overused this season for his age. I recall last season, or couple seasons ago, Fergie talking about protecting Ronaldo from the temptation of playing him too much precisely because he was still young. That statement has been haunting me for much of this season re. Cesc. What's good for the goose and all that. If I remember correctly, that season Ronaldo was sent away on holiday for a few weeks. Cesc is due some real time off, I hope he gets it off the pitch and not on it.

Even though we just didn't quite show up as a team or were unlucky, I hope I never see Gallas play at right back again. I know he's returning but, his showing as leftback against Blackburn was better, so it's not fitness.

Goonerboy said...

Thank you all.

My New, er, birthday Years Resolution is to post more regularly.

Large Heh at Grammarboy.