Monday, March 05, 2007

Player ratings vs. Reading

Jens, 8: A towering performance. Desperately tried to wake-up and enthuse the team when sloppiness began to creep in, and pulled off a match-winning save in the last few moments of the game. If I had a two year contract, I would make him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Djourou, 6: A Reasonable performance, and certainly looks more confident on the ball than some of our other defenders. Gave away the ball in a few dangerous positions, which was a worry.

Gallas, 7: Has an imperious swagger to his defending, which can't be said about too many others of our lot. Must be played at centre back, and must also make up with Jens for the good of the team.

Gilberto, 7: Looks so comfortable with the arm-band on, and shouldered the burden magnificently with a well-struck penalty. Wenger must be thinking, long-term, about employing Gilbs as a centre-back, even if he did not always look entirely comfortable.

Clichy, 7: His run and desire earned the team the vital breakthrough. I'm increasingly impressed by his performances and he needs to stay fit.

Hleb, 6: Enigmatic to say the least. So often the initial impetus for our attacks, he drifted out the game in the second half after an excellent first period. We need a big performance from him on Wednesday.

Denilson, 6: Huge potential, tackled well, distributed well, if looking a little bit rawer than a few of his last performances.

Fabregas, 7: No goals in the Premiership this season and his awful miss does not disturb that fact. That aside, he was excellent, and should have had an assist with a delightful chip over the defence to Walcott.

Freddie, 6: A good performance by his recent standards, but I really think that as an attacking player he does not bring enough to the team any more. His habit of falling over and complaining is also becoming quite wearisome.

Theo, 6.5: A much livelier performance, and he looked far more at ease as a striker. Could and perhaps should have scored, but if we can continue to expand his education while winning games, quite a player will be waiting for us in the near future.

Baptista, 7.5: Superb goal, and really offers something to the team. He does lose possession through a rather dubious first touch, but I'm growing increasingly convinced that he should be signed at the end of the season.


Aliadiere, 5: Ran around a lot and made a bit of nuisance of himself, but did not look like a real goal-threat. Living on borrowed time.

Diaby, 6: A brief, exciting cameo, with some wonderful turns and passes. Needs to be played centrally.

Senderos, n/a: I could be harsh and blame him for the goal, but I won't.


Ash said...

I think Freddie deserves more than a 6. He was involved in most of our good moves and the pass for Clichy for the penalty was well measured. He made him chase the ball and show his tremendous pace. I was watching some of the old videos of Arsenal and how quicky we used to move the ball with Vieira, Pires, Henry, Bergkamp & Freddie was always at the end of moves timing his runs to perfection. We dont play the game like before & Freddie has suffered most from the transition in my opinion. He's not a creative players but he's a goal scorer. I will be counting on him to score against PSV

Anonymous said...

once again you overate theo.yes we all want him to do well but the truth is he can't go past his man.with a van p or th we would have scored 4 or rate theo over denilson when its plain to see denilson is already up to prem class where as OUR Theo is a long way short.truth is if we hadn't have paid so much for him he would be on loan at brum or somewhere

Goonerboy said...

He actually beat his man on several occasions with a number of flicks and spins.

Denilson and Theo had comparable games, but its easier to slate Theo because he's a striker, and if he's not scoring questions are asked. I thought about giving him a 6, but it was an encouraging performance so I gave him the extra half.

He does look more raw than Denilson, but I was generally happy with both their performances.

Anonymous said...

aliadiere did well when he came on,
he scored a great goal which was wongly ruled for offside!!!!!

How can you give him a 5 and give Theo a 6.5!!!! he actually missed so many chances and his decision making is a bit suspect to say the least!!!

Anonymous said...

Baptista? A 7.5? He is clumpsy the whole game and he countinues to pass behind the other attackers in their runs. He's having big problems adapting and he is too slow, both in his movement and in his comprehension of the game, spotting passes and runs. Should a somewhat of a mediocre dribblingraid which just happened to end in a goal make up for all that?

Also, Freddie deserves a higher rating. He made a brilliant game, the only problem is that the other attackers "isn't on the same page" as him. Walcott showed some flashes of brillance, but most of the game he was rather indifferent.

Goonerboy said...

Baptista scored by bull-dozing his way through the defence.

Everyone complains about us not having a 'plan B' and then when we get one everyone complains that he doesn't fit into our style of play!

I think Arsene will sign him in the summer so, like him or not, get used to him.

Anonymous said...

I think Djourou was absolutely crao yesterday. He ceartainly aint a rightback. Why Wenger used him i dont know, but i guess he was better than senderos there on wednsday.....

Anonymous said...

Fabregas has now scored this season, a nice fancy flick.

Missing a sitter and scoring an own goal must surely merit a points deduction from his rating?
So it's only 6 from me.

Anonymous said...

1-1 your out, your out scum. PSV YID