Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm not a betting man; but if I was...

I would definitely put a bit of money on Turkey. Just like Greece four years ago, they keep on pulling off the improbable results. They've only been ahead for two and a half minutes in the entire tournament, quite a feat if you think about it, yet have reached the semis, albeit one against the machine that is Germany. If only the English team had half their bottle, we might actually be in the tournament. Croatia badly, badly missed Eduardo up-front, with the hapless Olic missing a hatful of chances. And without wishing to engage in too much schaudenfreid, lets hope Modric's penalty was a sign of things to come...

Anyway, aside from that, another quiet week, all in all. I say quiet because when you filter out the crap, nothing really has happened until this afternoon when Gael Clichy signed a new deal. Truly excellent news, and while Gael had the odd slip-up last year - the Birmingham nightmare springs to mind - he's just about as good a left back as you'll find in the world at the moment. He certainly seems to be on an upward curve when compared to old Cashley.

Other non-news-news from this week:

The Samir Nasri transfer may have happened. I know this because several blogs have repored that: he boarded a plane to London/the Marseille chairman said so/the BBC said they 'understood' it had happened/ some guy my mate knows apparently saw Nasri in a McDonalds on the Hollloway Road wearing a 'I love Arsenal' over-sized cap. Until it's on, he hasn't signed, but even I am now hopeful that this saga may finally end next week. You just know he's going to be rubbish after all this.

Elsewhere, Barcelona have offered us a mighty pot of gold for Adebayor, apparently, and as Adebayor hasn't had 'I LOVE ARSENAL' tattooed to his forehead he may be on the move. Who knows/cares at this rate. If we're being offered anything over £20m for him, I say take it: he's had one good season in the Prem, and he's no where near as irreplaceable as people think, even if I would prefer him to stay.

Hleb is still here, despite trying to get his agent to flog him to half of Europe. Who knows, he might still be here next week, still telling us how much he hates busy old Lahndun.

No other real transfer news to report, so we'll probably announce the signing of someone next week, knowing us. If you've heard a rumour let me know so I can sell it to a tabloid.

One final thing. If you're tired of the plethora of non-stories at the moment, go to It's a site which takes NewsNow and filters out the rubbish. A very good idea, and Mean Lean over at Arsenal Vision takes the credit (I think). Check it out, and hopefully GoonerBoy is actually on there...

Til later.


Anonymous said...

That site is still a pile of shit. How can you leave the Daily fucking wankbag Mirror or the Star in as "news"?

Anonymous said...

It gooner kampala i disagree wiz our manager y? emm goes like that were is mario gomes then,diego bezima karim plz help us co last season we warmed 4 other no./1/2 plz let da cups be ours dai lovers of soccer Arsenal fc.
uganda- k'la.

Anonymous said...

Dude, you're nuts. Sure Adebayor is replacable, if Chelsea are interested in selling us Drogba.

Drogba's the only one that can do what Adebayor does. You want to sell him for twenty million when his best is yet to come? We'll sell him to Barcelona for 20 million when he's 29 but for right now, hell to the no!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon at 7.42. Do these people clamouring for us to sell Ade not realise that he would not be in such demand if he was as 'sh*t' as they seem to think he is?

Villa might be able to score goals, but he is yet another shrimp in the team. Arsenal need Ade's height and strength so that we have a plan B striker who can score with his head and unsettle opposition defenders with his work rate.

We would be mad to let him go and he would be mad to leave now because he has not fulfilled all of his potential and there is no better manager to bring that out of him than Arsene.