Friday, June 13, 2008

Ramsey signs; Nasri possibly signs; Lewin goes; Horrible kits released.

Yes, I'm back, after a prolonged absence. It's at times like these I doff my cap to Arseblogger for keeping up the blogging in the face of the putrid non-news that has been steadily emanating from the media outlets since the end of the season. I could not bring myself to write until, well, something happened.

If we were to believe all the crap coming out of the blogosphere this week - which is now where national newspaper journalists pick up around 90% of their information - Adebayor would have signed for AC Milan for £32 million, yes £32 million, Hleb would have gone to Barca in a part-exchange for Yaya Toure, and we would have also picked up Roque Santa Cruz with the spare change from the Hleb and Ade deals.

Hmm I say. Hmm.

If Ade really is demanding a £100k per week contract, then adios. But until anything is proved I think we should really regard the Milan story as a little silly. Hleb, on the other hand, is clearly becoming desperate for the final big money move of his career, but, problematically, scoring 11 goals in 3 seasons as an attacking midfielder has meant he doesn't have a line round the block to sign him up. After all the rubbish he's come out with recently, if he does stay he should be on the bench for the beginning of next season due to his lack of respect for the club. I backed Alex for a long time but he's been a coward on and off the pitch since at least January. As for Santa Cruz? Very good player, but has a bad injury record, and let's not forget that Benny McCarthy scored 29 goals for Blackburn the season before Cruz arrived.

Right, spleen vented.

In actual news, we announced our first signing of the season today. 17 year old Aaron Ramsey has jetted in from, er, Cardiff. I wonder if the Daily mail will hammer us for signing another non-English player?

Aaron is quite a versatile player, and local Welsh journalists have likened him to Bryan Robson: a kind of all-action, ball-winning and passing midfielder. He can play anywhere across the midfield, and also in defence (he was being played at right-back at times for Cardiff last year), but his preferred position is centre-mid. Back up for cesc or his new partner? Who knows. One thing's for certain: he can't be worse than Eboue, and at £5m he could well be a bargain.

Samir Nasri should also be joining, and according to the Young Guns blog has signed a pre-contract. Can someone tell me what a pre-contract is? Surely if you have enough time to sign a pre-contract, you can sign a contract? Why must things be so complicated. Samir looks a talent, and is probably earmarked as the replacement for Hleb, if Alex does skedaddle. There is talk of Athletico Madrid trying to hijack the deal - possibly as revenge for us nicking Rosicky off them at the eleventh hour a few seasons ago. Again, the jury will be out on him until he arrives, but he's done well enough to get into Raymond 'crazy' Domenech's French squad so he must have something to him.

So that's one/two signings, and Carlos Vela, who will also be arriving in the summer. Three midfield players with a combined age of 55.

I still think we need an experienced central-midfield ball-winner - possibly in the Yaya mould, although Toulalon has looked good for France as well. On top of that I would also say that buying a centre-back who's taller than 6' might also be an idea, especially if there are questions about Senderos's and Gallas's mental strength after last season. I like the look of Mertesacker - 6'6" German CB - who also says he likes the way we play.

Gary Lewin has left after decades of great service, and we should all thank him for what he's given to the club over the years. This season alone, he may well have saved Eduardo's career with his quick thinking. It will a difficult position to fill, but Colin Lewin, Gary's cousin who is already on the club's staff, is mooted to be his replacement.

Finally, the new kits are out. Both are awful. The away shirt - a horrible, garish 'tribute' to the 1989 Anfield victory shirt - looks like a training top. The home shirt looks like it got mixed up with Charlton's home kit. After the great home shirt we've had for the last two seasons, I suppose it was too much to hope that we'd have a nice shirt again.

So, to end the post, a short message to Nike:



Til Later.


Anonymous said...

He has agreed to sign for us lol...Since he signed the pre contract Atletico Madrid will be in deep shit if they try to sign him!

Anonymous said...

Every year people say the kits are awful but in reality their fine. Nothing special but fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that... needed abit of humour!

I like the idea of getting a big CB, and i think Ramsey will do well at The Arsenal. If Hleb stays he needs to rot in the reserves for a month or so the way he has carried on.

About the kit,disagree with you on the home shirt, apsrt from the black strip, looks great!

Goodnyt fellow gooners!

Anonymous said...

Those losers at A******** Madrid have already pinched Tawrik Jbril off us and they have wasted the talent of Jose Antonio Reyes.

1979gooner said...

agree on Ade,

rumour until proven otherwise

Anonymous said...

Buy retro kit best ever

Anonymous said...

Grow up little gooner boy. Kits change in the real world; stop pretending to be some kind of mature traditionalist

Anonymous said...

mertesacker is a bloody carthorse. why do so many bloggers rate him just because hes 6ft6. he would be terrible for us because he is actually lightweight. just because your tall doesnt mean hes the aggressive player we need at the back. crough is tall, but he isnt even good in the air. we need a vidic type, 6ft2 or above who is tough.

Anonymous said...

White sleeves are as traditional as Highbury, moaning mangers, silent support and diving players.

Why not go the whole traditionalist route and wander back to Woolwich?

Anonymous said...

i agree about merta he isnt worth getting idont like da look of him da only player im interested in is micah richards may not be da tallest but a beast in da air

Anonymous said...

Refreshingly pragmatic. 'If you can keep your head... '

The newspapers have totally lost it this summer - Don't let the facts get in the way of a good story.

I've just read that Ade will stay - reports already of a new pay deal on the table for £80k a week.

...mind you, it was a Sun article, lol.

Anonymous said...

Get over the shirt the big crying girl.

It's red and white, our colours, it's our players who will be wearing them and being successful. Who the fuck gives a fucking shite abhout what it looks like.

Your're not going to change anything so fucking deal with it, everyone whinged about the white shirt last year and oh look it's now our 3rd kit as with every away shirt.

Just shut up and deal with it in a more productivbe way than whining on a forum!

Limpar's slipper said...

I am still to be convinced that we will buy another central defender, after the emergance of Alex Song at the end of the season, plus the fact that he was rewarded with a new contract, makes me believe that Arsene will rotate him between holding midfielder and cover for the boys at the back, with all the attacking options we have we'll have to concede 3 in a game to lose anyway!!

Mostly I'm amused at the amount of Spurs fans reminding us that we haven't won a trophy for 3 years, they have won 2 carling cups and an F.A cup in twenty years, imagine being 20 odd years of age and all you've had to celebrate so far was that very sparse haulage to your name, no wonder why they are lining the streets of london town!! I've won the league 5 times in my lifetime, John Lennon was at school the last time they won the league, trams were on the open road for God's sake, always next year though, eh boys?!

Anonymous said...

a pre contract means he has formally agred to sign for arsenal by a specific date is written documentation that says he has agreed terms and is officially an unofficia player of a club...if athletico make a bid they will breach his pre contract..

the reason a pre contract has been signed is because he cannot officialy sign a contrct until completion of a medical and therefore due to lack of time and lack of desire (due to the euros) he will have a medical afterwards and hence be able to sign

does that clear it up