Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Will Tomas Rosicky ever play for Arsenal again? Will he ever play again?

Some disturbing news from Arsenal.com just before tonight's game:


Routine surgery for what? What injury is he recovering from now? The one he picked up in January which was meant to rule him out for only three weeks? Or the subsequent one, which was only diagnosed very late on, as several unsuccessful come-backs. I think one of his tendons had detached from his knee-cap, if I remember correctly, although so many conflicting statements have come out about Tomas's health, it's hard to know what's going on. Take the Czech doctor, who's claimed Tomas has been badly treated (in terms of expertise, not negligence) by Arsenal medical staff. Then there was also the story that Rosicky's muscles hadn't developed properly in his legs when he was young, making him more prone to injury. He even had his wisdom teeth taken out at some point as part of an effort to improve his overall health.

At the start of the season, he seemed to be still in Arsene's plans, but I'm beginning to wonder.

Pretty early on, when Rosicky's 'imminent return' kept on being delayed I said to my friends that Eduardo would play for Arsenal again before Rosicky.

I stand by that statement, but I would now add a rejoinder: I'm beginning to doubt whether Tomas will ever play football at a serious level again.

I sincerely hope he does, because he could certainly help bolster a young squad with his considerable talents. Yet I wonder if the signing of Nasri, and the fact Nasri has taken up a position on the left, make's him as much a replacement for Rosicky than Hleb.

At best, any involvement from Tomas should certainly be taken as a bonus this season.

Let's hope we see him in Arsenal colours again, but maybe it's time to really start fearing the worst.

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Anonymous said...

We can all wish for the best to both Tomas and Eduardo. At the same time, I am concerned if they can ever return to the quality as before