Wednesday, March 18, 2009

'Spittergate', Phil Brown, Sam Allardyce, Pedersen, Diouf and the real scourges of modern football.

We should, really, be celebrating getting into the semi-finals of the FA Cup for the first time since 2005, but we're not because of Phil-Brown-accuses-Cesc-of-spitting-gate.

Did Cesc spit at Brian Horton, Hull's assistant manager? No. Do I have categorical proof of this? No. But I'm far more willing to take Cesc's word over Brown and Horton's. Just look at Cesc's categorical denial on the club's website, compared with this radio interview given by Brown today:

One or two 'er, oh, did I say, that *silence*' moments in that interview says it all. As does Brown changing his story from saying it occurred on the pitch, to being in the tunnel. As does the fact no-one else seems to have witnessed it. You don't have to be a judge to work it out.

Yet the English press have gone mad. Because the footballing media in this country love a good scandal. And spitting, in particular, seems to be the worst thing possible for a football player to do.

And to be frank, that's bullshit. Spitting isn't very pleasant, but it's hardly a scourge of the game. We've seen three far worse things at The Emirates this week which have been ignored or brushed over by the self-appointed watchdogs of the game in our media.

Firstly: negative, scientific, soul-less football, which liberally employs time-wasting and cheating to get results.

Not from us but from Blackburn and, in the past, any team that Sam 'I could have been England manager' Allardyce has managed. And I do count this as a scourge of the modern game because it makes football boring; it turns the game into a drab parody of what it should be; it turns a work of art into a robot. Blackburn, under Allardyce's order, played football like a rugby team on the week-end. They punted the ball into touch in our half to win possession, contested the line-out, sorry throw-in, and used their designated playmaker, Paul Robinson, to take any free-kick they won, which they lumped into the box to try and win the fabled 'second-ball' which Allardyce's game is all about.

Brown employed the other side of this strategy to perfection at The Emirates last night. Time-wasting at every opportunity, such as getting players to pass the ball round the whole team, practically, before taking a bloody throw-in. That Brown had the temerity to blame Wenger for getting Myhill booked for time-wasting before accusing him of being unsporting for not shaking his hand was the cherry on this cake of crap. Maybe, Phil, Arsene didn't shake your hand because he didn't like being called a cheat? But no, it's Arsene who's at fault, clearly.

Teams who set themselves up like Blackburn and Hull only have themselves to blame when they lose. By trying to cheat and hoofing the ball towards victory they're only cheating their own fans. Don't complain that no-one respects you when you don't respect the game and the way it should be played. And maybe, journalists of the UK, you could give Arsene some credit for consistently producing entertaining football for you all to watch, instead of just accusing him of being a bad loser. As a postscript to this, where was the condemnation of Alex Ferguson after his defeat on Saturday? When he claimed United were the better team and refused to even talk to the press afterwards? No-where. That Ferguson has got such an easy ride from the press for so many years, whilst every action of Arsene's comes under scrutiny, is a disgrace and hints at more shadowy motives at work in the media.

Secondly, Pedersen's dive, which didn't even get a booking on the weekend. It's all part of the same cheating which sees time-wasting employed against us to get results. That Pedersen hasn't received any form of punishment for this outrageous piece of cheating is staggering, as was Pedersen's claim that he isn't a cheat. Yes, yes you are.

Thirdly, Diouf's tackle on Almunia. I was sitting right in front of this at The Grove and it was a horrible, horrible tackle. Late, vicious and intended to injure to gain advantage. Coupled with Kevin Nolan's tackle on Victor Anichebe a few weeks ago, it seems football has learnt nothing from Martin Taylor's career-threatening tackle on Eduardo more than a year ago. Diouf should have been red-carded and received a lengthy (more than 3 game ban) for it, but no. Allardyce even defended the challenge after the match despite the sheer viciousness of the tackle. Shows you everything you need to know about the man.

That allegations of spitting and a lack of a handshake are considered bigger issues than career-ending tackles, diving, and the negative football which Allardyce practices and champions shows how messed up the English media is. Ignore them and get ready for Wembley.


Anonymous said...

spot on

Anonymous said...

Spot on article! I can only expect the media doesn't bother with the more ugly side of the sport as it does not sell many papers. Also where the hell is being innocent before proven otherwise !!! It seems when it comes to Arsenal, the man is guilty already, its been proven beyond all doubt and he should be hung up, his throat slit and carved up into small pieces! C'mon some common sense please! Even if he did spit at Horton's general direction, he must have had so provacation and Horton and Hull's players were doing that all night!

Anonymous said...

exactly my feelings. add to that the post-match talk of these mindless setana dickheads, focusing only on the missing hand shake and the offside goal, not giving arsenal any credit and not showing a single highlight from the game.

Anonymous said...

You are a bit harsh on Hull last night. For about the first 25 minutes of the 1st half, they were harrassing us on every ball. Even after that, they still tried to play, but we had them pinned into their half as they were holding on to the 1-0.

I would complain about the time wasting, however.

Also, it looks like Brown was lying. I don't think that Fabregas is innocent, but Brown has now made certain that nothing will happen with his changing of the story on the BBC. A very credible witness...

David Leech said...

there is a vid of the MoTM2 crew laughing at Pedersen's dive at The Emirates... making fun of it.... but no-one seems angry that he didn't get a card for it.

Anonymous said...

There's no comment on the number of broken boots -- Toure, Walcott, Arshavin, maybe others, at Blackburn or the 5 or 6 yellow cards Hull got themselves last night. Maybe it's all a smokescreen. I wager there will be no official complaint. The "I'm not a tattle tail" quote is priceless.

Also, why does Brown not get accused of cracking up, myopia, conspiracy theories, whining or petulance?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Phil Brown is most angry about Arsenal fans' treatment of keeper Myaz Boahill. He said,

"Don't the Arsenal fans realise how sensitive Myaz is? Myaz has been completely destroyed. Luckily I got big Sam to say a few nice words to Myaz, which improved things."

Anonymous said...

Hull City's hopes of reaching the Barclays Premier League have been handed an unlikely lift from Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Wenger has allowed Phil Brown's squad to train at Arsenal's Colney training ground ahead of their play-off game at Watford on Sunday


Anonymous said...

Begeegs, are you a spud? farkin ell. Cesc is innocent. End of.

Anonymous said...

Well said. Ignore the cunts. Phil Brown is a fucking scumbag who doesn't deserve any of the attention he so much craves.

Soccer Bet pro said...

Phil Brown is really starting to show his true colours in the last month, as the pressure mounts and he proves himself to be an average manager at best.

His comments yesterday after his team lost were crazy - blaming his players as opposed to himself - thats not wht managers do.

They guy is pathetic!