Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arsene Wenger: stand tall.

I am appalled.

I don't care about the result; I care about Arsene.

To be humiliated in the way he was, in front of 80,000 braying mancunians. That isn't right.

Especially if all he did was kick a drink bottle!

Stuff the result, the ref was a disgrace today.

Arsene: we love you. See you next week.


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for a post like this, I totally agree, that was disgusting the way he got treated, that is worst than the result

Anonymous said...

It was disgusting

You can be sure nothing will be done about the chanting either, no UEFA investigation into that

Anonymous said...

well said. our game is corrupt. did you see the look in the face of that bastard 4th official when he saw MR Wenger kick the empty bottle, he looked like a bloody trafic warden crawling out from behind a parked car ready to dish out a ticket. he was nearly drooling with excitement as he spoke to the ref on his radio. disgusting.

we were the better team. we should have won. cast your mind back to last season at the grove where manure were the better team and we managed to beat them against the run of play. they went on to win the championship and get outclassed in the final of CL. our team has moved on and improved; they have gone backwards.

Anonymous said...

You can bet your house this is not the fist and last time the red faced cunt has been aided by the referee.Why an iron clad penalty aginst Fletcher was not awared is beyond me. An equally firm one would have RVP's goal stand.
Chelsea and the other s shasing the title better be warned.MU will win nthe title agin thanks again to the conniving guys in black.

jliauw said...

what a disgusting bunch of sewage man ure supporters all are. but then we already knew that long ago. come on, we as fans really need to give the scum the same treatment when they come to the Emirates. Get behind your team, get in their faces!! Just think that instead of barracking or booing one of our own when things go wrong, think about those drooling mental patients laughing at Arsene in the stands. Think about those hypocritic pricks who booed Eduardo's every touch and then bayed for blood when fat ugly shrek took a dive in the penalty box. And then direct your vitriol against them.

Anonymous said...

I am an event organiser in Singapore, an avid Gunners. I have thought of way to make Emirates more formidable fortress for the Gunners. You see, Anfield has "You will never walk alone" song - and this speaks volume!! Totally demoralising the away players as well as their fans... agree??

My way is to use Queen's We will Rock you" song.
Step by step (just imagine if this is applied in the Emirates)
1. Stamp your right foot 2 times, followed by a clap.
2. Do step one for 3 times, then start chanting "WE ARE, WE ARE, ARSENAL..." Continue the stamping while singing.
3. Do this for many many rounds and you will see the mood of our players change!!!

How can i post these elsewhere? I appreciate someone will copy this blog and spread out to all Gooners around. Make this known. Do this in the Emirates.


Anonymous said...

my feelings exactly, forget the result the sending off of wenger was more upsetting. it was like the ref wanted to give the man utd crowd a present, extremely harsh considering what warnock, moyes, alardyce and co get away with on the touchlines.

Jon the proud gooner said...

Listen, it's them against us, it will make us bigger & better than all those other cunts. Stand tall & proud to be a gooner. fuck the manc scum pricks we're Arsenal fuck everyone else!!!!

thezha said...

For us fans in America and else where in the world, please do us proud, Home Fans, show what they deserves next time those red cunts come to the Emirates.

Anonymous said...

i dont mind at all i thought it was really funny and i actually have the bottle he kicked as i work at man utd ground

Anonymous said...

I'm a United fan, sat 3 rows behind where Arseme was stood when he was sent off. No one gave him any abuse. Everyone was cheering him and laughing. He was looking at us and laughing with us. The guy is a 100% star, a top man. He's gone up in my estimation. It's one of those Shankly / Clough moments that define the man and make him even more of a Legend!