Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Short Post for Fabrice

I was watching the game yesterday, and went to make some food just before Fabrice Muamba collapsed.

When I came back and saw the game had been stopped, and that a huddle of medical personnel were on the field, I assumed that a serious injury had happened. But it was when I saw the faces of the players, and the tears in the eyes of many Tottenham fans, that I realised something really serious had happened.

I eventually turned off the TV and went out, because I couldn't handle what I was seeing. If you look at my Twitter timeline, you can see that I initially tried to post updates on his condition, but, eventually, I couldn't take any more speculation or rumour.

I came back later that evening to find out that Fabrice was in intensive care, and, as of now, he remains in a critical condition.

If there's one thing we can say with certainty about Fabrice, it's that he's no stranger to either facing or overcoming adversity. I desperately wanted him to make it at Arsenal because I find his life story so inspiring. While he didn't quite make the grade with us, I've followed his progress since he left the club - as I do with a lot of former Arsenal youngsters - and I've been heartened to see him carve out a career in the Premier League.

I've been blown away by the response to what's happened. Footballers across the world have sent Fabrice good wishes. The Tottenham fans at yesterday's game were magnificent. We all love football, but some things are infinitely more important than a game, whoever we support.

All I can say is that my thoughts are with Fabrice and his family. Please send your messages to Fabrice through the club website, and take care of yourself and your loved ones.


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