Friday, June 09, 2006

Gudjohnsen would be a great signing, and the world cup finally arrives

There has been links to us with a few players this week. Ribery continues to be strongly suggested, with Tel chipping in that he would he love him to arrive, while it appears that the Yaya rumours actually do have some basis. I would think that Diaby was bought instead when we had the bid rejected in January, but with About now out until perhaps December/the new year, we may need a midfielder with a bit more physical presence.

The player I've been most happy to see us linked to has been Gudjohnsen. While I don't think he's as a good a player, he reminds me a lot of Dennis in the way he can drop off the attack, link the midfield to the forwards and also, crucially, score goals. I'm surprised Chelsea are considering letting him go, but I would be more surprised if they were to let us have him given the bad blood between us. Undoubtedly hacks around the country are sharpening their pencils to construct 'Gudjohnsen and £10m will land Chelsea Cole' headlines, so be wary.

Most importantly the world cup is, thankfully, starting today. After the awful, awful last few weeks of meaningless friendlies and minute by bloody minute updates on how Rooney managed to stand up, kick a ball, put his socks on, do a flying roundhouse kick etc., the damn competition can start and hopefully the hype machine can die down. Yeah right, and Rooney's match fit!

So, expect lots of match reports from me over the next few weeks. I'll try and watch as many games starring our lads as possible, but, as I am English and live in England, I will be favouring England. I'm particulary interested to see RVP, Phil and Adey in action. And also try and workout how massively inflated the prices will be for decent players after the competition.

Elsewhere, Myles literally sticks his neck on the line:

If Sven wins this World Cup, I will quit football writing. Because Sven will have proved that I don't know what I'm talking about.

Hmm. Bold stuff. I do enjoy Myles's articles - articulate, interesting, pretentious and often questionable(!) - and I think this does have empty threat written all over it.

Right, I'm off to get some beers for the opening match. Til later.


Anonymous said...

gudj has been the only potential signing that has got my interest.

He's quality, and at psv, he was the prodigal son, not ronaldo before his knee injury.

him and henry would be phenomenal.

gazzap said...

chelsea are crazy even thinking about selling him. I guess he does not fit into the way Mourinho wants to play. ie he is a bit interesting and inventive!
But would they sell him to us? Only if cole was part of the deal yes. Otherwise no way.

but Gudj is a proven premiership player and still has plenty left in his tank. he makes things happen and scores goals. Also he is not one of the typical chelsea scummers in my opinion and I actually quite like him. He was signed a long time ago so I guess he is nothing to do with mourinho.
But yes he would be a great signing.
Chelsea losing him and Gallas and getting an infinite number of central midfielders wont help them next season.

Anonymous said...

Eidur, known as 'not very,' no tah. He's blonde an plays off the front and aint that quick and thereafter all comparisons cease. Only a most superficial comparison could conclude that he should be a replacement.

jobby said...

Anon 3.56 your a fool. Eidur is one of the most underrated footballers in the prem and someone i wished was at arsenal for years now.
If Ashley really wants to go, i say let Chelsea have him, id happily take £10m and Gud.

gazzap said...

perhaps anon 3:56 is mourinho!

Begeegs said...

Gudjohnsen is a good player. People forget that when he was paired with Hasselbaink a few years ago, he was scoring goals for fun...

I'd love to see him at Arsenal, but I don't see it happening with Adebayor and Van Persie on the bench. I reckon that Lupoli or Bendter will be 4 choice this year...

Anonymous said...

He is a great player, and a testiment to his ability is Ronaldinho's recognition of Gudjohnsen as a member of his dream team.

He is a player of great vision and strenght and would in my opinion fit perfectly in a squad already looking pretty good.

I remember when he and Hasselbaink played together Eidur was constantly feeding him with great passes as well as scoring plenty of goals.

The addition of Gudjohnsen would do the unthinkable,

make Henry a better player.

Anonymous said...

Van Persie is still Arsenal second best striker to Henry. When fit he sometimes he outshine Henry in some games. Van Persie is better than Gudjohnsen why bring him, we don't need a player like him.

We have more than enough strikers already so forget him and this are all stupid rumours. He will never join Arsenal. He is a very good player but £10m for a 28 year old striker. You must be sleeping.

Apart form Tomas, and Hleb Arsene have bought players between the age of 20-22 or even less.

We need a cover for Toure. My wish are Yaya Toure, just for his strength he would give our midfield (don't forget Diaby he being a great signing already) and as ofr Curtis what can I say? Arsene might go for him even though he has said that he is going to buy him. If Sol goes, which to be honest would be a small lost, then we need to get Curtis. Arsenal would then have three of the best young centre defenders in the world. I think that is why Arsenal might not bid for him. Arsene wants a squad that of 11 players playing together everytime, so getting a good defender and putting him on the bench will not be good for his confidence. Toure and Senderos partnership has being a revelation this season.

Forget Gudjohnsen he ain't gooner come, not even in your dreams. We don't need him. Where and when would he play???????? We have Theo, Lupoli to add to the three main strikers we have......

Gudjohnsen, you can go to Barcelona!

Anonymous said...

Eidur's a good player, but not a great one. He may be underrated generally, but for some bizarre reason gooners tend to overrate him. And he's a bit of a diving prat. Squad player, but not a starter, please.

Anonymous said...

you all forget he can play midfield

but yeah stop dreaming Chelscum will never sell their players to us he's going to milan

Anonymous said...


Midfield where? He can't play in Arsenal's midfield. Whom will he play in place of? Cesc or Giberto or even Diaby when fit? No way! Are you lot mad? Eidur talk should stop. It ain't funny no more...

Anonymous said...

Gudjohnsen is joining Barcelona.

Anonymous said...

I like Eidur a lot but can't see Chelsea selling him to us; nor, as lots of people have said, is he what we most need given the systems we play.

I'd love us to sign Zokora, hate the thought of him going to Spurs, but Yaya also looked good, much better than I expected, against Argentina. I gather we've had one bid for him rejected but maybe the deal is still on. Argentina are a really class act, the best I've seen all over the pitch, despite not playing some of their stars. Apparently Wenger was watching that game, so doubtless he'll have noticed something the rest of us couldn't see and we'll be signing some unknown on the basis of how he performed in the warm-up. He must have felt really proud of Kolo - once a slightly uncertain midfielder, he's now surely among the best centrebacks in the world.
Hope Cote d'Ivoire make it through the group.

Freddie played well for the hapless Sweden; Ash still looks awful for the even more hapless England. Hope I'm wrong in thinking this is bad news for us as it's going to diminish his value.

Hilarious to think of Tony Adams, Anelka and Sol all getting together at Portsmouth. Sounds like the perfect solution for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I've been very critical of van Persie over the last three months, but he was terrific for Holland today. Great free kick and he even worked hard defensively. Hope he does it for us, I'd be pleased to be wrong.

DB10 said...

Don't see the point in getting Eidur when we have Van Persie. Once he's fully fit (as he may well be now) I think he will be as good as Eidur.

Goonerboy said...

Gudjohnsen has signed for Barca.

This article is, unfortunately, dead.