Monday, June 26, 2006

Transfer rumours and yesterday in the World Cup

We continue to be linked to a number of players - however, I'm slightly dubious as to whether any of them will arrive.

A persistent link that's re-surfaced is Trabelsi of Ajax and Tunisia arriving. He's a r-b who, I admit, I didn't particularly notice during the world cup. Apparently his agent is claiming we've already offered him a deal, but then agents are agents so this might not mean anything. However, given that Lauren is out for at least the first month of the new season, it might be worth getting in an experienced r-b, given that Eboue and Gilbert are clearly not the finished article. The fact that Trabelsi is out of contract and hence available on a Bosman could seal the deal.

A rumour that seems to have blown up in the last day, is that of Buffon coming to us. Whilst I would dearly love to see him at the club, it seems unlikely. I think the rumour may have a lot to do with agents soudning out interest for Juve players just in case harsh penalties are imposed on the club in the match-fixing affair. The price tag - £19m - and wages would probably put us off. After my disparaging remarks about his performance against England, Isaksson - the Swedish keeper - was excellent against Germany, and may still prove to be the real long term successor to dear Jens.

Talking of Jens, Oliver Kahn continues to show that there is actually an 'I' in team. If I was Klinsmann I'd be temtped to kick him out the squad, regardless of his skills. All he's contributing to the German effort at the moment is negativety. He sits and sulks on the bench, only caring about himself, not the team. Superstar egos, eh?

Two rather similar players to be mentioned with regard to us have been Steven Appiah and, for the ten millionth time, Yaya Toure. I have to say I have been impressed with Appiah, if a little concerned with his selfishness. Toure has looked the better player, but you have to wonder whether this transfer will actually ever come off. Both would add a welcome bit of bite to our midfield.

Saviola now also appears to be slipping from our grasp. He's looked excellent for Argentina - not just in his ability to score goals, but also his general team work and passing. He appears to favour staying in La Liga, apparently, so a move may now be out the question.

I'm sure there are more rumours - I reported the Klose deal on Saturday, and nothing more seems to have come of it - but there's only so much speculation one can handle before breakfast. The only thing I'm concerned about is United getting both Torres and Carrick, which seems a real possibility. Seeing Torres up in the North would be heartbreaking, yet would Arsene would be reticent to match United's alleged £20m bid. I'd be willing to use Reyes as a makeweight if it would seal the deal for us at a reasonable price.

For those of you who haven't seen it, i.e. probably none, here's some pictures of the new kit. Very nice if you ask me, and, nearly identical to the one leaked over the internet quite a while back. It seems to be, essentially, the same design as the Brazil kit, but with our colours. I'm not sure about the 'collar', if it can be called that, but apart from that i like it. It is nice to have the old red and white back. The main 'controversy' seems to be over the gold stripes. I think they're ok, but the kit would look perhaps look a bit better without them. Either way, the shirt's a vast improvement on the awful kit we had before the red-current came out.

World Cup

I really don't want to go into the insane amount of depth I usually do for the England match again. Suffice to say, boring, but actually rather effective. I have to admit that I was on the verge of falling asleep when Becks whipped in his superb free-kick, making my celebrations somewhat muted. [The early afternoon drinking always aids lethargy]. I rescind my criticisms of Hargreaves, who gave England far more options on the right than the rather one dimensional Carragher. Whether Hargreaves has the defensive abilities to stand up to a player of Ronaldo's quality in the next game remains to be seen [although Ronaldo's injury will hopefully not have cleared up].

Rooney was excellent up front, running himself into the ground. The fundamental problem of the system was the lack of options for Rooney when he won the ball. He still needs an out and out striker to forward the ball to. Especially now Lampard is barely capable of hitting a barn door. The system meant we dominated the game, but were nearly toothless. Gerrard, Lamps, and Joe Cole need to get their shooting boots on -again - to help us through.

However, despite its dullness, I was actually quite happy with England. We actually, for the first time in the tournament, played some rather nice passing football - no doubt partly forced on the team by the lack of the walking skyscraper up front. Carrick was excellent, and drove almost all of England's best moves. His passing is superb and he was instrumental in making us play atcual, not long-ball, football.

Are England going down the Arsenal in the Champions' league root? Playing an formation not tried until very recently, which results in fewer goals, but greater solidity and possession? I know England have clearly been one of the most boring teams in the tournament, but Sven may have finally struck tactical gold when it matters most. I never thought I'd say that.

In the other game of the day, Portugal played Holland in what can only be described as a war. A new World Cup record was set with 16 yellow cards and 4 red. Whilst this may seem like a huge amount, it has to be said that the ref was justified in around 2/3rds - 3/4s of the cards. Deco's second yellow - and Van Bronckhorst's - were harsh, but then Figo basically got away with a head-butt. Portugal will be without Costinha and Deco for the 1/4 final, and Ronaldo [injury] and Figo [possible extension of suspension, although if he was booked I'm not sure if this is possible] potentially missing. Having feared the worst for England in the 1/4s, I'm now quite confident we can beat Portugal. I still think it will be an appallingly boring game to watch though.

In between the fighting there was some football. Holland dominated the game, but Van Basten inexplicably stuck with Kuyt up front for the whole match. While our Robin looked excellent -albeit in a much wider role than he plays for us - Kuyt looked like he could have been there all night and not scored. Why Van Nistelrooy didn't come on was a mystery.

Til later Arsefans, make sure, if you can, to watch the Italy-Ozzies match. It'll be a bloodbath, but, no doubt, morbidly exciting.



Goonerboy said...

Figo will be playing:

Stupid rule. How is it ok to downgrade but not upgrade cards? bizzare.

Borehamwood Gooner said...

Van Persie out wide showed that he COULD do a different role for us if asked to and potentially mean we could use a new striker if Walcott, Vela et al are not up to scrath this season.

Personally I think if we sold Henry we would have gone for Torres.

Carrick, great player that he is, will not be coming to us from Spurs. Owen Haregreaves could be a better option.

Not too keen on getting more African players as every other year we will lose them for 4 weeks plus. Trabelsi has retired from International football so he could be OK, and I think he can cover at CB.

How AW rues not signing Carrick for 2 mill, he may now cost 15 mill. However if Zokaro is on his way to Spurs and has been told he has a place in the first team, what will happen to Jenas AND Carrick, one will be dropped/sold.

tess said...

aussie oi :)

radgoon said...

Have it on good authority that Carrick is pretty much a done deal to United for £14.2m.

Am a bit gutted spertz are gonna get Zokora. He looks the ideal player for us at the mo and would offer so much more than Gilberto.

gazzap said...

yeah I dont give a damn that carrick is going to United. Zokora to spurs is a bigger deal. We need to buy an Appiah or toure. appiah for me has been the player of the tournament. he is literally everywhere like Gerrard for liverpool.

Also considering Trabelsi is free I would grab him with both hands. For one lauren is injured and his long term future is not clear, there are rumours of a return to spain. secondly, trabelsi can play centre back as cover if need be and thirdly if he is at right back I have always said that eboue can play right wing. he is quick skillful and gets crosses in better than anyone on our team. I have seen trabelsi in the world cup and he does look excellent. you cant look a gift horse in the mouth.

as for england. while it is boring even thinking about it, lampard needs to be dropped and crouch re-instated to play along side rooney ie 4-4-2 with carrick sitting behind gerrard. I'd also drop beckham for lennon but this is less of an issue than dropping fat frank.

Anonymous said...

As far as Arsenal Transfer Rumours Go. I don't think we will sign Buffon (He wants to stay in Italy), Saviola (He wants to stay in Spain!), Yaya (Maybe next season).
Appiah will be back up if we don't get our main midfield target Mascherano. Personnally I don't think we need either we have just signed a Agentine wonderkid Gago and we already have Flamini and Diaby.
In defence we will sign Trabelsi (Good player & free), and poss. Curtis Davies if Sol goes.
Up front we looking to sign Torres (who would be a fantasic addition) if not then expect bids for Klose, Trezeguet or Ibrahimovic.
My Predictions is He will sign Trabelsi and Davies in defence and Torres up front. Expect Arsenals line up to be a diamond midfield in a 4-4-2 formation with the following players:
Lehmann / Alumina
Eboue / Trabelsi
A.Cole / Clichy
Toure / Djourou / Hoyte
Senderos / Davies
Rosicky / Reyes
Silva / Flamini
Ljungberg / Hleb
Fabregas / V.Persie
Torres / Walcott
Henry / Adbeyor

Goonerboy said...

Yeah, i don't know why we've just let the Spuds buy Zokora. He's looked really useful. I know we lose them during the ACON but some more of the excellent Ivory Coast team really wouldn't go amiss.

Re: Lampard, I thought he at least contributed more to the team yesterday. I think Gerrard, with Carrick and two strikers in front of him, could be devastating.

Anonymous said...

:1.48 PM, Anonymous said...
As far as Arsenal Transfer Rumours Go. "we have just signed a Agentine wonderkid Gago"


link would be nice

IL-Gooner said...

Yep. I can't find anything about Gago leaving Boca for Arsenal either. Maybe Arsenal signed him in Football Manager...

Daniel Franklin Gomez said...

Oliver Kahn picked a strange time to vent his frustrations. I agree with you, Klinsmann should drop the wanker. Lehmann was number 2 for 8 years, so give him a break!

Anonymous said...

After signing Rosicky Wenger said he would not be signing anyone else but then he said that at Christmas and then signed 3 players.
He said he doesn't like signing plyers on world cup form but then he signed Freddie and Gilberto.
Arsenal have alot of very good young players. Why does Wenger need to sign anyone? His problem is to fit them all into the team and keep them happy. Is RVP going to be satisfied being a bit part player?
However; Wenger always finds a player no one has considered.
Baptista is a possible.
We wont sign Torres. Too expensive. All the French based midfield players were looked at by the Grimpster before signing Diaby so none of them will be coming. There is a rumoured Argentinean but it wont be Mascherano again too expensive.
Trabelsi is too old now. Yaya rejected when we signed Diaby.
Davies, we have Djourou. Kuyt is a wanker.
14 Mil for Carrick and he needs a minder? Saffy must be desperate or he's lost it at last!