Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Class and respect are earned, not bought.

Chelsea have one objective alone with their statement concerning William Gallas: destabilisation. Destabilising Gallas as he tries to settle in at his new club; destabilising Arsenal fans by placing seeds of doubt in our mind regarding the type of player and man he is. Chel£ don't care one bit about giving their own fans the 'real reasons' why Gallas left. They are incidental. If Chel£ so have a watertight policy of openness concerning their club, lets get Abramovich to tell us how exactly he made his money. Or perhaps they could enlighten us on the Obi Mikel transfer. Or even divulge Abramovich's exact interests with Corinthians.

It's all a bit like a man whose lover's left him screaming she's a whore down the street while secretly sobbing to himself. Instead of confronting the reality of why Gallas wanted to leave the club, its easier to make up a string of defamatory allegations. And before anyone asks why Gallas doesnt just sue them for this: because it's not worth it. Only Ashley has the stamina to go through the enormous court process that will probably go to appeal then next appeal then infinitum. Chel£ have lawyers who could drag this out for months. It really is for the best if Gallas just laughs, and ignores it. Chel£ could have said that Gallas threatened Peter Kenyon with a sawn of shotgun, and he wouldn't receive libel damages until 2010.

It can't, realistically, be about money, because Chel£ have more than anyone put together. I don't want to overly speculate on the reasons why Gallas left Chel£, but I think a hefty part of it must come down to Mourinho's personality, and the way the club is presently being run.

My favourite bit was this:

"Chelsea has a wage structure in place that is valued not only on the contribution of the player to the manager and the team, but also on a player's respect for the club and contribution to the promotion and image of the club off the field. Every player is expected to play their part in this.

"William Gallas rarely recognised these responsibilities.

"He also failed to recognise the role Jose Mourinho and Chelsea played in helping him become a double Premiership champion for a player whose only league title prior to that had been in the French Second Division."

So he should remain at Chel£ forever, out of pure gratitude at the wonderousness of Chel£ and Mourinho? And surely the most important point: if Gallas is so awful, if he was capable and threatening to do all these things: why did Chelsea want to keep him so badly? For that is where Chel£'s logic machine stops judering to a halt and explodes. The simple truth of the matter is: they wanted to keep Gallas, he turned them down, so they now want to try and mentally destroy him.

It can all be, as it has been, easily contrasted with Arsene's reply regarding Ash's move in which he wished him well for the future and thanked him for his contribution to the team whilst at the club. Of course Arsene probably wanted to rant and rave at Ash for being an ungrateful money whore, but he didn't, because he has class. That's why Arsene is a respected manager, and why Jose still has to go on TV and berate people for not giving Chel£ any respect. It's also partly why Chel£ still have tickets for sale for their next home game in the premiership.

If you don't act respectfully and with class, you will not get these attributes attached to yourself. No matter how many times you win the league, or pathetically compare yourself to a mafioso 'family'. Success doesn't inherently earn respect, and that's what no one at Chel£ seems to have realised.

Still, you've gotta hand it to them - the statement's worked. Instead of focusing on our own mattters, we've been drawn into debating all this with them. Still, my advice to Willy: ignore it. Don't rise to it, as I have. In fact i'm so angry, I can't think of anything else to write about this afternoon. So, adieu.


Anonymous said...

Bollox it's worked for them.

Da Syberian Shysters have shown themselves for what they are once again.

A dumb bunch of Kossack fucks...

Sure Gallas threatened the own goal. Just as Saddam has weapons of mass destruction.

Anonymous said...

Once again goonerboy your sentiments echo mine in a scary way. Go to the arsenal vital football website and check the article I wrote about this. Chelsea have shown themselves up in an extraordinary way and look the weaker for it.

Anonymous said...

Chelsea - Chelsea - Chelsea - Chelsea

Jose Mourinho - Jose Mourinho - Jose Mourinho - Jose Mourinho

Face it Goons -

We are the Champions.

There is only one team in London.

thekingsnewclothes said...

As a Chelsea fan I really agree that we should have left this alone, and we come out of it looking pretty stupid. However, don't paint Gallas as some sort of wronged individual who deserves our support in this issue. Willy G has always had a big mouth which he fires off regularly before big matches and when on international duty. And despite my belief that Chelsea should have just ignored him, he without doubt gave the first interview slagging off Jose. He's a fool.
Incidentally, you may not have seen them because they haven't involved L'Arse, but Chelsea have regularly been posting statements on the website in answer to some kind of critisism, and actually this one isn't even the most pathetic. i wish they would stop, but I believe they do it as a direct consequence of Jose complaining that the club didnt support him enough in the Barca spat. All rather stupid, I agree.
One small observation though, as i have heard a lot of gooners referring to the supposed "classy" best wishes from the club to our new rentboy - this is true, but you seem to have forgotten the 18 months of crap that you have all been giving him, which gave you all the chance to get it out of your system. And as for the clubs part (AFC), they left him high and dry in the tapping up case. Now that really was class.

Anonymous said...

good post goonerboy, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Oooh, oooh, these are such nasty comments that they must be lies.

Of course, you forgot to entertain the possibility that they could be true. That would be awkward, wouldn't it?

Much easier to close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and say 'LALALALALALA, I'm not listening, your pants are on fire'.

Anonymous said...

Listen you dizzy Chelsea fuck -

Cole ILLEGALLY met with your nouveau riche powerbrokers.

What the fuck do you want Arsenal to do? Just let it slide?

Man U and Tottenham were bought off by the tapping Chavs. Arsenal weren't -

We fucked you at the hearing and we fucked you on the price - billy g for a retarded fag with the brain power of the average Chelsea fan or amoeba.

You dumb prick.

thekingsnewclothes said...

Typical gooner response to what I thought was a balanced opinion. Proper classy.
Oh by the way whilst you were pissing youreself at "fucking us at the hearing", we were running away with the Prem. Good choice foll, good choice.

NyssietheGooner said...

Good work Goonerboy.

One day these Chel$ki cunts will realise...


Anonymous said...

Yo Dumb Chelsea fuck.

You were running away with the title?

No dick bait - you bought the fucking title.

Or your Kossack Owner bought it.

Was it worth it?

Do you sleep at night knowing that the people of Siberia are in poverty - people that Roman presides over.

Chelsea fans have always been one thing - ignorant muthafuckers.

And from what I read, you chose the right team.

tommigooner said...

To thekingsnewclothes...
Someone actually beat me to the punch re: the snide / unethical tapping up saga of Ashley C*nt - but like my fellow Gooner said: What were The Arsenal suppose to do? "Oh go on Ashley you are under contract but you can chat to who you want.." What suprised me more was Ashley C*nt taking it to appeal - as if he was in the right - it's simple to me - you are under contract you personally or your agent can't speak to a team - if a team comes in for you - they do so through the appropriate channels i.e. top level from chairman to chairman..

Seeing that the Chelsea Village Idiot Peter Kenyon want's to be so 'open' in his statement of why King Willy wanted to leave can we expect him to reveal the way he conducted the underhand and covert tapping up and meeting with Cole?

All I know Gooners - the Sarf London chavs fear they have lost one of their better and key players - cos if he was shit do you think they would be spouting as much as they are...??

NyssietheGooner said...

Nice Tommi!

How are ya fella!??!?

Goonerboy said...

Actually, I thought what the kingsnewclothes initially said was rather balanced and fair. I don't agree with him re: us 'hanging out' Ash to dry over the past 18 months - if he'd admitted his mistake, taken his punishment, then there'd be no probs.

I think Gallas should settle at Arsenal, as Wenger is a lot less belligerent than Mourinho.

A non-inflammatory question to Chelsea fans: how do you think your defence will do without Gallas? I really don't understand why Mourinho played Carvahlio at c-b instead of Gallas, and why Mourin won't play Bridge, who's looked ok so far this season.

Anonymous said...

Calm down fellas. Thekingsnewclothes makes a reasonable point and it's not often one of their lot will concede that much, so ease up a bit, eh? Yes, Chelsea - the club - are a bunch of idiots; not all their fans are. And frankly one or two of our lot could do with a spike thorugh the frontal lobe anyway. With Baptista and a (hopefully) focussed Gallas onside this season, who knows? Maybe we'll take the Premiership back in May and then we can all relax.

tommigooner said...

Who ever is agreeing that the Arsenal hung Ashley C*nt out to dry you need your head checking. The greedy little fcker spoke to club whilst under contract and didn't really do anything to hide the fact. The meeting was in one of London's top hotels it's not as if people dont know who JM / AC / PK are? very shabby behaviour - whatever went on between him and the board should of been dealt with. The Bank of Chelsea should had the balls to table a deal between chairmen - it's that simple or am I missing something? Also Ashley C*nt thought he was so right in going to the meeting - I know footballers aint the brightest but his stupidity holds bounds Beckham can only dream of. If Ashley C*nt had said "sorry about that" and done the 'right thing' fair enough but he didn't - he was not only unrepentant in his meeting but also the fact that he was in violation of contract. He even had the cheek to say he sees himself as a future Arsenal captain whilst all the time harbouring for a move to The Bank of Chelsea - I say fck him - I cant wait for his book to come out for him to 'reveal all' hopefully he'll get the preface rewritten or some of the contents with the help of his new mate Peter Kenyon.

Nyssie - how are you fella? And what's happened to you blog son?

Also Chelsea boys - not all are bad two of my good mates happen to support 'em - but you cant have everything. But I had a conversation re: the time of their Gallas statement - why wait till now? If alledegly King Willy said all this shit at the end of last season - why didn't they reveal to their fans why Gallas might be on his way? Or just sack him? it's not as if they cant afford to - it seems to me they are trying to save face and destabilise the guy in one go..

Anonymous said...

Yeah and you gooners haven't earned any

Anonymous said...

Chelsea has a wage structure in place that is valued not only on the contribution of the player to the manager and the team, but also on a player's respect for the club and contribution to the promotion and image of the club off the field. Every player is expected to play their part in this.

So when Shevchenko and Ballack signed and got the biggest wages at the the club they had obviously had years of respect for the Chavs and contributed hugely to the team ( having never played a game ) and improved the Clubs image off the field ( Is this not the same Ballack who has just settled out of court in Germany for some offence or other ) And Cashley has obviously been the perfect example of showing respect to his Club

Chelsea are the playground bully who have been found out - the fans will bleat on how they don't care and look how many cups we've won. They are the Ben Johnson of Football - the original steroid ( money )enhanced club who will always be tainted however much Chelski fans would like to think otherwise

NyssietheGooner said...

Alright Tommi fella!

I packed my old job in (again!) BUT I am now working once more...the blog will be back up and running before the week is out. Although with the quality of yours, this and a few others I'm a little hesitant!

But hey, fuck it the more the merrier!!!


NyssietheGooner said...

Im not the biggest fan of Myles Palmer - although he does write intelligent pieces - but I did like this piece from earlier...

THERE IS NEVER A SILENCE from Chelsea, is there ?
After Mourinho called Makelele a slave, Chelsea have now issued a statement saying Gallas threatened to score an own goal if he was picked for them again.

They say he asked for £100,00 a week and turned down £70,000 a week and had "an illegal meeting with AC Milan." Crikey! An illegal meeting like the one Ashley Cole had with Mourinho and Kenyon! Appalling disloyalty ! Where was the meeting? The Royal Park Hotel ?

It's all pretty horrible but Chelsea will implode soon.
There is no style there, no soul, their own fans were bored last season and giving up their season tickets to friends. It's just not fun for many of their fans.They've bought two titles but they've taken the sport out of football.

The oligarchs achieved the legal rape of a continent's mineral wealth and then Roman Abramovich came over here and took from us something we have had since 1888.

The mother of leagues started in 1888 and every year for the next 112 years we have talked about who will win the league.

The English always talk about the weather, the royal family, and who will win the league. Now we know who will win the league, so we don't talk about it any more.

Still, I'm sure this will be Mourinho's last season.
Overall, it's what you expect from a silent billionaire and a marketing bozo from Manchester. They're not hip and they have no sense of league and they will never have any class.

And that is the point William Gallas himself has made.
Gallas, talking at Clairefontaine yesterday, said, "I spent five years at Chelsea.In those five years, I always gave my best and I showed how honoured I was to be wearing the shirt. That means very, very little to Chelsea. Chelsea might have lots of money, but those new directors lack class."

NyssietheGooner said...
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Anonymous said...

So you are comparing cole, who offered himself gor selection to Gallas who threatened to score an own goal if selected. I don't condone Chelseas' brash way of doing business on any given sunday but if you are going to throw your weight firmly behind Gallas without even looking at the merits of Chelseas' claims then you are no better than Chelsea - It can only be your deslike of Chelsea and a desire to see Gallas winning matches for Arsenal regardless of what type of man he is that motivate such a stance.

Does anyone remember what MOURINHO SAID WHEN ASKED WHY HE WAS'T picking Gallas? He said - Ask the player himself. At that point one of Chelseas' players (admittedly Joses pet) Drogba aimed a subliminal message at Gallas. I thought at the time that there was certainly something wrong. Class? The first thing he did was condemn Mourinho as soon as he had managed to convince Arsenal to pay him more than loyal, senior mebers of their squad like Kolo despite not bringing more in football terms. - He is actually older than Kolo.

If this had been Chelsea we would have said:
They are buying a mercenary
They are overpaying him while insulting the loyalty of their senior pros.

Just my two cents

Anonymous said...

Why do any Chelsea fans still persist with thinking that their club has anything at all to do with them? They are on the outside looking in at a monopoly game being played by someone else. They can claim zero influence on events that take place at the bridge. Chelsea has been hijacked from them and they should wake up and realize what has happened. They are just the unwitting beneficiaries of a Russian thief trying to buy himself respectability and safety. They are the kept women of a sugar daddy and are superfluous to his needs. They have no right to celebrate the bought 'success' of recent times since their contribution to it is precisely nothing and doing so is no different to enjoying the benefit of his other toys such as yachts or private jets - try staking a claim to any of those - Chelsea FC is in the same category as far as he is concerned. Face it Chelsea fans - YOU DON'T HAVE A CLUB. IT BELONGS TO SOMEONE ELSE AND YOU DON'T MATTER!!!

What people need to grasp is the fact that Abramovich's wealth puts him above the law. Chelsea can make whatever outlandish statements about Gallas or anyone else for that matter and know that whatever the financial consequences are, they are totally meaningless. Even in some wild scenario where they were fined 5 billion pounds or more, the effect on Abramovich's lifestyle would be nothing. So to say they would not come out with these statements if they were not true for the risk of a lawsuit is complete nonsense. It is clear that the statement about Gallas is there to distract and destabilise him and Arsenal. Their reason for doing so is because they realise that the swap with Cole has strengthened Arsenal and weakened Chelsea so they resort to this as a way to redress the balance.

My suggestion for all the premiership clubs is to start from scratch and form a new premiership and exclude Chelsea - UEFA should do the same with the Champions League.
I feel this is the only way to deal Chelsea's flagrant disregard for everyone in the world of football and let us get back to real sport and competition.

Anonymous said...

To thekingsnewclothes,

Hash treatment is different when it comes from the fans then with it's directed at a player from the team he played for. There is a big difference. Regardless of how much money is spent Chelsea as an organization is low class.

We must all remember as Arsenal Fans that the only title missing on the resume or CV of Arsene and THenry is the Champion League title. I really don't think that the leaders of the club are currently trying to win the Premier league but are more focus on winning the Champion league. We must understand that currently we have in our ranks three wonderful defensive mid-fielders. The three are: Gilberto, Baptista and we must not forget that Lauren can also play the position. I don't think i will get any agrument from anyone on this forum about the toughness of Lauren.

I'm happy with the way Arsene is building our team. I two or three years Arsenal will rule Europe for the next 10 years. Lets look to the future and winning titles for years to come instead of looking at hear and now.

Anonymous said...

So you gooners contribute more to your
'success"? You sign the players and decide when Bergie will retire, when Viera is finnished, wether Cesc is ready to replace him etc.Cunt! You will never win the title in a year with two zeros in the middle! Fuck off wankers!

You must be really frustrated by Chelseas success to feel that just because there is an assertive (brash really) wealthy leadership the fans are no-longer part of the club. How did the Billy Gallas go Thursday? And why didnt you tell Deano that 80 000 a week is getting fucked?

Anonymous said...

Actually I think the vitriolic comments were not being aimed at TheKingsNewClothes, but at Euroblue, unless I'm mistaken?

tommigooner said...

I think these Chelsea boys having been hanging out with the mob from N17 far too long.. esp. with talk of fuck off wankers / You're a cunt / we won the league so bollocks. My - your mothers would be proud - But like i said not all Sarf London chavs are twats there do happen to be a few who are actually ok. But 'Anonymous' who rants on about when DB10 should retire / when PV4 should be sold - what are you on sport? That's the managers job amongst thing isn't it? To buy and replace players - and lets face it your manager has had plenty of experience on that front. So Mr Anonymous manager what would of done? tell Vieira who was forever flirting with Real Madrid you aint the player you used to be but we'll keep you even though we have this out of this world youngster coming through? and DB10 - you dont mind just playing a bit part do you? Whatever you're on pal you need to lower the dosage. Also chief reading yesterday in one on the London papers an article written by your very own Tim Lovejoy going on about players wages - apparently SWP who cant even get a seat on your bench is payed 80 large a week. Reckon The Arsenal paying King Willy that is cheap seeing he's one of the most consistent defenders in the Prem.

But Gooners we know one thing and I said it before the chels boys fear that Gallas has gone cos they know he was a key player. Answer me this - is there any Chels boy out there - who, if Gallas hadn't spoken about wanting to leave etc. and was still at the club wouldn't have him alongside JT quicker than a Spurs player having a shit after a Marriott hotel lasagne? Yeah - I thought so...

Nyssie - cheers for the shout son - hope you like the new look. Get on the case son!

Anonymous said...

The reason we can easily dismiss Chelsea's accusations as a pack of lies is because the club and Jose Mourinho have a history of lying. Jose claimed he couldn't have met Ashley Cole in a hotel because he was in Italy, that was a lie. Jose also testified to the FA that he would never sign a player like Ashley Cole because he was too short for a defender, that too was a lie. This is just another lie from this new and classless regime.

And then you have that skinhead rat bastard Peter Kenyon who doesn't have a ethical bone in his body. ManU's class went up infinitely the minute he left Old Trafford.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 2:40.

Thankyou for your erutide comment. Your language is indicative of your intelligence. Since you have the IQ of a hamster, i will have to spell it out for you. Yes of course we contribute far more to our club since they rely on our cash to help run the club. Chelsea on the other hand can and should exist without any fans. Your comments are trite and childish and like a child you have responded with nothing tangible. I am pleased to have touched your raw nerve.

Anonymous said...

For you Chelsea fan who think Jose is lying you are correct because of the following news on Talksoccer:

Ranieri rejects Gallas claims
Former Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri has rejected claims that defender William Gallas would score an own goal if he had played for the club again this season.

"I cannot believe these stories," Ranieri said. "It is absolutely incredible. I signed William and he was always a good professional on the pitch. Of course, I don't know what has happened in the last two years."

Chelsea football club should be very ashmed of themselves like a guest on Skysports said everything Chelsea touches off the pitch turns to DIRT.

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 2:40. of course we impact the way arsenal is run.if we stop showing up for the games the club will be in deep trouble and the management will probably resigned. many of you have stop showing for your games judging from the charity sheild and man city games. i do no think jose,kenyon and more importantly roman have give any indication that they care. afterall didn't jose said as much when he claimed his responsiblities is only to win.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE :"anonymous at 2:40. of course we impact the way arsenal is run.if we stop showing up for the games the club will be in deep trouble and the management will probably resigned. many of you have stop showing for your games judging from the charity sheild and man city games. i do no think jose,kenyon and more importantly roman have give any indication that they care. afterall didn't jose said as much when he claimed his responsiblities is only to win. "

HALELUJA!! Okay gooners. YOU contribute to your clubs "success." You have class. We are buying titles. William Gallas never threatened to score an own goal (before doing just that by joining a club that is moving backwards). I hope this helps you fuckers sleep better at night because : YOU'RE GONNA WIN FUCKALL!!


Anonymous said...


thekingsnewclothes said...

The level of debate is so very high on here. The original article is mostly fair enough, but the comments are priceless.
How do you work out that "many of us have stopped showing up". What on the back of the community shield? Do me a favour. How old are you lot? If you read through your own comments you will see that you make so many contradictory statements that you really dont need me, your having an argument all by yourself.

thekingsnewclothes said...

The level of debate is so very high on here. The original article is mostly fair enough, but the comments are priceless.
How do you work out that "many of us have stopped showing up". What on the back of the community shield? Do me a favour. How old are you lot? If you read through your own comments you will see that you make so many contradictory statements that you really dont need me, your having an argument all by yourself.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 4:31 PM

You are so clearly not an attorney. You are a delusional cretin with aspirations to become a moron. You do not earn more money than me since you are obviously unemployable. Your grey matter is redundant and you are not my friend. The irony in your statement about the word trite is priceless but with your lack of intellect, this will of course go over your head. Since you think I should speak to you on your level, I will make it plain for you. YOU ARE A CHELSEA CUNT NOW FUCK OFF BACK TO YOUR RESIDENTIAL CARE HOME AND TAKE YOUR MEDICATION.