Friday, June 08, 2007

Another one bites the dust.

A picture says a thousand words, eh? A long-standing, reportedly, transfer target has bitten the dust. You can say £20 million is too much, and it is, but Ribery is proven quality. More often than not, you do have to pay over the odds for footballers who don't just have potential, but have cvs that show they have what it takes to challenge for trophies.

Did we even make an offer for him in the end? I doubt it. If we did it was undoubtedly a derisory amount - £10 million say - which whilst nearer to his 'real' value, is not an amount that's going to persuade as ruthless a chairman as Pape Diouf to part with one of his top players. It's silly money, but do the Arsenal board and management realise that's what you have to pay in cases such as this?

Fear not however as, apparently, we're on the verge of signing A certain Florent Malouda. Now, I actually thought Malouda was pretty poor in the world-cup, to the extent he was almost a weak link in the French team. Yet he's been doing the business in Lyon and has just been voted French player of the year; a title, lest we forget, that another illustrious former member of the club once held.

So maybe there's some hope in the department. As a left-winger, he's a player we need, and maybe he's better than I've given him credit.

Elsewhere, Freddie Ljunberg was apparently in Glasgow yesterday for discussions with Celtic. It'd be a good move for Freddie - he'd still be a real danger in the SPL. Whether we're actually going to see any money for him is another matter, and whilst I respect Arseblogger's opinion that we'll be losing a considerable wage bill if he goes, a fee for some of our players might be nice. Just a little one?

Also, apparently Cesc will leave if Wenger does (good to see some loyalty to the club there Cesc) and Thierry is roundly misquoted in today's media regarding a move abroad.

A thought for Thierry. It might be a bind, but why not organise a press conference and definitively state you'll not be off anywhere this summer. Failing that, saying Milan and Barca are 'wonderful clubs' - or statements to that effect - in almost every interview you do, isn't going to put the fans' minds at rest.

Here's hoping for some better news next week. Although Wenger's return from Sardinia seems to be the crucial factor in any progress in the market.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhh, i wanna play Cl football.I wanna play for a french manager in you wanna earn a bundle you fat twat.

Anonymous said...

sorry to burst your bubble but malauda's heads been turned by chelsea and liverpool. Expect another
one to bite the dust very soon

Anonymous said...

proven quality, wtf??

Anonymous said...,,2002390000-2007260600,00.html

I know its a link from the sun but its being reported all over the various new channels. not even a mention of the goons, face it your skint, on the decline, no one wants to join you (that anyones heard of)
henry's off closely followed by fabrigas, wenger et al.
Oh happy days :)

Anonymous said...

the only proven quality of frank ribery is his disloyalty to any club he's been playing before. which important trophy has he won in his career? I can't think of any.

which is not to say that we don't need a decent winger or two ...

Anonymous said...

TH14 has already made it clear many times that he's committed to, and will remain at, Arsenal, either until the end of his current contract, or until Arsene
Wenger departs the club, whichever comes first. He ain't going nowhere in the meantime.

So, bearing this in mind, TH14 is not responsible for any neurotic thoughts/concerns that Arsenal fans may currently be experiencing or have regarding his immediate future, or that of any other player/personnel, at the club.

Arsenal, TH14, Arsene & the squad will be fine next season. Have faith!

Anonymous said...

We've fallen out of the top flight. Shameful how quickly it has happened.

Anonymous said...

Another one Bites the dust but lets be frank, Ribery was not worth the money, he is too light to play in the premiership.

On another note, As much as I luv Thierry Henry and could never see him not being part of the Arsenal Team (He is my favorite player in the World but I luv Arsenal more) I think it's time to let him go. He is fast becoming a little cunt. It is not his place to make any comments about the board. He is an employee of Arsenal FC and need to shut his damn mouth and play football, something he has not done in two years. When a player starts to feel that he is bigger than the club it's time for him find another place to play.

We will do well with out him, we many not win the Premiership next year with out him but we can be back at the top in two three years.

Anonymous said...

I would take Rosicky or Hleb over Ribery any day!

He is pacy and gutsy, but technically limited and short on goals.

Don't shed a tear chaps, it's better this way.

Anonymous said...

magneto keep burying your head in the sand mate. Henry is sending out all the come and get me signals to milan and barcelona. He's gone and so is Fabrigas and wenger. may the decline continue

Anonymous said...

truth hurts doesnt it matey.

no signings, no money, no good news.

Goonerboy said...

No use of the 'y' word on here. Even if certain Spuds fans often use it to describe themselves, I don't want it used on my blog.

Anonymous said...

even more good news!
Henry's signed for the pool. his medicals on wednesday. dont forget you read it here first

Anonymous said...

If there are no signings and the team are trailing the league leaders by ten points I don't know what AW is going to say. Time is of the essence.
On the other hand it is quite possible the young gunners could click. However the bookies odds reflect this and more often than not they get it right.

Anonymous said...

its the 8th of june people relax there is another 2 half months of this bulls**t

Arsenal are not in decline there far from that, people that are sayin that on these blog r very sad because ur spurs fans on arsenal blog, ur more interested in our news than ur own. thats all igot to say.

p.s to all u so called arsenal; fans wake up shake up stop thinkin about money chelski and all this crap written in media and get behind our great club

Anonymous said...

Everything is up in the air now with Henry, as far as I'm concerned. If you watch the interview on ESPN, which is where all these comments today have been lifted from, the impression Henry gives is of a man who is very unhappy that Dein has gone, is now completely unsure about the board/club, and is making abundantly clear that he is an Arsenal player AT THE MOMENT. Why would anyone deliberately KEEP saying 'at the moment', 'for now' etc unless it was an indicator of unrest?

I seriously think he could be off to Liverpool, to a club where the board share the same sporting ambition as the manager. Our board only give a fuck about money now Dein's gone.

Anonymous said...

to be honest, henry shouldnt give a fuck about whos on the board, he is paid to play football, not to run the club.

Anonymous said...

That's saying that no one should give a shit about their employer, just as long as they get paid. Henry has really loved Arsenal - but if he perceives the board are selling out or are growing more distant from the playing side of the club, then if he wants to go well fair enough. Players aren't fans - they are players with a career to think of. Henry would stay his whole career with us I'm certain - but only if the club stays the way he's known it. If Wenger is upset about the Dein thing, the players will be too. It all filters down into the dressing room, they are people not machines, and everyone needs to feel secure and appreciated when it comes to their employer.

Anonymous said...

Ihave 2 say that footie fans are the biggest hypocrites in the f*cking world - we complain when players are just in it for the money (thats u c*shly c*nt) but when players like henry express concerns on off field matters we say its got nothing to do with him. I hate being in a position where I feel I have to stand up for henry cos I aint a fan of his but I too am very unhappy with the way this board is working. Its no point saying that there is 2 1/2 months of transfer window to go but as we are on limit budget we cannot compete with other big clubs so we should be striking now. instead our manager is on hols, our chief executive was sacked and his position has yet to be filled so how are we to buy players in the meantime. I have long since proclaimed henry to be disruptive (his treatment of reyes for starters) and I would take eto for him in the morning (some chance) but I do agree 100% that he is fucking us all about here. If he wants to get back at the board then fine but this making noises about barca & milan is not fair to the fans who have given him unconditional support from day 1. If he is going to stay then come out proper and say so but if he wants 2 go to barca or milan then he should be let go. However if he fucks us over by going to the scousers then he is a total c*nt. By the way ribery is not worth that money and is not what we need - queresma is the boy

Anonymous said...

There is no evidence that Arsene was seriously interested in buying Ribery so to say that we've missed out is just one opinion. The media/agents may link us with a player but that does not mean that Arsene is seriously interested. I would prefer our manager to decide what we need for the team rather than the tabloids, blogs or so called 'fans' calling for this or that player who they've only seen on YouTube highlights. We're not likely to see any movement from the club until the Reyes situation is resolved. Why not wait and see since we cannot influence who or if Arsene will buy.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit mate we do think simular on the transfer market. Yeah we really should of signed scar face but once again the board has let us down. And i think florent will be good for us if we sign him. So lets hope we do because i think he is quality. Oh interest on Trezeguet what you think?