Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Why do we have to go through this every summer?

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, but can you really blame me?

Why is it like this every summer?

The targets we've been linked with disappear off to clubs who have the money, but also a willingness to take a risk on players who are invariably overpriced.

Our top players are linked to foreign clubs, and instead of categorically denying that they want to leave, they make ambiguous statements to keep their options open. This applies to both Henry and Cesc. We know you want to play in Spain one day Cesc, but telling us this every month or so is a bit much.

In the mean time, Arsene meanders around Europe signing up 16 year old kids who may be, but probably won't be the next big thing. And even if they do make it, when will this happen exactly? Not in time for next season's alleged title push.

And on top of this, we release not one, but two ghastly away kits in the course of a few weeks. Maybe, the second is an effort to fool certain players into thinking they've signed for Barca already. Having said that, if we win the Champions League in either, they will become the greatest kits of all time.

The worst thing is, we've still got 2 and half months of this to go. Who knows, maybe we'll end up signing several players of proven quality and ability, who don't need time to finish going through puberty or acclimatise to the Premiership. Maybe our captain will even realise that saying he's an Arsenal player 'at the moment', is a bit like telling your wife that your married 'for the time being'. It's not on.

I will say but a few things as we enter the silly season:

1) If you're an Arsenal player, you're an Arsenal player. It's unacceptable for you to flirt openly with other clubs, unless you want to leave, and if you want to leave have the decency to come out and say it: don't mess the fans around.

2) As it stands, the squad needs strengthening. We particularly need goalscoring midfielders, preferably players who can naturally play out on the left and right flanks.

3) If players do go, they need to be replaced by similar quality. Arsene must learn the Vieira lesson: selling top players is fine if you think they've already peaked; what isn't is not getting in new players to replace them.

4) We need someone to help Arsene in our transfer dealings. If Hammond doesn't want the job, find somebody else.

That's all I can think of for now. Hopefully some promising news will develop soon.


Anonymous said...

I agree - it's all very well knowing that the media spin things, but the more ambiguous a statement you make, the more possibility the media have of creating fantastical stories from it.

Thierry knows this, even if Cesc is a little young to understand the media game that well, and it's more than disappointing to hear some of the things he has to say.

This could be ended so easily, so in a way you have to assume that certain parties don't want it to.

Anonymous said...

Looking a bit bleak for the gooners at the mo isn't it.

Anonymous said...

and there was me thinking that after reading the comments by barry silkman on arsenal news review site that today we would be unveiling somebody in the mold of torres. from what i can work out on that front it would appear that the only story there is the aliadiere's transfer to boro given the number of boro players silkman represents. i'm bored of the same old summers time and time again. if only it was like championship manager where one can can take a break over the summer and come back for the start of the season. the even more annoying thing is that the only players we seem to be linked with are right backs.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with the comment about the fans. They owe us nothing. We don't pay their wages - the club do - it's indirect. We choose to idolise them and the club, they don't have to consider us when deciding their future. Anybody else would do it - keep their options open and try to get the best deal. And don't give me any of this purist crap of 'if I was Henry I'd do this' because you aren't and therefore you can't understand.

Kimmono said...

Getting a left winger is the only thing we need. If we also could get Torres/Eto then that would be fantastic, but it is a bit much to ask.

What we dont need is all the specualation we as a club get about our players and coach leaving. No other club has this. :(

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, some excellent points here. It doesn't half annoy me to read the aforementioned stuff in the press everyday, along with every other Barca player talking about how they'd love Henry to come to Spain. For the thousandth time, he's an ARSENAL player, recently signed a new contract, so SHUT UP. And when will we actually sign one of the players linked with us?

Le Grove said...

What do you mean the fans don't pay their wages? Where do you think the £2 million a home game we made last season went, where do you think all the money from shirt sales goes and finally why do you think we spent the best part of £400 million building a new stadium?

Without the fans idolising the players, the players wouldn't earn the wages they do... who would sponsor football if fans didn't watch it? How would clubs generate the money

Call me a purist, but I think it is fair for the fans to expect a bit of clarity from the players whose wages they pay.

I would also be amazed if Theirry bagged a better financial package at Barca than Arsenal... He would cost them £20m, can you see them giving him £140k a week on top???

Kimmono said...

Henry would earn Barca that wage many times over in shirt sales. He funds him self...

Anonymous said...

class article...written what everyone is thinknin...at the moment

Anonymous said...

class article...written what everyone else is thinking...for the moment

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say it but its simple for me.....

No top player will sign for any club who has a manager who wont commit himself to the the team. I know he signs contracts late but he has not said he will sign one after this season has he? all he has said is that he will honour the last year of his contract.

All of this also unsettles existing players like thierry who start to think if arsene goes maybe i should get out whilst i can still go to a top club?

The club should not of allowed the manager to become bigger than the club.

also i went to the emirates every game last year is it possible for everyone else to cheer the team on it feels and sounds like im the only one who sings!

Anonymous said...


I agree with your post arsene has just said he will honour his contract and not that he wants to stay after this season, for me thats not good enough

Anonymous said...

Well said. I totally agree with what you say about everything. To add AFC Board are all fuddy duddies who need to move with time. They need investors to bring in new money in order to buy quality and establised players. Players need to win trophies and they cannot do with youngsters who may or may not come good in a few years.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, I wondered why we have to go through this every summer too. But aren't we (as Arsenal fans) also guilty of keeping the rumour alive? No offense, but how many blogs are there discussing about the departure of TH everyday again and again? Can you imagine how things would be if all Gunners would be quiet about this? I believe the rumour won't become as big as it is now.

Anonymous said...

Oh ye of little faith,didn't Wenger say last time before he renewed his contract 2 years ago that "he has never and will never walk out on an existing contract",that however didn't stop short sighted Daily Mail reading twats to speculate that he "was on his way".Get a life,the bloke helped to design The Emirates and to help us earn more per home game than any other team in England...."but show us the money"will be the predictable cry,there is simple answer to that if Arsene does not think that for example Ribery is worth £17 million then I trust him more than anyone as his record is spectacular in this department.Do you really think he will walk out on a club where he has a free reign to do pretty much as he wishes without interference.Unlike at Real and Barcalona where the white hankies come out after 1 loss at home.
As for Henry,he has done nothing to feed the frenzy surrounding his "imminent dparture"which is the wish of the Spurs and Man Utd loving press...he will leave when it suits us and not Barcelona or Real.The summer is full of Arsenal hating,panic spreading wankers at The Mail who cannot write about people like Diaby and Denilson who look the bollocks to me and have to paint their own doomsday scenerio.Keep the faith.Remember we took on a team that cost over £200 million at Cardiff recently and didn't look too bad to me.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should leave off posting for a while longer if this is the best you can come up with!

Just because players are linked with us by their agents and the media does not mean that Arsene ever seriously considered buying them. If he thought Ribery was worth £17m and would provide what is missing in the team, Arsene would have bought him without any prompting from assorted know-it-alls. Arsene is paid to manage the team and should just be allowed to get on with his job.

As for TH - maybe that's just a sign that we have one of the best players in the world who is sought after by other top teams? He maybe could have chosen his words better and perhaps refrained from sharing his opinion on the DD affair, but let's just give him the benefit of the doubt until there's an official announcement one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

What really pisses me off every summer isn't the transfer speculation, and the press associating us with players that Wenger wouldn't buy if there was a gun to his head (and then the press making a big deal when we, amazingly, choose NOT to sign them). Nor is it the press making a big deal out of Henry anything other than: "I love Arsenal. If I cannot play for Arsenal I may as well be dead". After all, that is what journos are paid for (sadly).

What really pisses me off is bedwetting websites like this one, and their bedwetting readers who can't see the press for what it is, and panic at every daft little post from webshites like Tribal Football.

Let's all just sit back, enjoy the sunshine, and if your feeling spooked, go check the ridiculous galaxy of talent that Wenger has already assembled at the most beautiful club in the world.

Anonymous said...

This is becoming really silly now. Football is a very passionate game. Not just for the fans but players are passionate about clubs as well, no doubt.
At a time when top players around Europe are showing how far they will go to show passion for their clubs others are choosing to disrespect their fans by playing cat and mouse.
TH,you love the club and claim you will show the fans respect by "them being the first to know".How long do you want to string us along before making your intentions known. There is no doubt about the fans' adulation for you and you need to state your claim and stick by it-staying or leaving.

Anonymous said...

There is major difference between passion and bedwetting hysteria where the end is nigh and burning of season tickets is the order of the day.Yes Henry would end all speculation about him eyeing a move to Barcelona by declaring his intentions now however say he had got wind for example and this is pure speculation that Arsene was prepared to swap him for Eto then his well earned place as the best player ever to wear an Arsenal shirt and the love that comes with it may diminish a touch.As I stated before Arsenal will let him go when it suits them and not Henry so let's all stop panicking.