Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If Arsenal are going to make a signing, we should make it soon.

I'm not one of those people (well at least I hope I'm not) who are desperately crying out for new signings, and pretending that we're doomed if we don't follow the splurges of United or, er, Man City. And I'm also mindful of the 'silent' manner in which Arsenal conduct transfers.

But I would suggest that if we are to make a new signing, it'd be preferable to make it sooner - in fact as soon as possible - rather than later.

Why? Because once the season starts it inevitably becomes harder to integrate players into the team. In a perfect world, all new signings would be made on the last day of the previous season, allowing the new players to fully participate in the pre-season schedule. It's important that players get the opportunity to acclimatise to their new clubs as fully as possible, and I'm sure that Sagna, Eduardo and Fabianski have all benefited from playing with their new team-mates in the recent friendlies.

There are, of course, just over three weeks left of the transfer window, but I would be mindful of bringing in players at the last minute. Whilst Gallas managed to slot into the team with reasonable ease last year, Baptista, our other major deadline day signing, took several months to even get to full fitness, after Madrid had seemingly put him out to pasture.

With the competition between the top-four so intense, it's vital that we get off to a lightning start this year. If we have a repeat of last season - draws - our title-challenge could be non-starter. We need a competitive squad now, not one compiled at haste on the last day of the window.

Who might come in is anyone's guess. What I think many people would like to see is wingers; but who? Quaresma - who this blog has spuriously claimed is coming - is available, but reports in the Spanish press value him at €40 million and I can't see us paying more than €20m for anyone. There's been a great deal of hype around Drenthe - who does look a real prospect - yet I think he's bound for west London or central Spain. Luka Modric of Zagreb has also been mentioned; who know's on that one, to be frank (not Goonerboy).

Hopefully, and in the vein of the Eduardo transfer, a new signing will suddenly drop from the sky very soon. If not, perhaps the cheque-book is actually closed.


Anonymous said...

There are NO new signings coming to Arsenal.

Wenger's gambling now - if he fails again this year, he should go.

Unknown said...

how do you know jeff, do you work for arsenal, Wenger should go - you muppet look at the team he has built, this year might not be our year but with another year behind them they are going to be unbelievable!!! Would you rather someone else takes them forward or the man who has planned it for years.

Anonymous said...

I think one other player will arrive but I fully expect it to be on the last day of the transfer window. I believe Wenger is waiting for all the other top clubs or clubs with money to complete their signings before looking at who's still available. That way he gets them cheaper than if he goes in early & then has competition.

He signed two players, already but with those he had little choice but to do it early as his hand had been forced, but he will see any other players as a luxury & as such won't be rushed in signing anyone.

Anonymous said...

Because it's obvious nobody else is coming.

Wenger's had money to spend: he's running at a £14m profit for fuck's sake! He's chosen his strategy, if it doesn't deliver, we're better off looking elsewhere for a manager who knows how to spend money.

Believe it or not, mug, Arsenal were around long before Arsene Wenger joined - it's only the fucking plastics who think that he's bigger than the club, because they only started supporting when he started brining trophies.

Anonymous said...

What does it matter now whether we sign someone this week or by the 31st August? Are they really going to integrate any better 4 days before our first game or 19 days after?

Anonymous said...

" or, er, Man City."
Another 'BIG 4' arrogant twat.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter. The point is, if Wenger was going to be making signings, he'd have done it ages ago.

Unknown said...

why is it obvious Jeff? you say its obvious but give no reason... do you have one?

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have someone who knows how to win trophies (and therefore attract plastic fans) than someone who just knows how to spend money. Of the two winning trophies is the harder.

Goonerboy said...

Anon. 2.53, I meant no offence to Man City. In fact I'm quite concerned for your lot this year: I think Erikkson is not going to do very well and spend a lot of money in the process.

Anonymous said...

Well free, because he's repeated that he's happy with his squad, and he's run out of time. Wenger will make no more signings.

Wenger's left our squad way too short in the last few seasons, and he looks happy to do it again. He's made tons of mistakes, and now he has to deliver - he's done nothing good for arsenal in the last 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Jeff how do you now that AW actually has money to spend? Yes he currently is in a net profit this summer, but what makes you think that money is available for new transfers? Our 'current' 1st 11 cost about £40m to put together. Which manager do u think can put together a side for that ammount which 'will' acheive Champions League football? U plank.

Anonymous said...

How many prizes do we win for 'value for money'?

I can see it now - in 30 years, I'll be telling my grandchildren about the best 'value for money' side ever put together. Great. You must feel so smug.

How do I know we have money to spend? Because the board said so. Not that it would be beyond them to lie, I suppose...

Anonymous said...

arsene has had NO money.

any profit is going towards cash flow.

arsene cannot make a signing BEFORE qualifying for the the main CL draw.


after that it will probably be modric and martins.

Unknown said...

you mean after we were unbeaten for a whole season, smashed pretty much every record there was, got to the CL Final, which we only lost because mr reliable TT actually missed for a change and since then has begun to rebuild the team...

I think you need to take stock of view of Wenger. Although we have a great history as a club we were not all that well placed in recent times both on and off the pitch until Wenger came.

Football is changing, money and foreign players have changed everything. Without Arsene I am not sure that we would be able to have such high expectations as we currently do during this changing period. He has the best transfer record there is.

If we had been spending money like other clubs we would be in more debt than we already are. His policy is one of the things that have enabled us to built Ashburton and the training grounds and as such compete with the top clubs.

I would love you to buy me a beer in two years when we have the best football team in the world (who have been playing together since they were kids - ala man u beckham era), and ontop of that also a debt free club. You can apologize now Jeff - we all make mistakes of judgement.

Anonymous said...

"........we're better off looking elsewhere for a manager who knows how to spend money"

Jeeeezus H Christ!

We do have some fuckwits as supporters don't we. I guess that the likes of Jeff have been attracted to Arsenal to bask in the glory we have had in the past 10 years but they have no appetite when it requires some hard work to achieve more success.

Anonymous said...

For those who're having trouble:

Question - Why didn't Wenger sign any more players this summer?

Was it:

a) His choice
b) Not his choice

If the answer is 'a', and Arsenal endure a third rubbish season, who's to blame? Nobody, as usual?

Anonymous said...

Arsene hasn't done anything good for us in the past three years? Got us within a whisker of winning the Champion's League against the best side of the season. The only reason we lost was due to an offside goal and one which was deflected in.

The year before we came second behind Chelsea and won the FA Cup. Okay last year was a 'bad' year. We qualified for the Champion's league, got to a final and nearly won that with 'kids'. All of that despite having our'best' players injured for most of the season.

That was just the past three years. All of the other years were built on Arsene's 'spending'.

Anonymous said...

arsene wenger cannot make a signing before we qualify for the CL.

don't you get it?

unless we are guaranteed income from the CL group stages there is no money to spend.

because arsene has made a profit doesn't mean its his money. it belongs to the club. the club is has cash flow problems. thats why they were borrowing a month ago.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to se quasmera at arsenal

he would give us that extra peice of class

blokes a legend as is Wenger

Anonymous said...

"arsene wenger cannot make a signing before we qualify for the CL.

don't you get it?"

Someone better go tell Bacary Sagna and Eduardo Da Silva that they can't play for Arsenal yet then.

"the club is has cash flow problems. thats why they were borrowing a month ago. "

Bollocks they do.

Anonymous said...

The only thing impressive about the last three years is Wenger dismantling all the good work he's done up until that point, and foisting us with a load of cheapskate kids.

Unknown said...

still waiting for that apology Jeff

Anonymous said...

"bollocks they do?"

why did they borrow 40m at market rates ignoramus?

sagna and and eddy cost a total 0f 6-8m down payment. or are you naive enough to believe that a right back from a small french club is worth 6m and a 25 year old brazilian from croatian backwaters cost 10m?

don't take the papers at face value.

we never disclose transfer figues on purpose. so that naive fans and papers can create hype.

think of where the players came from. the selling clubs were not from top spanish or italian leagues.

Anonymous said...

What makes you think you deserve one?

As usual, you've got a bit confused between what Wenger DID IN THE PAST, and what Wenger's DOING NOW.

Wenger's an idealist, and like all idealists, he's been found out. Wouldn't it be lovely if we can keep this team together for 10 years - but the fact is, every year we'll end up flogging our biggest and best players because they're too bored sticking around playing in the never-ending rebuilding cycle that Wenger's miscalculations have forced upon us.

We're now streets behind Liverpool, Utd and Chelsea, when in fact, with some smart signings, and more courage in the transfer market we didn't need to be.

Some Arsenal fans have this ludicrous view that signing ANYONE will damage this supposed youth policy. Fact is, it's all about balance - some talented kids, and some experienced pros. If Wenger had been sensible, he'd have put our most talented youngsters into the team, but supported them with some top quality signings. But for him, age trumps everything.

Arsenal have become Wenger's pet experiment, and it's disgusting. He did fantastically to get us where he did a few years ago, but his personal ambition is now on the verge of killing us.

Anonymous said...

"why did they borrow 40m at market rates ignoramus?"

They didn't, fuckwit.

They have a loan facility - that's not the same as taking out of the loan. Back to remedial accountancy school for you...

Anonymous said...

sorry I dont buy that, wenger cannot buy til we qualify line. well certainly not on a financial level anyway. perhaps there are top players who want CL football that wont come until we are in it but even that seems unlikely to me.
Arsenal are an attractive club and wenger has money. but wenger refuses to spend an amount on a player that does not reflect his worth to the club. that means taking a gamble on a player whose club rates him at £20m+ just because its Arsenal that are asking.
I beleive wenger does want to bring in one more player and is working hard to do so but these things do not always come off. if it does not happen we cannot lambast wenger, he is doing his best. the deal may rely on other players moving to others clubs before we can buy, so that could be a reason for the delay.

Anonymous said...

a loan facility is so that they can cover cash flow.

you don't actually borrow until you are required to.

its the same thing, child.

it means that they recognize there will be a shortfall in cash flow.

it means their projections suggest they don't have the money. accounting 101.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again, eeejit. Have you not been paying attention?

It's a player trading facility, and is there SOLELY as a guarantee for future signings. It's an assurance for other clubs in case we want to ask them for a structured deal. Go back and read Edelman's actual statements.

There is NO cashflow issue in the Arsenal accounts, and we're not paying ANY interest on that money. We haven't borrowed anything, we've just secured the ability if we need to.

Anonymous said...

Quaresma is undoubtly a skillful player, however many other players such as Bergkamp probably had more skill than him. He seems a bit too arroagant, and flashy. Moreover he said he doesn't like cold weather!

However let's face it Arsenal do need a flashy player like him. He is direct and (too be honest like a bit of flashiness, as long a he doesn't go overboard!). If Arsene can control his temperament, he can emmulate C. Ronaldo. So we can have a player who can terrorise defences around the country!!!

Unknown said...

not too bad a history for a manager:
FA cup:winners -
2005 Beat Manchester Utd
2003 Beat Southampton
2002 Beat Chelsea
1998 Beat Newcastle United


Charity shield:
2004 Beat Manchester United
2002 Beat Liverpool
1999 Beat Manchester United
1998 Beat Manchester United

Throw in a CL final and that does not look to bad to me.

Yes Jeff it has been two years since any glory but it has also been two years of building. Last time he built a team, well we did not lose for 49 games... patience chaps patience.

Your patience will be rewarded this year and even more so in the following two years to come.

I do understand the point of experience been bought but I also understand that the long term successs of the club has meant that saving money for the last few years while we built a new stadium was more important and has enabled us to remain a top club without selling out and it has as a byproduct meant the kids have been playing together for a while which I think is great.

The club is more important than Wenger or anyone 1 person, luckily for us Wenger knows that which is why he has been willing to work on the cheap to put AFC in the great position we are now in. Essentially it is uphill from here. Wenger and the board have been planning it for years and now he is the only man to take us forward!!!

Personally I am even more excited by this new team than the last lot so....

oh and we do have two new signings coming. But anyone could say that so I will understand your skeptism but time will prove me right.

Anonymous said...

In 10 years time we will all be looking back at this period of "transition" and realise that in order to take three steps forward, we had to take two back.
The stadium was a must. We had to move to keep up with the rest of England and Europe. You don`t consistantly win the champions league on gates of just 38,000. In fact, name me the last team to win it with gates of less than 60,000.
We may not see the benefits of the extra money now, but will definitely see it in a few years time when we will already have an experienced, yet still young side, challenging for honours.
All you can ask is for every season to be competetive in every competition and challenge for honours. We`ve done that while losing a lot of experienced players and not spending much money. LONG LIVE WENGER!!!

Anonymous said...

Jeff-Jeff if Wenger does fail as you put it this year? Who in your opinion should come in and what specific qualities will that individual bring over AW?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, pal, let me clue you in on something. Wenger does not buy the finished article:

A: because they are harder to manage.
B: because they demand stupid amounts wages.
3: he likes to buy young raw talent types that he can mould into world beaters.

Let me ask you something, when did Wenger buy the last "superstar" player?

Answer: NEVER.

Throwing money at the situation isn't management & will not guarantee success so I suggest you shut the fuck up & see how e do over the next 9 months.

Anonymous said...

You guys are too much, always bickering like women. Wenger get another two seasons at least, he is the shiled for re-directed funds and take all the flack the board might take.

He has made money this year again, won't get spent I feel, we will see. we can't tell anyone we don't have alot of money, who would come, keeping up appearences, until the cash flow is stable.

No other manager comes close to competing on this budget with the BIG boys. I'm sure all will be well by next season, but we need a cracker of a season to attract future stars, fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

thats what is said dumbo.

there is a cash flow issue.


and then the interest rates would matter and create problems with cash flow. especially if we don't qualify for the group stages of the CL. add to that the loss of premium they were expecting on the development because of slowing housing market. it does not make a rosy picture. thats why stan offered to fund the transfer budget. we shall see if the genius of arsene wenger can qualify us for the CL next year without spending big. if he doesn't stan and dein will buy the club at a much reduced rate.

you are as naive as the channel tunnel investors were if you believe anything edleman says on face value.

Anonymous said...

It's somewhat like buying a house; If your a first time buyer you can go in with cash and get your deal. If however your in a chain you have to wait. Say Wenger wants Robhino and Real say ok but we want Robben first, then we have to wait.So until the transfer window comes to an end it is impossible to say what will happen.

Unknown said...

I think Jeff is Goonerboy in disguise so he can get his blog going... noone could be that stubborn and unaware!!!

Anonymous said...

To be honest i am becoming tired of Arsenal. Not the players or the manager as alot of posts seem to be about, but the fans and the atmosphere generated by them. Every blog is full of constant whingeing. Every game at the Emirates is full of whingers. People aren't happy with the ground, the kit, the players, nothing. Now we are all experts in the clubs finances, debt structure and management strategy. It's boring. Your team doesn't win every year. Your team doesn't have endless riches. Your team has no automatic entitlement to eternal greatness. Thats whats great about football. Can't we just get back to making up songs and actually singing them, going to games, having a laugh about who had a shot that hit the corner flag and generally taking the piss out of spurs? We are becoming a shit club to support. Sort it out lads.

Anonymous said...

Well said Jeffers, Football is changing though.

Any ideas for a song to sing to Freddie? He used to have my favourite song...

Anonymous said...

We dont love you freeeeeddie
cos you dont have red hair
We dont love you Freddie
Cos youve gone elsewhere
We dont love you freddie
Cos now you are claret and blue!!!

Anonymous said...

I reckon the police have to be involved in da silva's, apparently his nickname is dudu. Thats all I want to say to you..

Jens Lehman needs a song to the tune of temptation by heaven 17. that would be funny!

Unknown said...

jens lehmann......temptation loving that!!

Heard the police thing b4 great minds and all that....

Anonymous said...

Having read as whether arsenal should strenghten or not. I see the defence as the weakest link!. Yes we lost a striker in Henry but if we can't keep clean sheets then it gonna be a big problem. If am Wenger i would allow Juventus take Sendoros and would buy curtis Davis.I know Sendoros is a great talent but lacks speed and bse of this he can only play in the central position of Defence. Wenger should be fair to this boy and allow him move to a legue which suits him and Juve is a great team. However good a manager is there are attributes he can not give to a player pace being one of them.

Anonymous said...

Are there any fans out there that actually like the idea Arsenal that are run as a proper football club, a proper business? It's sickening to read the bollocks written. I for one, agree with Arsene's policy, not just in youth, but in buying at the right price, at getting value for money, I agree with that 100%.

Just as I don't like paying £50 for a packet of polo's, when I can get them for 20p from Tesco's, I don't want my football club spending £20 on any "name" that the fans come up with, just so they know we've spent all our money. I care for the club, I want it to do well financially off the pitch, as well as on the pitch. I've already wanted it to grow as a club in every sense, I want us to be the biggest club in the world.

I get enormous pride in us bringing through young players, buying them for peanuts, and I laugh at the money spent by other clubs for average players.

One day, just one day, if we can continue our prudent and sage-like transfer business, we may find these clubs borrowing themselves to the hilt, have a desperate amount of egg on their face.

Already, the more intelligent of our media friends, recognise Arsenal as the beakon of what is right and proper, and how a football club should be run. If we achieve success in the years to come, in the face of such provocation from our big-spending rivals, the media will bow down before us like never before. I can taste that day already.

Jeff, you're so wrong it's embarrassing, but take comfort in the knowledge you're not alone, too many Arsenal fans share your obscene viewpoint. You have no respect for the manager that every football chairman on the planet would bite their arm off to obtain.

These fans would all have us as the next Leeds United, and whilst they disappear into the night, the real fans would be left to pick up the pieces. Arsenal football club has the best manager, and the best-intentioned board, of any in the world, and we're incredibly priviledged.

Anonymous said...

Hear, hear anon @ 5.39 pm!

Goonerboy said...

Free - I am not Jeff in disguise.

Anonymous said...

i think this is the end for arsenal, mid table awaits

Anonymous said...

i respect Arsene wenger very much, he has been great for Arsenal.
also i think no new signings is needed! cause arsenal`s squad has proven their greatness, even though they are young!
they beat PSG, Inter Milan, Lazio and Ajax. these teams are not little teams, they are Champions league teams! we should be positive!

Anonymous said...

seem here that everybody slating jeff for his view. for me, he's not too wrong there. it is unbelievable that some Arsenal fans think that reaching CL final and a FA cup for the last 3 years is something to be proud of. We are Arsenal ffs and you people talking like Spurs!! Anything less than a MAJOR trophy each should be considered a failure for a club like Arsenal stature. We are a BIG club. start act like one. We are the only team in top 3 (i never consider Chelsea is top club) that never win a CL trophy.

Yes, we are in transition but how can we use it as an excuse for our shortcoming? We cant even win a Carling Cup !! the transition excuse will never end as Wenger will bring in young players every year and once a young player brought in . it is automatically a transition year.

Our achivement for the last 3 years might be good enuff for a club like spurs or bolton, but we are Arsenal ffs!! Think big and aim big!!be more ambitious and it start with Wenger!

However, somebody will come in before the season start tho

Anonymous said...

'nothing' for three years?!??!
a few points
1-three years ago we won the league unbeaten but u presumably mean 3 seasons.
2-the only time in living memory we have challenged for a trophy every season is under Wenger (sorry to any internet surfing, Champman loving, season ticket holders of the 30s). Yes we are a big club but to characterise late defeats in finals as total failure is fighting the sunrise.
3- in 2005 we won the FA Cup, a major trophy. In fact if we take 'should be sacked soon' Wenger out of the equation its the 4th best Arsenal season in my life (31 btw)
4- whats all that coalmining nonsense about? can som1 pls delete it

Anonymous said...

btw when did Sperz or Bolton ever get2 the European Cup Final?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Come on Highburyjd! you're smarter than that! i'm not saying that any of spuds or bolton ever reached CL final(in their dreams maybe). all i say is that if one of those club ever get one, they will be satisfied and considered their season as a success.However, we, The Arsenal, should never have that kind of attitude. We should never settle for second best, notwithstanding how young our players are because they are ARSENAL players, and Arsenal should fight for the BEST.

Yes, FA cup might be a major cup, but what if it is the ONLY cup we had for 3 season? Can that MAJOR FA cup compensate 3 season of trophyless misery?

Anonymous said...

Can playing the best football in the planet and in finals in three years, admittedly with only one trophy, breaking the CL clean sheet record be misery? I have enjoyed it, wish we had won more but this is a rebuilding stage.

Would like another winger or two but I trust Arsene knows what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

3 seasons of trophyless misery? You donut. Take a look back at our history and see how many years of trophyless misery we have had. Alot more than 3. How long have you supported Arsenal for or have you been spoiled by our recent sucess?

Anonymous said...

Dong zhou. i won't say we play the best football because if we are, we would have won all our games aren't we? i would only say we play the most attractive football there is.

we must stop lying to ourself and face reality. we are not good enough. Late defeat in CL final is not a total failure, but it is a failure nevertheless.Breaking CL cleen sheet record and you enjoy it? you must be fucking kiddin' me!! that exactly what i'm talking about. We take joy at something else rather than the main goal of winning the trophy to hide our weakness.
and you too jeffers. How does it matter how long have i supported Arsenal. You can be Arsenal supporter for a million years longer than me and it doesn't make you any better supporter than i am. You mug! History. Does that history included any European victory? As for Wenger, does his 10 years tenure have any of it? No.Not even when we have our best ever squad in the Invincible season.

Anonymous said...

I think most Arsenal fans would agree that Arsenal aren't good enough to be guaranteed to win the league or CL. That is not the issue. It seems to me that there are 2 breeds of gooner forming. Those who love football and those who love winning.

A healthy portion of fans think with a bit of luck we can still win trophies and they will enjoy the process of finding this out. These ones love football.

The others forget that we are not the richest club, up until the last season we didn't have the biggest ground and we certainly have never been the last of the big spenders on players. Ever. We do not have a divine right to win. We cannot dominate other clubs as Chelski and Manure do.

Most football fans of any team accept that their club doesn't not win all things all years. Most football fans accept that there will be periods of team rebuilding restructure. There seems a sizable portion of our fanbase at the moment who don't. Its win or nothing for them. It is this attitude that I find annoying.

Lets get behind the team and enjoy the season. We are not being clinically mismanaged, we are not anywhere near slipping into an Everton, Villa, Spurs status.


Anonymous said...

Cunts like Jeff are of the Playstation generation and think that going out spending millions on players is the way of the future.
They have no idea of the sheer scale of the transition we are in from lightweight punching as light heavyweight, to heavyweight champion.
It needs a couple of years more and then wankers like him will be licking Wenger's arse (that's if Wenger doesn't get bored listening to ungrateful twats like Jeff and piss off somewhere else).

Anonymous said...

we beat a full strength liverpool side 3-1 in the fa cup and 6-3 in the carling anfield last season. i know we did not win the trophies but the wins plus many others such as the double over manure were achieved with this "young" team. have some faith never know!

Anonymous said...

Jeff is:

(a) a fan of a club besides Arsenal, or

(b) doesn't have a football brain and/or

(c) has not watched us play regularly enough over the last two seasons.

(a) would clearly explain his vantage point

(b) now this is an interesting one. People with a football brain don't need an explanation of what that means. Those that don't (have a football brain) won't understand the concept for obvious reasons and therefore CANNOT possibly appreciate what wenger is on the verge of.

Those who say we are 'light years' behind the other 'top 4' (And its not just Jeff and other teams' fans, its countless journos and figures involved in all aspects of football) are very, very wrong.

In fact, those teams and every other in our grossly over-rated EPL trails US. That's right, they're light years behind us. Man U under Fergie have cottoned on to Wenger's plan and is trying to emulate his bitter rival. But Bluenose can rebuild faster due to more money. However, his team will NEVER match Arsene's when it peaks and beyond.

As titi pointed out before he left, with the exception of about three games (bolton, liverpool away), we created enough chances to easily win every other game we played last term and with more luck, we would have.

How can anybody say we are light years behind Liverpool when we beat them so convincingly on three occasions last term? Please explain Jeff...How EXACTLY are we light years behind?

Believe me, we play the 'best' football in England by a country mile. Man U don't come close. We beat them home and away and although that's no kind of a reason to say we are better than them, its a start.

The main reason we perhaps haven't lifted a trophy in since 2005 is that we've had horrendous injury lists since the invincibles.

Gilberto's back cost us dear in 2005, and 06/07, Wenger realised early we could not sustain a challenge and decided to blood more and more kids. But they're not just any old kids. NO, no, no my friend. They're the creme de la creme, the cream of the crop, the best of the bunch. Chelsea pay 12m for Arjen 'robust (hahaha)' Robben and we get RvP for a reported 2.75m...that's management jeff my son. Selling Anelka and signing Henry AND building a state-of-the-art training complex with the proceeds: that's management Jeff my son.

I could go on all day but I wont.

As Sir Bob Wils said recently, every major club up and down the country has learnt from and copied some of Wengers methods and procedures.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery dont they?

If anyone in there right mind wants Wenger out of Arsenal I have a suggestion for them:


Anonymous said...

Listen Jeff , Anonymous & Free,......
I have a friend, a liverpool fan.I always remember what he said, "to choose between a= having money to spend (£50m every year) & b= to have a manager like arsene Wenger with limited spend £5m a year, ----and the answer is always b."
If next year Wenger become manager for any team in Premier leauge...portsmouth/Manchester city/Sunderland.....William Hill will immediately change their Odds to top 5 position.
I am an Arsenal fan, we are so lucky to have Arsene Wenger.
"In Arsene we trust"

Anonymous said...

and lee, try ask your friend which one he choose. a=having spend 50 mil and win CL trophy or ,b=spend 5 mil and win nothing.

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself..........
Choose a=having limited spend but won 3 league champions(with one unbeaten season), 5 league runners up, 4 FA cup winners, 1 CL runners up in 10 years or b=big spending with only 1 league runners up, 1 FA cup winners,1 CL winners & runners up in 10 years.
......people that call other people idiots usually tend to be the bigger idiot.......
"In Arsene we trust"

Anonymous said...

A source at Channel 4 said:
Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has been named the most financially savvy manager in the Premiership's top clubs after research showed he has made a profit on transfers, writes PA.
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was the worst, spending £169 million on new players in the last four seasons, while recouping £45 million in transfers, according to a study by finance information website

Unknown said...

Wenger knows exactly what he's doing. Arsenal have, as long as i've supported them, always been a team that campaign, we have a healthy youth system and i think the current squad have the chance to prove to the rest of the league that they are contenders, plus give Eduardo a chance to gel with Adebayor, who, for the life of him, played a cracker of a game against city. As well as that obvious pairing, Bendtner and Van Persie are hungry to do well this season, ffs, Van Persie is a world beater, we have a good strikeforce and a decent defense (when they're all fit). The midfield is a bit weak, but thats only because a few (Eboue and Gilberto) double up as defenders which destabilizes the central Arsenal body, allowing other teams (Blackburn and Bolton) to chew away as us. We'll figure higher this season, probably not champions though....i would'nt bet against it though....LONG LIVE THE ARSENAL!!!!