Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bite your lip, suck it up, and hold your head up high.

Have a hard look at that image. Can you remember when and where it occured? I can: it was when we won the league at White Hart lane. Just to summarise, when have Spuds ever won the league at our ground? Hmm. Never I think is the answer. And this is the first point to remember: '61, never again'. Spuds have not won the league since 1961. In fact, they have not won a major competition since their FA Cup win in 1991 ( is the Carling Cup even a major competition? That's my argument.). A little ammunition for you all to have at work tomorrow.

The game itself was a massacre, but not an entirely unpredicted one. The Spuds dominated us so much in the first leg that they could have run away with a similar scoreline in that game. Our defence appears to have floated away into the ether. It would be easy to blame Hoyte and Traore, but at least Hoyte showed he cared. Gallas, almost inexplicably, appeared to be the weaker link on several occasions, and this should be remembered before we lay into the young guns too much.

We were poor overall, but suffered from the stretching from the game due to the early goal. Normally on these occasions, an early Spurs goal is de rigeur. We often use it as the basis for our heroic comeback. Malheuresement, on this occasion, it merely opened the floodgates.

Whenever we receive a thrashing, it's easy to throw the blame around. And certainly, questions need to be asked after this game. But of all the players on the field today, none, inherently, looked unfit to wear the shirt. Only Theo, Hoyte, Traore, Diaby and Denilson remain questionable, in the long-term. For the rest, it may just have been one of those days. Even Nicklas Bendtner, who appeared to take on William Gallas in the closing stages, is good enough to play for Arsenal. He merely had a poor game today. The test of character in football, as in life, is not whether you fail, but how you react to failure. I have high hopes for many of the boys on the field today. Don't give up on them yet.

Due to my current work situation, I watched the game in deepest Scotland today. I kept my head up high, and ignored the occasional, idiotic barbs from the Spud's fans.

Yet when the fifth goal went in, my head sunk between my knees. And it was then that a Arsenal fan sitting next to me, one with a broad cockney accent gave me the following advice:

'Hold your head up son; let them have their fun. We have class. We're the better club.'

Don't forget that. Every dog has its day. A nine year streak must eventually end.

But, ultimately, I'd rather be a Gooner.


Anonymous said...

how about adebayor punching bendnter huh
I am not in agreement with that and serious consequences must follow if we are any sort of club.

Anonymous said...

What a surprise, never ever gracious in defeat, thats why EVERY other football fan in this country hates you. You mug, thats right hold your head up and hopefully somebody will punch you as it sounds like thats what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it. these are the facts. Spurs can only beat the team in front of them. wenger insists on his youth policy which in turn rests his so called first teamers for the league etc. this was not a team of kids as per the first leg. (which you were lucky to get away with a draw). yes ok, you could have had almunia in goal. yes if african cup of nations hadnt been on you would have had a couple more “first teamers” playing…. if my auntie had bollocks she would have been my uncle. You got beat in every department today. had both teams played the best teams, the score would have been closer, but today was our day. 5 goals… could have been a similar result at the emirates,,,, who to blame… easy Wenger. he picks the team. he puts 100M of talent on bench.???????????????????? why, he could have played them… now you gotta take the flak for his decision. welcome to the down side of the kide blooding policy…. have a good day tomorrow.


Goonerboy said...

Nine years. that's all I have to say.

Anonymous said...

I know that Spurs scored a lot of goals today but it must really have scrambled their heads. Cesc, Flamini, Ade, Eddie and Mannone did not cost 100M. They cost 15m, less than Darren Bent who didnt even play.

I think Gilberto's time is up- the first rule when playing a high line is to put pressure on the ball. Pressing+High line= Good defending. High line+no pressing= disaster and I think Gilberto's passive style is the main problem. Dont get me wrong, I think the guy is, in the right format, still a world class player. He has been terrific for us over the years and is according to every report one of the nicest guys in football. However, Wengerball is a young mans game and Gilberto aint young anymore.

Oh, by the way, Spurs fans: make sure you enjoy the next few days. Mediocre league postion is an inevitability and United will beat you on Saturday.

Also, last time you beat a London rival 5-1 to reach the League Cup final you got beat by an Andy Cole inspired Blackburn

Anonymous said...

'Lets face it. these are the facts. Spurs can only beat the team in front of them'

Unless it's the proper Arsenal team, eh?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Spurs, they showed that they wanted to reach the carling cup final a lot more than some of our lads did and they deserve it on effort alone. We didn't too, too bad, however you have to wonder sometimes at the application and desire shown from some of our young boys.

Let's face it, with consistently playing the youngsters, we were due a hiding one of these days and it was duly delivered courtesy of a motivated team coached by a cup specialist. Ramos will end up just like Benitez, delivering a few of cups but ZERO titles because the Spanish mentality is geared to short-term success in order to bag one of the big 2 jobs.

He's done a good job in getting the players trained properly and fit again but I still think Spurs are inherently rubbish and run by idiots. Having said that, I think they will have a very good end to the season, except for the games where they will roll over against Man Utd and chelsea.

Enjoy your day, Spuds fans, it'll be a while before you beat us again, you f*cking neanderthals.

Pelevin said...

Hehehe, a sad night- but you can seriously laugh when spurs treat this as some sort of comeback for the years of beatings they've suffered. Don't be surprised to hear that the "glory years" are "back" in the next few weeks but be safe in the knowledge that they beat us in a competition we never took seriously in the first place. :)

Anonymous said...

fair play the filth played well and deserved to win over 2 legs but the reality is these deluded cunts will never be able to maintain a reasonable run of form. You can guarantee that they will lose to manure on Sunday and Tuesday and very rarely beat a team in the top 4 home and away in the league. Gooner would love the spuds to get a result at home to manure,chelski and the mickey but never do. Women and child beating mugs that they are.

Anonymous said...

'Lets face it. these are the facts. Spurs can only beat the team in front of them'

Unless it's the proper Arsenal team, eh?


Goonerboy said...

Nine years.

Anonymous said...

Er.. I make that 3 of our 1st choice starters, Gallas,Hleb and Sagna,4 if you include 75 mins of Fabregas. Spurs rested players in the league on Saturday to prepare for this game. That tells you a lot about the true levels of their club.

Anonymous said...

Three genuine first teamers started and a couple come off the bench in a fourth rate competition and you carry on like you've won the World Cup! What a joke of a club you are!!
Around about the same time that you're playing in the final of the Whocares Cup we'll be playing AC Milan in the Champions League, says it all really.

Anonymous said...

Well done to the spuds! After all you had to wait for NINE YEARS to beat us in LEAGUE CUP game! I'm sure due to the lack of experience in the "Cup final" will appear as you take on (probably) Chelsea. I hate both teams, so I shan't bother with the "Tin Cup" this year! Try to beat us in the League next time or FA cup !
Again, well done the Spuds, I'm sure it was woth waiting for!

Anonymous said...

9 years what? we beat you 3 hours ago. when did you last beat us biatch?

Anonymous said...

Ah, well done Tottenham Hotspunk for getting through to the final of the mickey mouse cup. At least it might serve as some consolation for being 11th in the premier with not a hope in hell of gaining on the top 4...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I guess if that was your kids then that makes us paedos, cuz thay got fucked big time ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Our weakness was Gilberto. He was slow and didnt track his player. The 3rd goal was his error.

Sue said...

I don't know what your all complaining about its not as if the deluded bleeders are going to win it. The year don't end in 1

Why are all these people anonymous is it because they are illiterate judging from half of the junk that has been typed

Anonymous said...


enjoy your day monkey boys

Anonymous said...

i find it funny that the one player that managed to score for arsenal is called ADEBAYBOLLOCKS? maybe (in my opinion definately - but bias aside!)if arsenal would have played a stronger side we would have won it.
The fact is we didnt, and we lost badly.
But for spurs to suggest that we played a number of our first team, we started gallas, hleb, and sagna, with cesc the 4th. Any1 who can say bringing on 2 more after 4-0 down counts as beating 6 first teamers is mad. (anyway, you cant beat 11 can you?)
we had lost with only 4, and at least 3 were due to the injuries to senderos, djourou, and denilson. The subs towards the end were just to save some face which did not happen.
But well done to spurs nonetheless, i guess...(trying to be accepting of defeat here - we deserved to lose)

Anonymous said...

are we playing AC Milan? Who are you playing? Oh dear I always said Wenger should have played the Ladies against you spuds.

So you won one game and now you are North London kings for 1day Ramos. Last time you won this cup was under Graham and look where he left you. Have fun and enjoy your victory - you only get one every 9 years!!

Anonymous said...

ha, ha... Wenger (I never saw anything), what a game - you were totally played off the park.

Gooneriano said...

Well done Sp*rs! You beat us! That was 9 years in the making. I got some kind of pleasure in seeing you celebraate at the final whistle like you had won the league!! I suppose 9 years eh, it's a bit like not having sex for nine years, when you finally do it's one hell of an explosion!! God love ye's. There hasn't been celebrations like that seen at Shite Fart Lame since we won the league there!!

You were twice as good as us tonight but if you look at the league:

Arsenal: 54 points
SP*rs: 27 points

Oh yeah!! That's double your total isn't it? ST. Totteringham day is gonna come real early this year!!

I'd let you beat us every season in The Carling Cup if it meant that we got our usual 6 points off you in the league!!

Anonymous said...

Nine years and tens of millions of pounds later and it's all finally been worth it, you've beaten the Arsenal 2nd XI in the League Cup! Weren't you retards supposed to be bouncing us out of the top 4 or something?

27 points behind and counting!!

I guess there's always that big European night coming up against Slavia Prague. And if you win that you could even get a dream tie against Helsingborg!!!

The giddy heights you get to reach when you follow the scum!!

Anonymous said...

u only started three Englishmen, how do you expect English football to improve LMAO

Anonymous said...

"u only started three Englishmen, how do you expect English football to improve LMAO"

I am assuming you are a spurs fan. If so, that comment is utterly ridiculous in all respects. Considering you fielded a might patriotic 4 Englishmen. A whole 1 more than Arsenal. That is where the line is drawn, 3 English players? No, English football will go down hill. 4 English players, the mighty English footballing nation will prosper!

And, who are you to accuse Arsenal of not helping English football improve? Arsenal are currently sitting joint top of the league, therefore I would see it as Tottenham who need to improve to keep up with the top English teams...of which we have heard promises of for far to long, with no delivery.

As for the match, I'm not going to pretend that it didn't hurt to lose the game, and in such a manner. Spurs deserved to win, Arsenal deserved to lose, simple. It would have been nice to go to Wembley and face Chelsea (probably) again, but it's not to be, so we can just focus on the other 3 competitions we are still in the running for.

And a final point, anyone making "humurous" jokes by twisting the names of players etc. such as Adebaybollocks and Shite Fart Lame basically makes their, otherwise often legitimate, arguements lose all credibility.

Anonymous said...

herbert chapman, paedo in a raincoat, george graham, donkey, the fat drunk gambler, bruce rioch... your boys took one hell of a beating

Anonymous said...

Darren Bent 16m.....Dennis Bergkamp 7.5m, hahahahaha. Berbalazygrumpyoverated is a poor mans Ibrahimovic.

ARSNL4EVER said...

Alright, alright, let's step back and put this in perspective:

We made it the Carling Cup SEMI-FINALS with our RESERVE TEAM. Just look at Chel$ea, Sp*rs, and Everton who have to play their first team to reach this level, or ManUre who's reserves got knocked out by Coventry. We are far better than that, and even though it was a most painful of losses, it could've come against any one of the contenders. Sure, we didn't make it to the final, but we should take pride from just how far we DID come.

And all you Sp*rs fans out there, enjoy the next few days. It really is some accomplishment to beat an underperforming Arsenal reserve team. Really, congradulations! So sorry to hear about your upcoming loss to Man Utd though; oh well, all good things...

robdacat said...

Well yes but after all your excuses and your claims of not caring you still lost and the record books will say
Tottenham Hotspur 5-1 Arsenal

SGgooner said...

Actually. i wouldn't mind the Spuds beating Man U this wkend if it meant us going 3 clear at the top and maintaining a x2 points difference with the former =) COYS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Arsenal fans,let's put it into perspective. You can't brag and gloat when your so-called "2nd string" team reaches same cup compo in 2007,depicting them as "brilliant wonderkids" and "the depth of Arsenal F.C"and when you get well and truly thumped,you suddendly make excuses that they were your "kids" and "2nd rate team". Fabregas,Gallas,Adebayor,Bendtner,Walcott,Eduardo,Hleb etc are established internationals.
An example of your lack of class in losing is depicted by Wenger....he is typical of the arrogance emanating from your club.
Win with pride and lose with dignity....now go cry elsewhere !!

Rash said...

Hey Arsenal fans, let these scums be excited..they won for the first time againts us in 9 years! Hahaha took them 9 years to beat us and they are cheering as though they won the Premier League!

Well good job in beating our second string and yeah you can argue we had first team players out there againts you but hell most of them was not even our starting 11, and for you guys to come out and be so proud of beating us for the first time in 9 years is just too stupid! Carling Cup is nothing for us and as for Gallas situation, Wenger have no choice but to play him idiots!

You scummers can be proud of beating our second team which makes us laugh at you fools. If wenger played all starting 11 for both legs your team will be beaten yet again just like for the past 9 years! And all you scummers knows that very well.

Ok go on celebrate and be happy for beating our second string and yeah celebrate and be proud as much as you can because chances like this only comes once in 9 years!

For Arsenal and us this game will be forgotten soon because we have better things and games and cups to think about..such as winning the title (not even in your dreams), playing in CL (haha your team in TOP 4???) and FA Cup that we won 10 times already.

Your team won 1 match againts us in 9 years and keep in mind not againts our first team and you think scums are better than Arsenal? Ask anyone and they will say Arsenal is a class much better than your scum team and plays better football plus have better history of winning titles and cups than your scum team. Winning a game that means nothing to Arsenal doesn't make you and your team better twats!

PS : You still have to beat chelsea/everton to win the useless Carling Cup that our kids plays always. So keep you cheers until you win that piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

show me a good loser and i will show you a loser,


Jol,hoddle,venables,graham,that cunt with a tube ticket, ardiles, francis,who else is there lost count now

Mo'men said...

"every dog has it's day in the sun"

Poor spuds,you got extatic for beating arsenal with a huge score, why don't you put THIS kind of determination and strong will in winning a major trophy you 3rd class, washed out, pompus, wanna be a big team jerks?

oh, I almost forgot

9 years :)))))))

Anonymous said...

The big response which I think is correct from all Arsenal fans including myself is What's the big deal in winning 5-1? It's just a league cup. It's not even a FA cup. Even though there is a loss in that situation, it is not exactly devastating and records never last forever. The wrong response is saying we used our reserves to beat all the way to the league cup semi-final because we lost with a team not exactly a reserve one. Spurs and AC Milan have no link if some Spurs fans giving their comments stated above. ManU vs Spurs is out of Arsenal's control so it's none of our business. The real business is getting to look through the newspapers and news articles and HOPE Arsene Wenger found all our errors made on that fateful match and PREVENT it from ever happening to THAT EXTENT. If that is done, there will be no more 5-1 again. The scoreline of defeat (if any) will be lower. Looking to the next few matches, the Newcastle matches is a must win games. If not a double cup loss will happen and that will be devastating.