Sunday, January 06, 2008

A comfortable win at Burnley and the transfer window opens.

Firstly, a very happy new year to you all.

And a happy new year it has been so far for Arsenal, with two comfortable two-nil wins.

I did, somehow, make it the West Ham match, despite my exertions on New Years Eve, and was presented by a game that was over almost before it had begun. Eduardo continued to clinically finish almost every chance floated towards him by slotting home early in the game, and Adebayor wrapped things up with a finish from an extremely tight angle. After that, we played out the rest of the seventy minutes with an almost zen-like calm. West Ham looked like they'd been out the night before as well, given the soporific nature of their effort.

Today's game was a little closer, with Burnley certainly having their chances. Yet Eduardo took his first real chance wonderfully and we were, really, pretty comfortable after that. The sending off ending any form of contest, and Bendtner put the icing on the cake with a cool finish from a lovely Eduardo pass.

The way Eduardo has stood up and started hitting form in the last few weeks has been wonderful. It does take at least three months for foreign players to find their feet in the PL, but I think we're now starting to see the player that Arsene was excited about. With RvP seemingly out indefinitely, it's essential we have a clinical goalscorer to bolster the campaign we're making on four different fronts at the moment.

For a club that's top of the league, it's unsurprising that we haven't really been linked with anyone. It seems that we may have signed another child prodigy - Luke Freeman from Gillingham - and also that Bulgarian triallist Dimitriov may get a contract. If we are to make a signing, it probably will come from nowhere. Arsene and Arsenal operate way under the radar when it comes to the transfer market - remember the signing of Eduardo? - so I'm not holding my breath. The players we have are good enough to win any of the four competitions we're currently in; if they have the stamina. We have the ability; whether we have the legs to maintain a challenge on four fronts may be the issue.

In fact, somewhat surprisingly, the real speculation surrounding the club at the moment regards players who may be trying to leave.

Jens, who has reportedly turned down a contract offer from Dortmund, may or may not have played his last game for the club. It doesn't appear that Arsene will stand in the way if he wants to leave, and with the European Championships coming up, he needs first team matches. I would be surprised if he does stay past the end of January, even if it pains me to say it.

Lassana Diarra has also not quite cottoned onto the concept of having to earn a first team place before you are picked in said team. Arsene doesn't keep unhappy players, so if the right bid comes in he could well be off. As Arseblogger pointed out, if he's this quick to give up off the field, is he really going to have his back to the wall when the going gets tough on the field? He should stay and learn, but if he's hell bent on a move, let him go. Newcastle, Everton and, the Spuds have all signalled interest.

So a good start to the year, even if a difficult January without Kolo and Eboue awaits. The game on Wednesday will be the Spuds biggest of the season, and this could be the moment they upset us. I say may; if they can't beat our youth team with a 2-0 lead, or after we've gifted them a penalty, you have to wonder when the next time they'll beat us will be...


Anonymous said...

Comfortable Win at Burnley my foot. You boy's were well and truly hammered by a Burnley team full of pride and enthusiasm. It was never a Red Card but the mighty Clarets were still the better team with 10 men. Still against the class of players that Arsenal bring you boy's sneaked through. Well Done.

Anonymous said...

It was a comfortable win considering the side that was put out..

No Hleb, Adebayor, Fabregas, Flamini, ROsicky, Van Persie or Gallas..

If the first team had played..It would've been termed a 'thrashing'..

Anonymous said...

LOL it was comfortable. I love the way the commentators try to make it out like its all exciting and how good Burnley were. We didn't even turn up today and wasted Burnley. Yawn - next.

Anonymous said...

Was the bench strong enough? Yes it was comfortable but if burnly had of taken one of their chances i dont know if anyone on the bench could of changed the game. Also Diarra instead of Gilberto anyone? The midfield lacked the domination and energy it usually has and hasnt had in any game gilberto has played this season. i apologise for my unforgivable blasphmey in the face of victory.

Anonymous said...

Agree with above.

Stick a fork in Gilberto, he is done. He offers nothing offensively anymore. Moves flounder with the ball at his feet. This, coupled with another poor game from Diaby and a typical hit-and-miss game from Eboue, left us short in midfield, allowing Burnley to play at least as good as us for 60 minutes.

It was definitely a red card, as the foot caught Gilberto shin high rather than on the boot and went over the top of the ball. However, our midfield was so poor that Burnley continued to press us.

Thankfully, Eduardo and Super Nick are beginning to form an excellent partnership up front that bodes well for the rest of the season.

Questions must be asked of Diaby's place in the squad. Many claim it is unfair to judge him as he is being played out of position. My reply would be, "Well how can Wenger play Diaby in the middle, when he cannot pass accurately, wimps out of tackles, and fails to track back?" We would be ransacked by any half decent team.

One other minor positive was Swiss Tone's 2nd half performance. More of that please Phil, we need you.

Anonymous said...

You boy's were well and truly hammered by a Burnley team full of pride and enthusiasm.
Dream on, we didn't even get out of third gear.

weirdo said...

we still can do it as long is eduardo play in front..
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Unknown said...

It was clearly a red card. Stupid tackle!

Arsenal won comfortably. There is a reason Burnley is only a championship side.

Traore, Denilson, Diaby & Eboue gave horrible performances. They all need to improve.

Anonymous said...

I dont think we won easily, but I do believe that had Burnley scored early rather than hit the bar, our boys may have stepped up the play - Other than scoring two well taken goals, I thought we were awful, sloppy passing to the opposition, no commitment towards any tackling, but thankfully Plillip and Kolo had decent games. Sagna, he had a good game but looked poor because Eboue gave him no support.

Sadly our Brazilian world cup winner seems to have tired quickly. He is not the player he used to be, seems to want to play the ball back all the time... very sad

Diarra should have played, but I guess he didnt want to be cup tied, which suggests he is off.
If he goes, and Gilberto, we will need to buy, as Dennilson, Diaby are not at the right standard yet -
Also, Flaminni could also go this month and that ould leave us in the s***

Oh well, Arsene knows....

Good luck for Wednesday -

my team against Spurs

Justin, Johan, Willy, Clichy
Theo, Diarra, Cesc, Gibbs
Dudu and St Nik

Subs - Hleb, Thomas, Ade, Phillippppppe Traore

Get the win!!