Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lay off Gallas: he's a great captain.

There's been a lot of rubbish spouted across the media, and also among some Arsenal groups, about William Gallas and his role in the events of last weekend. Even I, in my report of the game last week, criticised him for his antics at the end of the last game. Some, especially among the rags that make up the British tabloid media, have even suggested that Gallas might cost us the title.

But let's analyse matters.

In terms of the game, his actions are understandable, if not completely laudable. Seeing a team-mate mutilated, and a win, despite this, ripped from your grasp with a dubious last-minute penalty made me bloody mad, so I can only imagine what it must have been like for a player as pumped up as Gallas.

He wants to win, and he probably wanted to win even more than usual, given poor Dudu. Of all his actions, the only one that really upset me was when he walked to the other end of the pitch whilst the penalty was being taken. It wasn't a great show of faith in Almunia and it was bad defending; it gave the impression that there was no chance he'd save the penalty, so there was no point in waiting for any potential rebound.

Kicking the hoarding and crying on the pitch are understandable. I think everyone would rather he kicked a hoarding than kung-fu kicked a fan, Cantona-style.

But in general he's been a great captain. He's driven the team forward and scored massively important goals. He's organised pre-game team talks and the post-game huddle. The younger players clearly look up to him. The only player who didn't - Jens - is now not in the side, and when he returned he toed the line. Bendtner, if you believe some accounts, remains the only one who questions his authority.

He has a winning mentality and he leads; these are the two vital preconditions for being a captain.

Yes he has his faults, but which Arsenal captains of recent years haven't? Tony had his problems with booze that led to a jail term; Paddy openly flirted with other clubs almost every summer; Thierry, great player that he was, was an absolutely rubbish leader. Tony and Paddy were great captains despite their faults, at least.

I think it would be justifiable to say that Gallas's captaincy has contributed to the team's success this year, and that he is the best player at the club for the role. Far from hindering our progress this season, he's been vital to it.

So, if you haven't already, ignore the media and get behind Billy G.

Right, time to go to the Grove. I'm surprisingly confident about the match; I'm less confident I can keep down all I had to drink last night. Urghh.

Come on you reds!


Anonymous said...

I was getting angry at the media morons having a go at Wenger and Gallas to deflect attention away from the Eduardo injury, and their angelic poster boy, taylor, but this morning I just ended up collapsing with laughter.

That absolute mullet, "lawro", decided to post a piece in that journalistic marvel of integrity, the mirror:

“It’s time for Wenger to appoint a new leader GALLAS MUST BE AXED”.

containing this absolutely priceless quote:

“A great captain should lead by example and be everything his team stands for. That’s why John Terry, Graeme Souness and Tony Adams fit into that category.”

I still haven't managed to get back into my chair after fall out of it laughing.

Just how completely stupid is this halfwit?

Surely someone, anyone, could have pointed out to him how completely idiotic that statement is?

I can't get angry, I'm still laughing at the prick!

Anonymous said...

gallas is a brilliant captain. didnt cantona captain united after that famous kick?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it odd how we never got anywhere near the same amount of bad press in the previous two seasons when we weren't a threat to the media darlings, manusa?

And yes, Gallas has proven himself to be a GREAT captain, THAT'S precisely why these clowns want him gone.

Gooners need to get behind AW, the team, and Billy.

Don't fall for the "mary poppins" rubbish that these disgusting creatures in the media try and make us believe to try and get us to turn on our own.

Let's turn on the despicable lumps of shite in the media.

Get hansen, "lawro", gray, crookes and all their bum chums fired, then we won't have to listen to their mindless drivel in the future.

Unknown said...

I don't even listen to the BBC idiots anymore, we have enough over here in Ireland, on RTE.They are so pro ManYoo, the presenters should be parading around in red jerseys with AIG on the front....

Anyway we need Gallas to help galvanise the team as well, showing that he cares is fine, he needs to transmi that to everyone else, which I'm sure is being done.

Oh and it will be 1-1 tonight in Milan.