Monday, February 25, 2008

More news on Eduardo's injury, and send your messages of support to him.

Good Morning (just) one and all.

What a thoroughly appalling weekend. Eduardo's injury, Clichy's mistake, United spanking Newcastle and then a Carling Cup Final in which it was almost impossible to decide who I wanted to lose more. I was somehow hoping that the game would be abandoned and no trophy awarded, but to no avail.

Anyway, let's move on.

The latest news on Eduardo's injury is somewhere between promising and worrying. Slavan Bilic (who seems a really top guy, I must say) had this to say about the injury:

'He will certainly return. It is not as bad as it looked, but it is not as light as it was presented when they said that only a fibula broke. That is not an injury that can not be healed, but the more serious problem is that Dudu has an open joint breakage. The doctor that operated on him is content with the way that he reconstructed the ligaments. An important factor in all of this is the psychological recovery. Many players have had fears after returning from serious injuries, but knowing Eduardo, and I know him very well, he is everything but a soft guy. He has gone through various hardships in his career, and I do not doubt that he will return.'

So, it doesn't appear it's a double compound fracture, only a single, but there is still a huge amount of soft tissue damage that may complicate matters. The mere fact the bone pierced through his skin massively increases the chance of infection. Whatever happens, the rehabilitation will be slow, and news is only going to trickle out about this.

Eduardo deserves to get better. He's not only a fantastic player, but, from every account I've read of his personality, he's a fantastic person. Slavan Bilic described him as 'like a son', such was his affection for him.

The only thing we as fans can do at the moment is send our messages of support to him, and the club have set up the following service to let us do this. Alternatively you can click here to mail him.

If you wish to contact him by more traditional means, I'm told messages should be forwarded to him if you write to:

Eduardo da Silva

c/o Arsenal FC, Highbury House, 75 Drayton Park, London, N5 1BU.

It also seems that I'm not the only one who has taken Dudu's injury as an additional incentive towards winning the league this year.

Til later.


Anonymous said...

I want to wish Eduardo a full and speedy recovery. I hope this incident will galvanise the FOM in the FA to take a harder line regarding tackles. The refs shd be instructed to red card any mistimed tackel designed but camouflaged to hurt / injure.
If not I hope Eduardo will come back to haunt England in 2010.As a follow up if the refs don't take action agaainst the thugs in soccer Englnad will be consigned to the 2nd tier soccer nations.

A said...

Its not about how strict the referees must get and how the FA should alter the rules. The initiative must come from the players themselves. They are professionals and not thugs. In December a tackle from Eboue meant Terry was out for a month. This time Arsenal was on the receiving side. Sometimes the injury gets very serious like in this case. There's no use for the club to blame each others, and the players. The system has to change.
Anyway lets hope Dudu recovers in record time and will be back playing the beautiful game soon.

Anonymous said...

i wish eduardo i speedy recovery. the game needs players like this. hope he can make a full recovery

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1979gooner said...

bad injury, here's my fingers crossed for Dudu