Friday, December 23, 2011

Some Thoughts on 5 Potential January Signings

I've been banging the drum about the need for new signings for a while now, so I suppose it's time for me to actually come up with a few suggestions. I'm going to stick to players I've actually seen play - a revolutionary concept on the internet, I know.

* Gary Cahill

I suppose this is just worthy mentioning briefly, if nothing else because it's not going to happen. From what I've read this morning, Cahill is Chelsea bound who, for the first time in a while, have a much greater need of centre-backs than we do. Terry should be facing a long suspension at some point due to the Ferdinand incident, and Villas-Boas clearly doesn't rate Alex at all, surprisingly. We were linked heavily with Cahill over the summer, but, personally, I think he falls into the classic 'over-rated English player' category. I don't he's good enough for a Champions League side, and I'm much happier with our BFG, Mertesacker.

Desirability  : 4/10. Probability: 0/10.

* Wayne Bridge

In some respects this makes sense. A former international, languishing in Citeh's reserves due to their surfeit of players, could easily be picked up on loan until the end of the season. But then again, he's rubbish. His performances for West Ham last season were abysmal. Personally, I'd rather chuck a youngster in rather than give this guy a go. But, with Arsene moving towards a new, more pragmatic transfer policy at the end of August, we can't fully rule this one out. Let's hope there's a half-decent full-back somewhere else on the market we can pick up on loan.

Desirability: 0/10. Probability: 3/10.

* Lukas Podolski

Finally, someone I actually want us to sign. Considering Wenger came out the other day and said we wouldn't be signing him, this probably won't happen. But things change fast in the transfer window, and maybe we could end up with him. On the plus side, he can get goals, and play anywhere across our front three. He's also got a good deal of experience. However, he also flopped pretty badly when he had to step up a level to play for Bayern. So, does he have potential above his current station, or is he just someone who shines  with the national team every few years? If we could get him for a decent fee, I'd be willing to take a gamble.

Desirability: 7/10. Probability: 6/10.

* Mario Goetze

This guy clearly has something going for him, if we, and several other clubs, have already been linked with big-money moves for him. He would definitely bring another attacking option to the club, and you'd have to bet that he's only going to get better with time. But, I don't think we'll sign him. He will probably wait till after the Euros to move, once he's increased his exposure somewhat.

Desirability: 8/10. Probability: 3/10.

* Eden Hazard

This guy is the real deal - as in he's brilliant, but he's also probably going to Real. He has speed, great footwork, superb passing, an eye for goal - pretty much everything you want in an attacking midfielder. I would be astounded if he doesn't end up at Real in the next 2 years or so, but maybe Arsene can work his magic, and persuade him to play for us for a few years first. I genuinely think we could be title challengers if we got this guy in, either in Jan or in the summer. So, probably not happening. But we can dream.

Desirability: 10/10. Probability: 1/10.

Ok, so that was a bit disheartening. Put some more names in the comment box below, and I'll assess some more January targets in the next few days.


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Ada said...

Neymar as a massive January surprise. He's the nuclear option for a new striker and Wenger has said that if there was one player in the world he could spend big money on, it'd be him.

Anonymous said...

Neymar would be great, but Barca pretty much have deal in place for him to come in either Jan or the summer.

Anonymous said...

Why not try compiling a list of left-backs we might sign in loan?

Anonymous said...

Its a bit unrealistic.. but if Demba ba could somehow beI put in the arsenal shirt that would be perfect for me. He is arguably the best in english football with his back to goal, he is big AND athletic, and when Van Persie gets trapped in the corner and magically puts in some of the best crosses I've ever seen.. he might be there

Goonerboy said...

@ anonymous, 11:24, I've been racking my brain, but can't think of too many to suggest. Difficult to find a decent player in any position available on a short-term loan.

Anonymous said...

Taye Taiwo maybe?