Friday, December 09, 2011

The statues were the right choices - hi-res picture of Adams statue

Lots of chat today over whether Arsenal chose the right people for the 125 year statues.

In issues like these, you're basically asking people to decide who their favourite Arsenal players were - a ridiculously subjective exercise.

So, at least for the initial statues, you have to go with the obvious candidates.

Herbert Chapman remains Arsenal's greatest manager. Yes, Arsene has won a bucket-load of trophies, and entrenched is in the top-tier of world football, but Chapman basically founded the modern club. Plus, it would be a bit much at the moment for an Arsene statue. He recently got a bust, and in ten years time he'll get a statue.

Tony Adams remains Mr Arsenal, despite his somewhat odd relationship with the club since his retirement. He won more medals than any other Arsenal captain, and I think people forget what a massive player he was for us.

Henry is ultimately the club's greatest goalscorer. You can debate all-day over whether he or Dennis was overall the better player,but, ultimately, Henry has the goal-scoring record. Also, having a statue of him in that pose is awesome.

I think that we'll see more statues and tributes in the years to come, so I wouldn't stress if you favourite player didn't turn up today.


I'm going to try and live-blog the game tomorrow on Twitter, so come and find me @goonerboyblog

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