Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Diaby out for 9 months after horror challenge

The Daily Mail has suggested that Abou will be out for nine months after the horrific challenge by Dan Smith in our game against Sunderland on Monday. In the 92nd minute, when his team were three nil down, Smith clearly thought that the best way to show what type of player he is was to purposely cripple another young professional like himself. He obviously didn't mean to break Abou's ankle, but the chance is always there in challenges which are that dangerous. His apology, where the word 'if' is used repeatedly ['if' i did catch him etc.] is similarly offensive.

To put it mildly, Arsene is livid, and justifiably so. Diaby has been wonderful since he signed in January, and I'm gutted for him. nine months is a long time, and it sets Abou's rate of progression into a first team regular back significantly. I'm not sure whether legal action is really wise though. Knowing the law, if anything did happen it would take months to get through and merely cause substantial stress on all sides, when Abou should be concentrating on recouperating.

So, just to say, get well soon Abou! Goonerboy, and i hope his readers too, is behind you. You're a great young player and you'll be scampering round the Emirates in no time!



Anonymous said...

Abou has great potential - let's just hope Gary Lewin and the boys in the medical room do their best for him. You can't always believe the papers, let's pray he's fit for the new season - he's got such big potential.

Borehamwood Gooner said...

Bearing in mind that Lauren has been ruled out for the same length of time I dont think we will see him this calendar year.

that is massive, potentially 5% of his playing career has been ruled out by one tackle.

Also the speed of recovery is not just the leg/ ankle it is in the head. He needs to be 100% commited to go in for tackles and be tackled.

I am with you in wishing him a speedy and succeful recovery.

Goonerboy said...

The thing is - i forgot to say - He's already had to had surgery on his ankle for a previous injury, so this could turn into one of those awful ones that semi-persist for the whole career. I hope not.

Anonymous said...

definitely support suing Smith - these things should not be left to lie when the FA don't act properly to support players interests from serious career threatening injuries that are caused maliciously. On the point of law, the challenge was reckless and requires less burden of proof than an assault where it's clear that by tackling in that manner, serious injury would, on the balance of probability, be caused.

Anonymous said...

I'd also support suing (assuming Wenger's legal advisors recommend it) as it would act as a warning to other brain-dead thugs that venting their spite can be costly. The pure evil, envious destructiveness of it makes my blood boil. Like the Blackburn player who practically knocked van P's teeth out in the semi-final last year to punish him for having scored. I didn't see the game but was appalled to hear radio 5's commentator condemning, not the tackle, but girly French Arsenal for a making a meal of it - football's a contact sport, the poor Sunderland lad didn't mean any harm. A meal of it? With Diaby on a stretcher with his ankle hanging half off?

Really sad for Diaby. As you say, nine months is a long time for a player of his age, and even if all goes well for him physically - finger crossed - there's the mental side too. Hopefully Wenger will send him to place in France where Pires spent the summer after his knee injury. What are Diaby's personal circumstances? Does he have a girlfriend/partner, a family in France? I hope so because it's going to a long lonely haul and he's bound to get pretty depressed.

Goonerboy said...

I couldn't believe it when the Sky commentator had a go at Jens for having a go at a Sunderland forward after he had practically elbowed Jens in the face.

I think that a lot of commentators label Arsenal as 'soft' due to their foreign contingent, which, I'm sorry, is borderline racism.

As soon as the challenge was made, Diaby's screams were audible, and he couldn't get up. Even when they showed his ankle at a right anlgle off the end of the stretcher they maintained it shouldn't have been more than a yellow. I was awful.

I'm sure Diaby will be ok though. He seems a positive chap. We could all send him get well soon cards to help!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely SUE! Two reasons the tackle itself was beyond unneccesary. Two the player did not even appologize. How unbeliavably suicidal do you have to be to act this recklessly and then not even pretend to be sorry.

Or maybe he is truly suffering from serious brain damage, in which case I think that Sunderland should be sued for playing lunatics on their team and not controlling them.

Also if the refs are not going to protect us, and let us face it, they are not - because they are busy handing out warnings to players for taking off their shirts after scoring, then we muct act ourselves.

And to Kevin Ball, being loyal is one thing - defending the undefendable makes you an accomplist.

Disgraceful for everyone involved. And please gentlemen do not believe for a second that SKY is in any way impartial.

With football optimism

Gus J

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if the actual assault wasn't also borderline racism. The gentle Toure didn't actually label it as such, but he did point out that Diaby had been targetted for several minutes before the assault and that he (Toure) had been fearing the worst. Doubtless the thug wouldn't dare pick on any of the world-famous players but Diaby is young, extraordinarily skilful with a great future in front of him and, to add insult to injury, black. Just the combination to arouse a bitter, talentness moron to violence.

Yeah, let's all send Diaby a get-well card. Anyone remember how to spell his first name, the one beginning with V?

Goonerboy said...

Vasiriki? But i think he prefers to be called Abou, his middle name.

Anonymous said...

I am so angry and frustrated with how the ref was so blind and how silent the FA is. If it was Rooney instead of Diaby, Smith would be in a morgue by now; and the FA will introduce new regulations against reckless tackles. The injustice of it all. Arsenal should and must sue to try and change things. Get well quick Diaby.

Anonymous said...

Well... It's time to switch the mobiles off and run and hide.
Not only did you lose the EUROPEAN CUP... you sealed the fates of Henry, Pires, Reyes, Fabregas, Cole and probably Toure... Oh, and you missed out on the best utility player in Europe (Berbatov). Quiet a night.. eh 'mugs'? Never mind... at least you can dry your tears; with your funny chef hats!!!