Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Adey's words of wisdom.

I'm not always sure why players speak about other players to the press, unless they're going to praise them. Criticising your fellow team-mates in public seems a risky thing to do with, as Roy Keane infamously showed, rather large consequences often following.

But when they come from the mouth of, already, one of my favourite players - Manu Adebayor - I suppose it's ok, especially when he seemed to be talking sense about the Jose Reyes situation:

"The most important thing in life is family, I understand that," said Adebayor to The Sun.

"But he is an Arsenal player and should not be talking about other teams.

"Maybe he should just go so we can all move on.

"Jose looks happy in training, he laughs and jokes and gets on well with the other players.

"But I think his family don't like England and that's why he wants to leave.

"Maybe his family have put pressure on him but in that case he should go because we don't need unhappy players bringing down our spirit."

Exactly. If he's unhappy, he should leave. But he doesn't always look unhappy. Indeed, at many points last year he looked fine on the pitch. So what's the real cause of his desire to leave? I think the whole situation of Jose living in a 'new Spain' that he's built for him and his family in North London has undoubtedly hindered the process of acclimatisation to English life. It also means that he has to think of far more than himself when he makes decisions about his playing career - not just the wife and kids [if he had any] but the whole extended family. That's a lot of weight on his little shoulders. I still want him to stay, but Adey's right: if he wants to leave he should do - and he certainly shouldn't be talking about Madrid in the way he does.

Whether he actually leaves remains to be seen, but, like Ashley Cole, if they dont end up going because we don't get a bid that is considered acceptable, they both need to grow up, swallow their pride, and play for the team. It's no good whining about it if these moves don't come off. Not that it seems that Cole will get a chance to whine, as his 'auto'-biography [footballers don't actually write their autobiographies] looks like its going to be shelved if he does stay with us. Oh well, I suppose the search for a new Tolstoy will just have to continue.

A move that does seem on the cards is Arturo Lupoli's loan to Derby. Where this leaves us in terms of strikers I'm unsure. With no Bendtner until Christmas, surely that would leave us with Rvp Adey and Thierry, with Reyes if he stays. Perhaps best to keep Arturo and give him a chance? I think he's worth a shot.

Congratualtions to Theo after scoring last night for the Under-21s. Only a true idiot would consider that he has been 'demoted' in that he's in the u21 and not full England squad. Like I keep saying, don't believe all the rubbish that will stream out of the press when Arsene only plays him intermittently - and that's at best - this season. I know Fab came through at a similar age, but I think Theo needs more nurturing. I'm confident he has the ability to be a top player for us and England, but the Sun et al shouldn't pressure him into being overused when he's still so fragile.

Finally, why are friendly International matches being played this week? It beggars belief. There's already been one serious, and completely pointless, injury sustained in the England camp with Dean Ashton's broken ankle yesterday. I know it's not just an FA decision to have these friendlies, but surely they can see now is not a great time for pointless matches. Many players are probably still tired from the world cup. And it won't be until Euro 2008 that we find out anything, really, about Steve McClaren's England. Expect him to drop Lampard sooner rather than later though, in another 'I'm not Sven, honest' decision.



Anonymous said...

Words of wisdom but lest we forget he pulled exactly the same on Monaco last season before getting his move to AFC.

gazzap said...

I read that Maclaren will start with Gerrard and Lampard in the team, but at least Gerrard will be right wing and not treading on fat boys toes. looks like downing will be an ever present as well... nothing like a bit of favouritism.

reyes should just be sold for whatever real are offering but cole should not be sold unless the chavs come somewhere near the asking price. this isn't about money, its about not giving into Cole and chelsea's demands. Arsenal cant lose money on cole as he came through from youth so sod it if he goes on a free/ year we'll have Gallas for free anyway and I know which one I'd rather have.

more immediate issue is who will play left wing on saturday with rosicky and ljungberg injured and reyes half gone?

Anonymous said...

On the striker front - also have Aliadiere and I'm sure Reyes would be replaced if sold.

And wheras we all argree with Adebayor, I'm not so sure this outburst will benifit out team spirit...

Anonymous said...

Ade is right to say something as we do not have a "vocal" captain anymore. I read on the net, Henry is praising Chelsea.. I know that is all very well and nice but the compliments are not exactly being returned from Stamford Bridge. Reyes needs to go, he cannot escape Henry's shadow and has never excelled beyond initial good impressions.

However, I am optimistic about the future: RvP is coming into his 2nd year and is starting to look more settled in the game; ALiadere must either prove it or be shipped out and we still have Theo to come on ( scoring in the 3rd min after not playing for months is not that bad).

But back to Ade, he is right in what he says and I think it is more a statement of his ambition to replace Reyes as a permanent fixture in the Arsenal side. He's gotta do something about that hair though !

Anonymous said...

Adebayor is entitled to have a go at Jose because he is disloyal but why not have a go at Ashley Cole as well if disloyalty is the issue?

Anonymous said...

adebayor was not having a go at reyes, he was saying that if reyes is under pressure from his family (and that family is more important than football) he should leave.

Brussels North bank said...

IF ashley cole does n't go, and IF he signed a new contract (two big 'if's', I know) would we welcome him back? Just think back to Stephen Gerrard, when he handed in a transfer request - they love hime at L'pool!

gazzap said...

in response to that I dont think cole would ever reach the level that Gerrard has at liverpool in terms of feelings from the crowd but after a few games for us, we'd probably try and move on and just hope ashley puts in some good performances. but he'll never be one of my favourites again like he used to be, even if he signs a new contract.

ksspoetics said...

I appreciate Adebayor for speaking the minds of some of us. Loyalty, unfortunately, barely exists anymore in the game (except you count the likes of Henry, Totti, Del Piero, Radebe) with people seeking "dream moves" and "greener pastures!" I am not complaining though. What goes around comes around. If Ronaldinho decides to be "less loyal" and moves to Arsenal, I will have no sympathy for the Barcelona cause. The point is this: Let people come out clean right from the start. If Reyes had come out clean right from the start, I may have had more sympathy for him. However, his tactics of saying something to Marca and another thing to the English Press pissed me off. In any case, he has been inconsistent and will not be as missed as, say Cole or Vieira. However, life will go on and Adey was echoing our sentiments. Thumbs up, gangling one!

Anonymous said...

What has Reyes ever done for our club?

Deise Gooner said...

Reyes has always given 100% for the club. He hasnt always shown his best but you cant fault his commitment. If he settled we would have seen him flourish into the world class footballer he has the promise to be. He hasnt adapted to the lifestyle in england and that will eventually see him fade on the pitch.

ksspoetics said...

He has got a few decent goals (2 against Man City last season, 1 against scum Spurs, etc) and has had decent performances against Manure et al. He also has shown promise and had a number of glorious assists. In fairness to the bloke, he is very talented and hard-working. However, for Arsenal's record signing, we expect more consistency from the lad and more commitment. Indeed, it is worthy of note that his first goal in an Arsenal shirt was an own-goal in the Carling Cup semi-final! He has moved on since then but it just seems to sum him up really. Against Spurs at Highbury in 2004/05, he went past everyone, rounded the keeper and then inexplicably side-netted the ball! Ironically, he scored the winning goal, a much more difficult opportunity to convert. Reyes is a bit of an enigma really - a brilliant player who sometimes lets himself down with schoolboy tactics!!!

Anonymous said...

Aliadiere could have a smashing year, if he gets his confidence up. He's certainly first choice for Carling Cup matches. If he shines therin, he may play an important role after the new year, allowing AW to rest Henry (if one of RvP or Adebayor are hurt). A refreshed Henry in March/April is unplayable.

Reyes will be alright if he doesn't go. Even Cole may be, too. AW is the most professional of managers (in a very professional club) - he does not rely on fear or threats to motivate players. He brings out the professionalism in his squad by treating them like adults even when they don't deserve it. He doesn't burn bridges. He is patient: We got two extra years out of Paddy and still 13mil, kept cesc from Madrid (so far) and four more from Henry, while Fergie loses quality players with experience much more frequently: Stam, VanWanker, Beckham, etc. Being an arsenal fan means we don't have a manager who acts like we would act as fans would (juding from the comments on blogs) - emotional, vindictive, arrogant, short-sighted. Which means as arsenal fans we have more to celebrate than any other mid-sized club in europe apart from Ajax.

ksspoetics said...

Being professional has its merits and demerits, I have to point out. Indeed, you may be seen to be soft and then subsequently taken for a ride.

Indeed, while Paddy was here, there were rumours that he said things most managers will not condone. Arsene, in his typical manner of patience and calculated approaches, denied the claims and maintained team-spirit and cohesion amid those "interesting comments". He said, "You do not miss chances on purpose" when Adebayor missed two sitters in the Pompey mess last season.

The advantages are that the team is kept as a unit because the players can rest assured that nothing will be said against them in public even when they are not doing well. The players ultimately will also have themselves to blame if they don't do well because Arsene would have given them the opportunities to do well.

The disadvantages are that he may lose control of certain players who may take advantage of the "softness" to misbehave or disrespect him. Also, the team may not have the inner strength to respond in times when they need to score or perform to standard because everyone knows he can get away with a below-par performance or a misdemeanour.

However, Wenger is something of a genius, insisting on youth to great effect and slotting people into unbelievable positions to great effect (a la Flamini, Toure, Eboue etc.) I keep saying this: He said he could go through the season unbeaten and he was accused of blatant arrogance. Then he did it the following season and never demanded an apology which he richly deserves. Even Borinho has not been able to go through the season unbeaten with his millions!!!

Anonymous said...

If Cole stays, he plays. And you'll get behind him and conveniently forget the oh-so witty alliterative nicknames you've been throwing his way for the past couple of months.
Who'll be the first one to clap?
Who'll be the first one to cheer?
Who'll be the first one to swear that he stuck with him through thick and thin?

Anonymous said...

what your point anon 6:34 if he stay and sign a long term contract we will supported him because he is an arsenal player and not for what he has done. forgive but not forget and all that. However he must be feeling like shit right now that no team seemed to be interested in the supposedly best left back in the world. Even chelsea do not think he's worth that much. He got too big for his breeches and now it looked like he is going to be put in his place.

Anonymous said...

There's just something stomach-churning about all these people who ranted and raved about Cole's disloyalty and greed, suddenly doing backflips and welcoming him back.
I wonder how long it'll take the more vocal members of the Arsenal fanbase to forgive him. No wonder the players hold you in contempt.
Where's your loyalty to your principles, fellas? Once a Cuntly Cole, always a Cuntly Cole?

gazzap said...

yes a cuntley cole who could be the difference between winning the title by one point and losing it by one point. sort your priorities out. Arsenal winning is No.1 priority and always will be.

AW must get cole to sign a 2 year extension so he can still be sold for mega millions next summer (when Gallas joins us for FREE).

Deise Gooner said...

Cole to Chelski - Galas and A suitcase with 10 million pounds all stacked in neat bundles to The Arsenal. So say the Express anyhoo.