Friday, August 04, 2006

Cole/Reyes/Illiasu/Merida/Abidal et al.

Back from being away and, predictably, a rather large amount of news has accumulated.

The Ashley Cole situation drags interminably on. First of all he walks out of training due to either being ill or having a row with David Dein or both. Whatever the cause, it led to a notable loss of temper from Arsene when Journos questioned him on Ashs future. The situation is clearly causing a rather substantial amount of stress to all at the club. Including us. Ash has said he's willing to play against Zagreb next week, but will Arsene play him? Also, is there any realistic hope of us getting Gallas or is this merely lazy journalisitic 2+2=5 deductions? I would say a swap deal is unlikely - which will hopefully make it happen. Either way, I'd be surprised if Ashley was here in September, but he may stay until the end of August so we can push the price up. It's really quite an intolerable situation all round.

More news from Spain has emerged in which Jose has, reportedly, again said he wants to leave for Madrid. As I said in my last post, I feel we should keep Jose for at least one more, if not two, seasons to see if he can gain some consistency, because he has so much potential. Perhaps if Thierry went a whole year without scowling at him, Jose's form would improve. He tried not to do it last season, but a few did still slip out. As for the Jose's alleged comments, I'd be inclined to say it's journo speak, but that also if a substantial bid does come in, Arsene will definitely have a think about it.

Seb Larrson and also, surprisingly, Nick Bendtner are going to hitch their way to Brummie-ville for the season. I'm surprised Arsene's let Bendtner out, after both of them talked as if they felt they had a definite role in each others plans for the forthcoming season. It doesn't bode particularly well for his future Arsenal career.

Thankfully, some credible incoming news has also emerged. Firstly, it would appear that Fran Merida is now an Arsenal player. I think it'll be a while before the level of his actual ability emerges, but I'm sure we'll all jump the gun and call him the new Fabregas in the mean time.

Secondly, Ghanian international Illiasu Shilla is on trial at the club, and could be on the way for as little as £500K. For someone with world cup experience, this seems a decent deal. As far as I can recall, the Ghanian defence looked ok in the world cup, and was the victim of some rather unfortunate decisions against Italy and Brazil. And for £500k he seems worth a punt - 20x less than Curtis Davies if nothing else. Indeed, if anyone wished to question why Arsene rarely buys English, just look at the transfer of Carrick. The most expensive water carrier in history, with United - if they pay the full £18m - paying around 2-3x his worth, merely because he's English, and his media renown causes the inflation of real value.

Thirdly, Eric Abidal has been linked with us, a player, who I didn't think was particularly impressive for France. In fact I thought he was possibly their weakest starting player in the WC. I suppose he could play better for us though.

In other news, our new stadium has already added sufficient gravitas to the club to see Argentina and Brazil decide to play a friendly there [there are some rumours of a potential England game being lined up]; our friendly against Alkamaar is on Eurosport at 6pm BST today - Theo may feature if hes recovered from flu; and Owen Hargreaves has reiterated his desire to one day play in the premiership. I'd prefer him to Gilberto.



Anonymous said...

I think Kevin Nolan (Bolton) and Gareth Barry (Villa) would be worth a punt by AW. Nolan is tough, gritty and combative while Barry can play in both midfield and defence.

Anonymous said...

eric abidal was brilliant for france - he hardly lost a duel... and hes quick on the wing, very coleesque but more solid. shame we missed out on thuram but i think we shoudl get the whole french backline... gallas and abidal look promising, sagnol a bit less...

Marly said...

gilberto is highly under rated. wudnt swap him for n e 1

Anonymous said...

bendtner's loan is only til xmas so he could still play an active part this season.

Anonymous said...

agree with marly though there are weaknesses in his game.passing anyone. but as a man to man marker there is no one better. just ask the two best midfielders in the world ie. ronaldihno and riquelme. he marked them out of the game. as for nolan and barry will they be able to contribute to our fast flowing attacking style? i'm not so sure.

Anonymous said...

hey, does any1 kno where i can buy the brazil - argie tickets ?

Anonymous said...

Nick Bendtner loan is only till january so I guess Ali has only few months to prove himself and then Bendtner will get his time after, hopefully, successful trial in the Championship.


The Gun said...

Wenger is clearly fast-tracking Niklas Bendtner and wants his bulked up in order to come back prepared in January. Aliadiere has no place at Arsenal and neither does Alex Song, which is why I'm baffled at why he's been kept and both Muamba and Larsson have been released for the year.

Do you people realise that we risk starting the new season with ONE British player in our senior squad!!! I don't care what Wenger says about passport vs. ability, this is a disgraceful state of affairs. However, I do concede that top class Brits are thin on the ground, not for sale or extremely expensive.

Anonymous said...

Nolan offers an honesty and determination that I like (which was often missing at many an away game last season). I take your point though about his ability or otherwise to adapt to a free flowing game as opposed to Big Sam’s long ball game. Perhaps he’s restricted by Wanderers tactics????

Anonymous said...

Nolan and Barry hahahahahahhahaha

David s said...

I honestly believe that illiasu if he comes ill be our only singing as wenger is worried of slowing his fast tracked yuongster, for example if we get a left back traore will be pegged back and he looks like one of the best prospects i've seen for a long time, then there's CB, singing an experienced head like gallas will impead djorou who i reckon will replace senderos as toure's no1 partner simply due to his pace. as for central midfield, forget song but with diaby back earlier than expected wenger will hang back till the end of the window and if we don't get any injuries there then he won't buy. The only possibility is bringing in a winger/forward if reyes leaves possibly Saviola because he's cheap! but then would this impead walcott, ultimately his belief in youth is that strong that we are set for 1-3 years of development and only then will you see the future arsenal.

2010 Team:

Anonymous said...

I see you guys have a lot of information about the progress of Bendtner, Merida, etc....but I was wondering if anyone had any info. about the progress of Carlos Vela....isn't he an Arsenal Player?...How is his loan spell at Celta Vigo working out?

Anonymous said...

vela is being loaned to another spanish club as there are still probs getting a work permit for him........

pratyk said...

?????? = merida :D

pratyk said...

vela's waiting for a spainish passport ... its already 1 year .. just 1 more year and he will come back to us ... 2008 i guess

Anonymous said...

For me, It's hard to see Bentnder having an arsenal career as long as Adebayor is at Arsenal.

But he still has future. The fact that Wenger let him for only 6 months, suggest that he likely to be the 5th choice striker at the club, behing van persie, adebayor, and Henry, and Walcott (although he maybe a winger)

My analysis of his loan is:

1. Arsene Wenger is a bit loyal to Alideare, and wants to give 6 more months.

2. Bentnder will get games during those 6 months. After that, it will be a direct battle between the two. If Alideare impresses, Bentder will have to leave sooner or later.

If Alideare doesn't impress, he will leave and Bentder will have a chance to become the clubs 4th choice striker.

Anonymous said...

i think we should let reyes go as he is not 100% devoted 2 arsenal and big someone like malouda of lyon . . . as for ashley cole i say let him go also we dontneed players who dont want to stay . . and bring on gallas or cannavaros brother hu is a amazing centre back

Anonymous said...

Fran Merida!!!

Anonymous said...

the situation is getting a little troubling for even the most trusting of gooners. I personally cannot wait for cole to leave,but if he stays and commits himself i'll obviosly support him. I love Reyes and think he has huge potential, but if he wants to leave so be it. Madrid seem to be involved with both potential transfers and obviously the russians so there must be swap oppotunities. If they want reyes, we should exchange him for Robinho(not that wanka Baptista)+ cash and we should get gallas. BUT...if we play the same dumb game as last year without replacing PV4 then wenger needs to get his head examined. The problem is that however good cesc is, the best way for him to develop is not to have too much pressure on him...we need to buy an established central midfield player....Hargreaves, Yaya Toure, Appiah, Senna etc. We needed a player like that last summer!We need another center back because however good sendersos is, he's far too injury prone. Freddie is probably done and I have great faith in Van Persie and i think rosicky is a really excellent signing, but i'm not convined if adebayor is good enough and will walcott even play this season?? We cannot go into the season loosing Begkamp,Pires,Campbell,Cole,'s outrageous!!! I trust Arsene and DD, but they need to act. If there is no activity by this time next week then I think there is huge cause for concern.

Anonymous said...

If we can swap Reyes+cash with Robinho that would be awesome. How long will Clichy be out? He is very capable of playing LB.

Anonymous said...

I think us Arsenal fans have alot to be concerned about. Last season we came 4th and Chelsea won the league with at least 10points ahead of Man Utd. Chelsea who came first has added 2 world class players to their squad, and yes this is a case of money. Yet, the team that came forth has only found it possible to make one addition in Rosicky. Arsenal has seen many senior players leave in the last 2 seasons i.e. Viera, Pires, Campbell, Bergkamp. The team is simply too young and there are lapses in all three departments. Defence is a definite problem that needs immediate treatment. Central Midfield is another predicament which requires more experience. Up front we have Henry and his partners Adebayor, who I hope will find his feet next season and Van Persie who has never played well when partnering Henry. Henry since he arrived has single-handedly scored 50% of Arsenal goals, with Pires always behind him in the ranks. Yes Henry is a genius but this is totally unacceptable that he alone carries the burden of scoring goals, and it is even more shocking that a left winger is always second in the ranks when this should be the job of the second striker. Arserne Wenger has failed to realise this problem season after season but surely one has to see how obvious this was last season. We now have a crippled defence, a midfield that cannot score - if you look at last season statistics you would realise that Reyes, Fabregas, Gilberto, Ljungberg and Hleb as individual players and as a group were absolutely disgraceful in scoring goals and a huge gap needs to be filled up front. All I can do is wait and see but if we are to start the season with this current crop of players I can only hope that my views are wrong.

Anonymous said...

az alkmaar caused our defence quite a few problems and almunias a liability, we need cover desperatly for centre back and left back if we dont i fear for the immediate future

Anonymous said...

van persie was 2nd behind henry last season in goals scored even though he was out with a broken toe for some time.

gazzap said...

I rally hoped bendtner would be in front of aliadiare this season. but now if we get an injury to a striker, then JA is the only striker we can bring on, unless walcott beefs up quick! Oh well he may be back at xmas (injured!!?)

Vela and Merida sounds like a spanish pop duo but they could be our future. its all good news. they are both small tricky players. sometimes I think we have too may of them. but you cant knock quality.

thought aliadiere did look quick and sharp tonight. good sign. lets hope he can stay injury free. wonder why he never really made it at another club. I think he needs more strength.
Good win tonight overall. traore looks the real deal doesn't he? I sh*t myself when it looked like Gilberto was injured...thats how perilous we are. perhaps a small injury to him might have stung AW into transfer action.

with the number of youngsters we have, we will never have to buy another player til 2011! its great that we can just add one or two top players to the squad each year without ever having to do a 're-build'.

Anonymous said...

Are you confusing Troare,who was on for about 10 minutes, with Hoyte, who played the whole 2nd half, and looked very good.

Rajeev Datta said...

Alideare is hell of a player; he can play at wing as well as up front; He needs some time in first team; as per Dennis he is the player who would be our next Henry. So watch out for that bloke.
Right now I'm excited about Merida I have seen some raw footage of his as Barca trainee (just go to and search for Fran Merida) and he is one hell of prospect.
I care of damn of lack of English players in our team; they don’t have any respect, loyalty and will to prosper. They all just want to become David Beckham by the time they are in early 20's (there are some exception though; like Gerrard; Lennon, Walcott) I wish Lennon & Stevie were playing for us.
And watch out Reyes gonna stay, cause he is not CA$HELY COLE.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to Landreau signing with us on a Bosman? Where's he now?

Valentin said...

Michael Landreau signed to PSG at the end of the French ligue 1 season.
Regarding Reyes, their director of football has stated that Reyes was not a priority. It looks like Reyes is more keen on Real Madrid than Real Madrid is keen on him.
If Real Madrid is willing to exchange him for Baptista and Robinho, Arsene Wenger has already said he will take the deal.

Arsenal can't afford to buy English players. 12 millions for Walcott, 10 millions for a Curtis Davis. 18 millions for Michael Carrick, when 6 millions would secure Hargreave and the World Cup has shown who was the better player of those two.
As an Arsenal supporter, I do not see the point of paying over the odds for an half decent player simply because of his passport.
Moreover, if you look at the behaviour of Cole, Campbell and compare them to that of Bergkamp, Thierry Henry, you would clearly pick up that passport and club loyalty and respect are two very different things.
Tony Adams since he left the club has not attended a single event regarding Arsenal. Viera came back to play in DB10 jubilee.