Thursday, August 21, 2008

Questions and answers about the Silvestre signing.

As usual with Arsene's signings, the arrival of Mikael Silvestre has brought more questions than answers.

Am I happy about the signing? Hmm. Ask me on Septemeber 2.

Will Silvestre be part of our first XI? No, I don't think so. Unless Kolo is put in midfield, and he starts at CB next to Gallas, I think Silvestre will be our first choice back-up to the defence. If he wasn't getting a starting berth at United, I don't see why he should get one here.

Have we been mugged? No, I don't think so either. The reaction from the United fan-base does show signs of amusement, but there is also a notable element which feels that, at the least, they shouldn't be selling players who can strengthen their rivals. In fact, amusingly, some feel that their defensive cover is now a little thin and too reliant on youth. heh! For £750k, I think we can afford the risk.

Is Silvestre the replacement for Hoyte? This is what my colleague at Gunnerblog is theorising, and it's not an entirely implausible idea. Eboue is adequate (eurgh, need to wash my mouth out) cover at RB, and Silvestere can baulk up not only the LB position, but also CB. In this set of affairs, we've improved our defence and made money, not a bad state of affairs.

Will Traore and Djourou be going out on loan? I can definitely envisage Traore going out now, but I think it would be a shame if Djourou followed him. I'm not sure how much his loan spell at Birmingham really helped him, and I think if he was sent out then it might be a sign that he doesn't have much of a future at the club. That would be a shame as he's probably the best centre back prospect we have, in my opininon.

Will we be buying a new midfielder? I hope so. If Arsene is going to go on some form of madcap plan to convert Kolo or someone else into a CM then we've taken the cheapskate option again. We need to go out and buy a player who knows how to play the role now not later. Apparently Arsene watched Switzerland play some team last night so Inler may still be the player who comes in. Frankly, if we don't buy a new midfielder, then I don't think the squad is strong enough to compete for the Champions League or Premiership.

When can I put on my tinfoil hat and start shouting WENGER OUT? Not for a while yet. This may well prove to be a masterly piece of business - a cheap, experienced defender who can instantly slot-in when needed. On the other hand, it could be the nadir of Arsene's policy to do everything on the cheap, and we've actually weakened the squad by being forced to rely on an injury prone, and frankly rubbish defender.

In short, everything will become clear; but not for a while yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this isn't the end of our transfer dealings.


Anonymous said...

Silvestre is a left sided CB. He cannot be Toure's replacement. If anything, it is Senderos' place that seems to be under threat now. I, for one, am disappointed by that. I still rate Senderos. Our defensive options now are
Toure/Djourou/Song Gallas/Silvestre/Senderos

Anonymous said...

I still think we will sign a DM because Wenger has said in the past that Toure doesn't have the stamina or technique to play at CM.

If we don't buy a DM, then it certainly won't be Toure playing alongside Cesc, probably Denilson or Song which I don't have too much of a problem with, although I would like to see us sign a new DM.

Anonymous said...

I belive that it is both the lack of technique, but also, Toure doesn't have the vision and the ability to play the short passing game that is needed to play CM at Arsenal

Anonymous said...

errm,youre first comment on the matter was correct,United fans are finding this 'experienced' signing quite funny,he WAS quite a good player but he always had a lack of concentration and subsequently a mistake ,in him....hes also recently become quite injury prone...

hopefully this frees up some wages for the double striker signings....

I look forward to 'enjoying' some Silvestre howlers for a change.

Anonymous said...

I think the arrival of Silvestre will mean that Traore and Gibbs will be sent out on loan.
For all the complainers out there, I've just got to say, HE DIDN'T MAKE OUR SQUAD ANY WEAKER....

fourstar said...

Look, Wenger was seen in Switzerland - seems we're buying Inler as a defensive midfielder and Silvestre is backup for Touré and Gallas.

That's it. End of. It's a great deal for us. And forget the Man U sniping - the true enemy for all the Premiership teams is now Chelsea.

Now when can we get back to the bloody football?