Friday, August 22, 2008

Wenger is a big tease but a new signing is on its way.

I can almost imagine Arsene being asked out by his wife for dinner:

Arsene's wife: Arsene, do you want to go for dinner tonight?

Arsene: There is interest, always, in dinner.

Wife: So where do you want to go?

Arsene: You know the place I want to go, but I cannot tell you much more than that.

Arsene's wife: So we're going to the Savoy?

Arsene: maybe.

Half an hour later Arsene returns with two big mac meals.

Wife: what's this!

Arsene: sometimes I surprise you.

The point of this attempt at comedy, is that whilst I think we will be getting a player in, it won't necessarily be one we've heard of before, or one we're expecting.

But the fact Arsene seems to realise we still need another body is promising in itself. The talk of Gareth Barry coming in seems too obvious to me, although given his appearance in the Uefa cup, his price will have come down, making a deal possible. He would also be available in the second half of the Champions League, and the squad should be strong enough to get through the group stages without him.

On the other hand, this talk of snapping up Barry could be an attempt to force Liverpool into action, allowing us to make a bid for Alonso. Personally, I think Alonso is too similar to Cesc for that partnership to work. Barry, on the other hand, could prove a natural defensive foil to Cesc, if he continues his form of the last few seaons; and that's a big if.

Or, this could just be a case of Arsene toying with English journalists before he buys someone we've never heard of, or barely heard of, before. Gokhan Inler might be at the top of this list.

In any case, I don't think the cheque book is closed just yet. And the addition of a decent central midfielder to the squad could turn a rather average transfer window into a very successful one.


Anonymous said...

ive heard of big macs before poor quality for a small price:P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's a good one...LOL

Anonymous said...

That's a good one...LOL

Anonymous said...

thats fucking funny. well done

King Eric said...

Amusing Goonerboy

Whilst I would love to see Arsenal swoop in under the nose of the scousers, I just can't see Wenger signing Barry. Even without being eligible for the group stage of the Champions League, his price tag will still be a bit too astronomical for Wenger.

The far more likely option is the boy Gok that we've heard so much chat about...

Out of interest, have any of you seen Bischoff play yet? Why was he signed if not to plug the midfield hole?

Looking ahead, I think this weekend should see you ease past Roy Hodgeson's mighty has beens, especially with Andy (Andrew?) Johnson absent. Amusingly Silvestre is doubtful with an injury... Surely not a sign of things to come!?!

Anonymous said...

Great article sir, so true...Le Boss does it year on year. Remember the Mart Poom summer? That wasn't even the equivalent of a Big Mac lol it was more of a Hamburger with a pube in there.

I think Wenger's logic is flawed when saying about the devaluation of a European cup-tied player because Martin O'neill wants to keep Gareth Barry and it's no skin of his nose if Barry is cup-tied, he doesn't want money if he doesn't want to sell and if there is less of an incentive to sign Barry because he'd miss the group games of a first-seed club it only helps to keep Barry at Villa Park.

I hope we do make this signing, Fabregas and Barry would be a fantastic partnership.

Anonymous said...

Barry will not come. alonso is a better bet. We were in fact engotiating for him. He may be similar to Cesc but Alonso is needed to compensate for the loss of ball possession and passing ability of hleb and flamini. And more importantly we will have someone whose long distance shots are good to go in. Moreover he plays alongside Gerrard who is roaming forward all the time. So playing defensively is not new for him.

Anonymous said...

That's good stuff. :)

Anonymous said...

why would they do something to cut the price value if they were ever thinking of selling barry. all this talk of us and barry is stupid.
you mock wenger for not revealing much but he is not trying to be funny. the press do not deserve straight answers for them to broadcast the deal and send prices through the roof.
i want inler or annan but wenger knows

Anonymous said...

wenger would never buy a big mac, he'd simply hear from his scouts at the slaughter house which 3 week old calfs were promising.

Anonymous said...

Given that Big Mac is unhealthy, expensive for what you get, tasteless, and just plain bad for you, that must be one of the badest metaphors/attempts of comedy ever.