Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Signing Silvestre is either an act of genius or madness.

Late last night, just before bed, the Daily Mail website was reporting that Silvestre was on the verge of a move to Arsenal.

Heh, I thought. They really must be desperate for news today.

But waking this morning and seeing the news carried by all major carriers, and ANR, in the last few minutes, even going as far to say that he's signing right now in Highbury House (make of that what you will) this deal, which has come out of nowhere, now looks incredibly likely.

Now, signing Silvestre is fine in many ways. He's an experienced centre-back, who can cover at left-back, who's won just about everything you can do in the modern game. He's tall; well, taller than the rest of the defence, which again is saying much. He could well be the centre-back Arsene promised way back at the beginning of the summer.

But where the hell is he going to play? Surely he's not happy just to be squad-fodder. Daniel Taylor in the Guardian reports that Silvestre will start, if he signs, at CB alongside Gallas. What this means for Kolo, Djourou (who I rate highly) and Senderos (who I don't) is anyone's guess. There is the perennial talk of transforming Kolo into a defensive central midfielder, but I'm not sure if I see that happening. Kolo doesn't have a midfielder's brain or ability.

Moreover, Silvestre hasn't exactly set the world alight at OT in recent years. The fact Fergie is willing to let him go on a free transfer speaks volumes, frankly.

If we're merely picking up Silvestre as a cheap squad-strengthener alongside the defensive midfielder Arsene's been promising, I'm fine with this deal, and I'd say it was actually a very clever move by the boss.

But, if we're signing Silvestre to save money, and re-jig the squad so we 'don't need' to sign a central midfielder, then this signing is madness, utter Arsene disappearing up his own arse madness.

Anyway, let's wait and see how this all unfolds before too much mud or praise is thrown.


Anonymous said...

I agree with your post. if he is bought for experienced backup, particularly for Clichy then fine, but if its to save money on a midfielder then this is a terrible deal. only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Silvestre is going to play Right Wing and Eboue is playing up front.

nah, he will be played as cover for clichy and let traore go out on loan, we need experienced cover at the back and Silvestre offers that in exchange for champions league football and a chance to win the title with 2 different clubs.

Once he gets up to full sharpness he may play along side Gallas with Kolo in the DCM role, but we will see.

Anonymous said...

He is e really good backup. I would not say no to him....

Anonymous said...

I hope its all crap. I dont get it. He was crap at manu, he's been injured for god knows how long and he's 31. Nothing fits. Oh ...he's French. Shit

Anonymous said...

looks like everyone else gets a Harrods hamper while we make do with a Tesco value sandwich!!!

Anonymous said...

If there is any truth in this rumour then questions need to be asked of Wenger. The fact is Silvestre wouldn't have turned down a 2-3 year contract at Man City (where he has already had a medical) to join Arsenal on a 1 year deal. That means he'd been offered at least 2 years at Arsenal despite the fact he is 31. That being the case why let players like Gilberto go, who isn't injury prone & who genuinely loves Arsenal because you won't offer them a 2 year deal instead of 1???

As I say its all assumptions until we get official confirmation, but should it turn out to be true then our non french players are being treated badly.

Anonymous said...

Fits in very well.He is french and he is constantly injured.

Anonymous said...

as someone once said, opinions are like assholes, everyone seems to have one.

I have thoroughly hated Silvestre over the years, but signing him as a back-up LB and the much needed experienced CB who will prevent some of those long high balls lumped up the pitch by the Boltons, Wigans, Liverpools and more recently Pompeys, dropping in the box and creating havoc in our back line - I'm all for it.

Anonymous said...

Firstly great article!

Think back to when Toure first joined Arsenal in a midfield role back in 2002. Bring this together with his experience and clear maturity I think Toure would make a class defensive midfielder!

Also look at Wenger's role in transforming Henry from a winger to a prolific frontman. Could Wenger pull off a similar trick with Toure, has he already tested the waters with Toure playing at right back last season.

Overall Toure has the right build, the right mind and could provide the muscle and stability in Arsenal's midfield that everyoen can see is sorely missing.

Another bit of Wenger Gazzap rightly said, only time will tell!

Anonymous said...

About a year or so ago I would have been all for King Kolo in midfield, but it had to be noted that Toure would like a headless chicken in the middle of the park!

If anyone will be moved into DCM it'll be Djourou! He's got good physical size and calm and assured on the ball! Hopefully that wont be the case and we'll just sign Yaya Toure to play DCM instead :)

With regards the potential signing of MS, hmmm sceptical at best! A decent squad player, thats it.

Anonymous said...

Honestly if Wenger isn't replacing his prospective midfield signing with a defensive one, i think this could be a brilliant coup.

Ok he is 31, but the signing is cheap and he has bags of experience, not to mention a very good defender who can play in two positions along the back 4.

This signing would definitely be worth a punt and I'm amazed United would let him join us.

Go for it ARSENE!

Anonymous said...

He's not actually that injury prone. He is a decent player, its just Man U have some exceptional defenders presently. I'd be suprised if he took Toure's CB slot but then again Toure has been bobbins recently

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Is Wenger running a football club? Or is he running some kind of footballing M.A.S.H. unit? He does seem bent on providing an endless supply of patients for the medical staff to hone their skills? RVP, Rosicky always injured. Now bought Bischoff who appears to have been has been injured for most of his 21years. And now potentialy Silvestre.

Anonymous said...

less than a million - worth a gamble. Arsene's got a good record rebuilding old has beens. And maybe he is just there till the young ones grow up.

King Eric said...

For £750k Wenger is doing a good bit of business. Silvestre does not have the pace of old and, in addition to being injury prone, he is a tad error prone also. That said, when Senderos is your main back up at Centre Back, he really isn't too bad an option.

I've watched him for years and his positional sense is excellent. He can pass a ball neatly and keeps things simple. He also isn't afraid of putting his head in when needed (the 4-2 at Highbury anyone???). For £750k, Wenger is getting a bargain, especially if he stays fit.

I personally do not think he should be brought in as first choice to allow Toure to move into the DCM role. Arsenal would be much better off buying for that role specifically...

Anonymous said...

Arsenal Squad for next season looks pretty strong comapered to the struggling man u. I rekon the only team with better squad depth is chelsea for obvious reasons. If you dont beleive me look at our squad.



Inler(if he signs which is pretty likely)

c vela

Anonymous said...

its no harm to give clichy or gallas or toure competition as they get complacent at times if we get inler.cesc and diaby are on way back rosicky in a few weeks if we can get off to a flier like last year till they come back theres no stopping us.if you look at clichy and nasri last week its the first time we have good link up play since cole and pires cant wait for cesc to come back and get rvp match fit.

Anonymous said...

toure at centre mid is terrible idea. he has been very poor lately (especially on the ball) and the challenge of a change of position will not help this. i love kolo as much as the next guy but he has been struggling lately.
we dont need an untried rookie (as toure would be at centre mid), we have enough of them: diaby denilson bischoff song. We need an experienced central midfielder aged 24+ who will not just allow cesc to play but will play his own game. we are overreliant on cesc and if we can bring someone in who can also impress their own game, as well as playing with cesc, we will be laughing

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Djourou will be our holding midfielder.

Who remembers his comments whilst he was at Birmingham about how he started in that position and sees himself playing there ?

Anonymous said...

wasnt everyone asking for an experienced CB. So then why are u now complaining that this is too old. He'll play well with gallas, maybe keep the defence under control and I agree with earlier comments Toure has everything he needs to be a defensive midfielder.
if u ask me this is another stroke of wenger genius