Saturday, July 07, 2007

Gilberto is the right choice for captain.

Realistically, it was a bit of a fait accompli. Whether it has been officially announced yet or not, Gilberto is clearly the only truly viable candidate for Captain. If Cesc was two or three years older, he would be in with a definite shout - he already has the complete drive to win and the abject disdain for the opposition necessary for the role, but he does not have the experience. Yet. I imagine he shall be captain in a few years time.

Kolo would be a popular choice among the fans, but would be a rather lightweight appointment. Jens has the experience and leadership qualities necessary, but does not have the required sanity - although that never really held back Roy Keane, did it? William Gallas is the only other elder statesman in the team with the gravitas that would let him captain the side; yet he's too new to the team, and remain a rather unpopular figure among large sections of the fanbase.

So, for me, and I imagine Arsene, Gilberto it is. If he's good enough to captain Brazil, he's good enough to captain Arsenal. In the games he wore the armband last season, he led by example, exemplified by his goals for the team at crucial moments. He's calm when he needs to be calm, and authoritative at the right moments. Gilberto plays at the heart of the team; he's not ploughing a sometimes lonely furrow up-front like Thierry.

Moreover, he's not going to be a matey captain in the Thierry mould. I cannot say how much it annoyed me last year seeing Thierry laugh and joke with the opposition in the tunnel. It is, I know, only a game. But, and for all his faults, look at the steely gaze on the face of John Terry as he waits to play; see the almost psychotic concentration of Keane. When you're captain, you back your players, right or wrong. Thierry didn't do that enough; hopefully Gilberto will.

Indeed, by his comments today, he already seems up for the challenge. I want players to lead the team who publicly back the club. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come. And if nothing else, it'll be nice to have a captain who doesn't threaten to bugger off every summer. Although as soon as he is named captain, expect Madrid to publicly declare their interest in him.

In other news today, Flamini may/may not be staying which may/may not lead to the Sagna deal being off/on. Who knows. What I will say, is that there is no truth to the Fabregas to Madrid rumours. So don't worry, if you were.


Anonymous said...

I love Gilberto and I really hope they show him the respect he deserves by offering him a two year deal when the time arises. I know Arsene says its difficult for midfielders to 'collect balls' after 32 but Gilberto was never a tackler anyway.

Mark said...

Will AW offer anybody a 2 year contract once they are over 30?


He did not offer, Sol, Dennis, Pires who offered the club much more.

In terms of the captain, I think it is a small issue if it were Gilberto or Kolo or Fabregas.

All three will start all games if fit and all are core to the team.

What is important to me, is the tactics Wenger will use this season and the starting XI.

Once choosen we need those group of players to play as many games as possible together for us to have a chance of having a good season ahead.

Anonymous said...

Gilberto is the man for the job, definetely, I have always thought that a captain needs character and also needs to be either a defender or defensive midfielder.

Look at Chelsea, Man Utd even us with PV4 and TA6!, Livepool, all their and our succesful captains have been in these positions.

Gilberto was a quiet character before but I think he realized how important he was for the team last season during TH14 absence.

Those recent comments towards Drogba show commitment, he beleives the team have a good chance to win the league and why wouldnt he?

Has any of you checked the amounts of points we woulda had if we won the games we deserved to win? e.g West Ham, Aston Villa, Man City, etc...? we woulda been roughly 2 points behind Man Utd... and this is a season without Van Persie and Henry for long periods not to mention we also had a defenders crisis last season as well.

I think whoever writes Arsenal off due to TH14's departure simply didnt watch Arsenal that much last season.

I am kind of glad TH14 left, now people wont have the "your a 1 man team" excuse anymore!

Last season we got off to a horrible start against Villa at home, I am confident that our new signing Dudu will put a few chances away on his debut and we will trash Fulham and make a few heads turn.

Goonerboy said...

I've just heard a rumour that we're very close to signing Yoan Gouffran from Caen.

Anonymous said...

Youan Gouffran is quality, bt he left caen for milan a while back im sure

Anonymous said...

No w8 thats yoan gourcuff, sorry my bad

Anonymous said...

how reliable is the source goonerboy? I think he'd be a good signing personally.

aLEX said...


Dong Zhou said...

Gilberto has been a fantastic player for the club and a loyal man, last season has probably shut up the last of his doubters, he is a big player, experienced, committed to every game and I think the right choice.

Anonymous said...

...anyone know French?

Anonymous said...

Alex where is the link

Anonymous said...

BabelFish translation:

"Yoan Gouffran should be yielded soon to the English club of Arsenal. The young attacker of Caen, which could sign a three year old contract at Gunners, should however remain in Caen this season in the form of a loan.

Will Yoan Gouffran remain or not in Caen after the rise of the club in L1? It is one of the principal questions of this beginning of Mercato on the side of the Norman club. Solicited by Auxerre and Chelsea last season, the young Caen-native attacker has also interested the PSG for several months. Another club follows closely the native of Villeneuve-Saint-George, it acts of Arsenal.

The club involved by the French Arsene Wenger should have profit of cause and Gouffran to sign in the next days a contract of three or four years at Gunners. But old international Espoirs must probably have patience before carrying the shirt of Arsenal. It would be indeed agreed that the player is immediately lent to... Caen. And this until the end of the season."

So we buy him then levae him at Caen for a season...

Goonerboy said...

That was the source that my source used.

Essentially, it says we've signed him, but we'll loan him back to Caen for a year. I'm not so sure that's what arsene would want to do.

However, I think the signing of Gouffran is very much on.