Monday, July 09, 2007

Who is William Gallas? What is he to Arsenal?

No, this is isn't some philosophic, existential poser. William Gallas obviously does 'exist', and is a defender for the Arsenal and French teams.

No, it's more a poser in the light of these comments (partially my translation, I apologise):

With Thierry's departure, it's necessary that the club should explain itself to its players. I am not at Arsenal to play for third place; it is necessary to recruit well-known players, because, whilst the younger players have many qualities, a season is very, very long.

Will the departure of Henry influence your future at Arsenal?

That goes without saying. Today, I'm at Arsenal, but I don't know what could happen tomorrow. Everything happens so quickly in the world of football.... What is certain, is that several players are now asking questions about the future of the club. Around us, all the teams are recruiting; but what is planned to compensate for the departure of Titi Henry? The young players are thirsty for victories, but Arsenal has to get results and win titles to take hold in the long-term. Otherwise, we have to change our policy to that of other teams: recruiting with more means (ie, spending more on players).

He goes on to state that he recognises that the construction of the new stadium is limiting Arsenal financially at present, and that he will discuss the objectives of the club over the coming season, and what will be put in place to build a more competitive team, with Arsene Wenger and certain board members over the coming weeks.

This isn't the first time Gallas has mouthed off in public since joining the club. He's also a player who nearly came to blows with Jens in a match earlier this season.

So what is he to Arsenal?

On the one hand, he is probably the best all-round defender in the squad, with proven quality at international level and a title-winning pedigree. I maintain that the difficulties we had at the back last year were as much caused by Kolo having a poor season as Gallas, and that Willy has had to adjust from playing in a settled, experienced defence, to a largely youthful set-up. That's not as easy as many as his critics would have it.

There have been occasions when he has looked Arsenal through and through. He has celebrated with travelling fans after the game at Old Trafford, but also thanked supporters after a series of defeats - something not all our players have done. I particularly remember him clapping the fans after our defeat to West Ham, as the rest of our players skulked off the pitch. To say he doesn't care about the club, or that he is only here for the money and the easy ride, is simply not true. He does care about our club achieving success.

Moreover, there is perhaps a kernel of truth in what he is saying. Silence, as I've said on here recently, is the way Arsenal do business, but it is clearly a way that can frustrate not just fans but also players. Arsene has still not given a public interview since the departure of Thierry. Might one be an idea?

Yet there is also a hefty debit side to his presence at the club. He has rarely, to be frank, looked like the defender he has been in previous seasons, which cannot be entirely explained away by his unfamiliar and less experienced team-mates.

Moreover his rants, whether truthful or not, should not be aired so publicly. They feed into the current media portrayal of the club being 'in crisis'. The club, players and fans should be closing ranks at the moment; outbursts like this make this harder to achieve.

Ultimately Gallas has to decide soon whether he wants to stay at the club. If, like Thierry, he's no longer up for the challenge of babysitting a young team to potential success, so be it, but he should give the club the opportunity to recruit a replacement if he's not.

I hope he stays because he remains a terrific player who can do a lot for the team. However, if he does stay, he should perhaps start to think a little more before he opens his mouth.


william gallas said...

i am william gallas. i play for arsenal.

Goonerboy said...

See first line William.

Anonymous said...

Gallas speaks the truth.
I know another player who is extremely concerned as well.
Why is Wenger risking our season. He has done the same last three terms..w/ no success. When you pay peanuts get monkeys

Anonymous said...

people have short memories.

buying superstars isnt the arsenal way.

fab, henry vieira were all nobodies when they came to arsenal.

if players like Gallas and others are happy, then lets sell them, no point carrying dead wood.

Clay said...

Can someone please tell me who said buying well known players or paying over the top for players guarantee success (ask chelsea last yr or madrid 2 seasons ago or francis Jeffers). Would Fabregas be the same player he is if Viera was replaced by a big name worth bucket loads of money?

William Galls said...

No, I am William Gallas. I play for Arsenal

Anonymous said...

We have a shortage of players as it is. With Kolo off to the African Nations, is ANYONE SERIOUSLY thinking we can get by Jan and most of Feb with Djorou and Senderos at the back? Its of utmost importance to keep Gallas.

Also, these comments clearly show he cares for the team-Ive heard accusations he picks up his wages and doesnt care so why would he publicly air his views? Its precisely BECAUSE he cares he wants something done. He knows what it takes to win titles and he also knows that this team is at least 2 years away.

Goonerboy said...

Gallas or Galls?

Anonymous said...

Gallas is a shit player that is why he was never sighned by us year's ago.

We should never of agreed to take him for ashly cole we should have got money what a big mistake.

He has done fuck all since he arrived but talk shit about arsenal and seen as he is 30 we should really get ridd of him.

I am beginning to wonder if gallas is a kind of trosian horse sent in by morinho.

Anonymous said...

One reader said sell Gallas.Easier said than done. For a start there is no one good enuf to fill his shoes that's why he can rant his mouth off.
Of course no one is indispenasble.Further more there is no guarantee that established stars can deliver the goods.Risk wise they are less of agamble than the one signed by AW. If Arsenal start fighting for the title well and good.But you never know . It could backfire on AW and I'm sure gunner fans won't stand for another season of transition which could be reflected in the attendance figures.

Siya said...

gallas must shut up, his performances were average last season. he better focus on improving and if that happens then he can blabber

Anonymous said...

he is only saying what the players think. and what some intelligent fans also feel.

this is not arsene wenger idiots. its the board. arsene wenger does not have any money to buy players. eddy only cost 2.2m. not the 6-8m quoted.

you can say we have money. but its a lie to the fans. otherwise why take out a 40m extra loan?

sell up to dein/kroenke. thats our only salvation.

Adam said...

Is it me or do we have the worst press officers in the world? Our players don't shut up! There needs to be a tighter control over what our players say to the don't get it at any other big clubs to this extent.

Anonymous said...

don't think a trojan horse is needed mate :-D

Anonymous said...

The latest is RM want Fab. If he is old and Arsenal get only Robinho the gunners better say bye bye to the title.You never know .
Of course AW has his own plans and thta's why I can't wait for the season to start.
It will prove whether the fans or AW is right in signing players for their potential when the results start coming in.
And oh it will confirm that Arsenal have limited funds to buy players in spite of what HW has said. Arsenal will deem to be seller's club.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

- trojan horse?

of come on. players have limited careers. you cannot expect them to sit abt for a year because the shareholders plan to sell up next year - not this.

its left us in a limbo. with arsene juggling a 10m budget.

why hasn't grimindi signed as our dof? its obvious.

dein is our only savior. if the takeover doesn't happen this summer. there will be mass desertions.

Anonymous said...

fuck gallas

Anonymous said...

For those that want Kroenke, please bear in mind the guy is a dollar billionaire, worth apparently about £750,000 over here, and to buy the club would cost over £500,000 !! Do you think, with all his other commitments, that he is going to plow all of his money into arsenal football club ? No chance !! The answer is not selling out to Kroenke, more to buy 2 or 3 quality proven players over the summer and have a strong squad for the new season. Gallas always lets his mouth run away with him and even if what he says is true he shouldnt be speaking out against his paymasters. Why is it that its always arsenal players saying things bad about our own club ? Why dont any players from other clubs do it ? Does it not worry other fans that we have players that just want to be around Wenger not arsenal ? Surely they should want to play for the club first, whoever is managing !!

Anonymous said...

kroenke's wife is the heir to the walmart empire.

as a couple they are worth 5.5 billion dollars. (forbes mag)

more than any other sports owner apart from abrahamovic.

more than glazers, gillete, mr mbna etc.

do your homework.

Goonerboy said...

Who's to say she'll invest any money?

She won't; he'll leverage the buy-out, put up very little money, and, effectively, get ticket-holders to pay for the takeover.

I really don't think he's going to improve the financial status of the club; if anything he'd worse it.

Anonymous said...

At 3:20 PM, Anonymous said...
kroenke's wife is the heir to the walmart empire.
as a couple they are worth 5.5 billion dollars. (forbes mag)
more than any other sports owner apart from abrahamovic.
more than glazers, gillete, mr mbna etc.
do your homework.

I'm sorry mate, i didnt realise his wife was the one that would be taking over arsenal, i thought it was Stan ! Did the home work, suggest you do yours, my wifes worth shedloads of money but doesnt mean she'll give it to me to buy a football club, i believe she has her own mind !!
Stans dealings are his own dealings and since we're dealing with him he is worth about £750k ! So glad we cleared that one up

Anonymous said...

because they are married boy.

thats how it works in a marriage.

this is not a leveraged buy-out. where the hell did you get that idea? he bought the ITV shares up front. the glazers did a LBO because they really don't have the money. they are small fry compared to the kroenkes.

stan wants the highbury development. he has a huge property portfolio. he thinks he can do better. with that kind of financial muscle, do you think they would ever allow such a major investment not to compete with the likes of gillette, hicks and glazers?

dein as chairman!

Anonymous said...

Hey i'm not about to be getting into argumants with other gooners !! I had heard, through media and blogs etc that kroenke was worth about £750k, no one mentioned his wife !! And if she's willing to put her money into the club then i retract my statement and say buy the club Stan and missus !!
As for the marriage part, i'm married to but just coz the wife might want to buy a football club for £500 million doesnt mean i'd say yeah go for it love :o)

All i want is whats best for arsenal football club, as i'm sure you all do to !

Anonymous said...

glazer besides man utd also owns a NFL team in US and has a food business. he knows buys good players is also a good business. I am sure Kroenke knows that too. just look at beckham..he made 350 pounds for real madrid!

Anonymous said...

we are fucked! we are not selling out to kronake so fizzman can get his pay check next year cause of tax reasons so we will not spend another pennyover the money up front we recieved from the henry deal

Goonerboy said...

Don't believe everything you read on ANR, anon.4.35.

Dong Zhou said...

Gallas will hopefully have settled in and click with Toure for next season, he has experienced and leadership. He does need to learn when to keep quiet sometimes and AW should have a word but don't think he should get some of the hatred seen in the comments.

Anonymous said...

Fairly balanced blog today GB not so much of a knee-jerk response as some other bloggers.

Re: the Toure/Gallas partnership. I think Toure was unsettled by the introduction of Gallas. He knew where he stood with Sol and took on the big brother role with Senderos and Djourou. With Gallas there seemed to be a hesitancy. Toure has the track record at Arsenal but Gallas was his senior in age and experience. Gallas also seemed to want to spend too much time in an 'attacking' role - maybe the number 10 shirt and being freed from the shackles of the overly defensive Chelsea set up went to his head. I think he could stand to get his priorities in order. As a senior player on the team I would have more respect for Gallas if he took more responsibility on the pitch and let his playing do the talking for him. However, if he stays, I'm sure their partnership will be worked out. Toure has little ego and will do what's best for the team once he knows and can rely on his partner.

Gooner69 said...

Look what is with all the ppl panicking, you should know by now that AW isnt going to spend a boat load of loot, never has, never will; we will have to deal with the "DuDu's" of the footballing world... I have read alot on Arse sites that ppl think that Spuds will eclipse us in the table this upcoming season just cause they bought Darren Bent-Rod, and spent on some others, WAKE THE F*&K UP!!! No one in the Prem has the skills with a ball like our younglings, not Man'ure, Chelski, or Sliverpool, not one stinking, smelly one of'em!!! Stop being worry warts and lets see how the season plays out; I for one believe by the end of the day alot of ppl will be pleasently surprised by what are young guns have done.....UP THE ARSE!!!
Gooner69 & loving it

Anonymous said...

Even if they do have a combined 5.5 billion, why would they sink their own money into the club when they can buy it with a loan and then re-finance? Would you buy a house with your own money?