Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ljungberg / Takeover / Palacio / Transfer policy for the rest of the summer.

Was Freddie on the plane to Austria? 'Oh no he wasn't' cries Myles; 'Oh wait, yes he was' cries, er, Myles. Lovely stuff.

Almost as much as this near propaganda piece published today. One paragraph I'd especially like to pick-up on was this:

"If Stan Kroenke bought Arsenal he wouldn't do it in the same way as the Glazers and he could borrow money at more favourable interest rates. There are many types of deal and many ways to finance a deal."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but you're not a corporate financier are you Myles? You're not exactly structuring leveraged buy-outs for the likes of Morgan Stanley, are you? There are many types of deal and many ways to finance a deal, but I would be utterly astounded if Kroenke launched a bid for Arsenal which was not highly leveraged.

Whilst it's lovely that Stan likes reading, is super-fit and heals the sick with the merest touch of his moustache, the crux of the takeover, for me, is the financing. We're never going to see a deal as highly leveraged as that which the Glazers somehow pushed through oop north, but that doesn't mean Stan won't have to borrow heavily to buy, which, fundamentally and unnecessarily, puts the club in more debt, even if in the short-term we can buy lovely shiny trinkets.

It's lucky than I converse - albeit electronically - with other bloggers, as many were a lot wiser to the recent Palacio scam than the 'feral beast' that is the British media. Hence I avoided splashing a 'PALACIO SIGNS FOR ARSENAL: A GOONERBOY EXCLUSIVE' on Monday. It seems that to become a journalist at The Sun or The Daily Mail, you merely need to know how to copy and paste from internet blogs. I am quite surprised at this, if only because this attributes a higher level of intelligence to their journalists than I previously thought.

Someone has obviously just returned from holiday at, as the site has burst into life with almost staggering vigour, a cavalcade of stories spewing forth from the club in the last few days. This recent post is of particular note, where Arsene explains the signings of Eduardo and Sagna. Sagna is to provide cover and competition for the full-backs, especially during the ACoN, and Eduardo would not have been signed had Thierry stayed. As I said on here a few weeks ago, Arsene confirmed that it was Thierry, not Arsene, who was the major impetus behind his departure, and this has changed, if not upset, his plans for the coming year.

The article does not fully clear-up whether Arsene's chequebook is effectively closed or not. Are 'super-super' players still to come or has the budget been spent?

Personally, if we're to lose Reyes, as seems likely, we still need more options for the wings. Even if Freddie were to stay we need an out-and-out left sided midfielder, and possibly even one on the right as well. The prospect of having Rosicky and Freddie as our left-sided options, and Theo and Hleb as our right, seems a little thin to me.

The squad needs further strengthening; but will any occur? One's things for certain: we won't know about any signings until they appear on - not Boca Juniors Blogspot.


norman said...

Look here brother, as a Gooner I respect your opinions and enjoy your comments most of the time. But one thing that continually strikes me about you is your consistent attacks on Myles Palmer. You talk about shoddy journalism but when somebody takes the time to give a different perspective on an issue its also a problem? I read the article on ANR before you wrote this and like so many Gooners I am apposed to any take over but I found the incite into Kroenke's character a little refreshing from the same hate dribble coming from sites like your own. In short, you have your opinion and Myles has his, I respect them both. But I never see Myles commenting on your blog! Have you gotten every report right? Have you never made a mistake on something Arsenal? Try giving your own stories like Myles does instead of commenting on everybody else’s.

Goonerboy said...

No, I haven't gotten every report right. But a takeover is a far bigger issue than me failing to predict the correct scoreline from time to time.

The only time Myles has commented on other Bloggers is to remark of his utter disdain for them.

I pulled him up on one paragraph of his report because it was unforgivably sloppy to make a throwaway remark like that about how a takeover would be financed, and I worried about the effect that might have on other Gooners' opinions on any takeover.

I actually don't mind ANR - it's certainly an engaging read - but if I feel it needs pulling up, I will, as I have done to other blog sites.

The Muso said...

I too was going to flame you, but will just say that I side with Norman above.

Give credit where it's due for a well researched, well compiled article that is only as speculative as all the other socially generated media out there.

Goonerboy said...

It's nice to know a little more about Kroenke, but just because he likes reading and running and is supposedly like Wenger doesn't make the takeover any more attractive, as he still hasn't given any indication as to how it will financially benefit the club.

Anonymous said...

huz this myles chap

Anonymous said...

you got a bit of a chip on your shoulder, no, goonerboy? how about writing something creative/constructive yourself instead of the sniping.

i, along with many others, look forward to hearing myles' angle on things.

SoggyCelebs said...

I agree with Goonerboy.

Myles article was just a cheerleader piece for Kroenke. It's great that he won't take such high interest rates when he buys Arsenal...

So instead of Paying 100 million pounds a year interest, we'll only be paying 92 million!

Bravo Mr. Palmer!

PS: Also he thinks Robbie Keane is good enough for Arsenal. And whichever player he praised when they joined flops. I fear for Eduardo.

Goonerboy said...

Has anyone actually read what I've said? Rather than just blindly attack me for daring to posit a different view to Myles?

He thinks that there will be no issues with funding of a Stan-backed takeover; I do. I would say that is offering something constructive to the debate.

dom10 said...

I agree with Goonerboy, ANR is tiring as he constantly seems to make up wild nonsense i.e. the Ljungberg story that goonerboy refers to, early in the close season apparently we had signed Malouda and if Henry left we would sign Babel, all nonsense. Finally this wild story about us signing a Reo-Coker a while back;

Anonymous said...

if you don't like it - u know where the off button is... at least myles has his own take on things - instead of just doing a news summary off (of) newsnow (the UKs no.1 news oportal, updated every 2 minutes).

Anonymous said...

gonnerboy is entitled to have a pop at Myles Palmer if he wants. Those read ANR will fondly remember classic Myles opinions such as when TH14 signed he stated that TH14 wasn't a goal scorer.

JJ said...

Myles Palmer is highly opinionated and self-satisfied, but always an entertaining (if sometimes infuriating) read (his smug comment on Monday about knowing about Thierry's divorce two weeks ago was a classic - I suspect Thierry told Myles before he told Mrs H!).

His piece on Stan was interesting -but "well researched"? - not sure about that as he admitted cutting and pasting most of it from an article that could have been written by Stan's PR man (or fitness instructor)

As for the financing, Goonerboy is right - Myles hasnt clue how he would finance it. It would be very surprising given the stream of semi-predictable ticket revenues if a significant amount of leverage werent used.

The main point is that the current board have done an astonishingly good job over the last few years to move to the new stadium and secure the club's future - now give them a chance to deliver.

Ant33 said...

I would not only like to agree with gunerboy I would go further. I used to read ANR all the time when 1st introduced to it a while back but became more and more annoyed by the smugness and attitude of MP which was resently re confirmed when a freind sent a link to a story on ANR talking about Henry and his Mrs splitting to which MP state "I Knew this 2 weeks ago" oh yeah mate right sure you did why not report it 2 weeks ago then ???? Keep up the good work goonerboy

Borehamwood Gooner said...

The best thing with blogs is to not get personal.

I dont care about the money thing, if Stan does come he will have to put his hand in his pocket, why cant he just own say 25% and be a director and give cash for players???

Anyway in terms of signings, I think we could be getting a winger, perhaps SWP.

Anonymous said...

quaresma - would be a 'super class' signing...

Soop said...

I personally don't see what the issue is with either ANR or Goonerboy's article above. Both authors have their own take on things - the one obviously favouring a takeover and the other slightly more cautious.

Besides Myles' usual gaffes, everyone should know by now that anything posted on ANR should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Surely the same should apply to everything you read in blog-land...?!

Goonerboy said...

Quaresma would be a super super signing, but is even more super super unlikely to happen.

Atletico have agreed a deal with him already, so I've heard.

Anonymous said...

I think you are getting a bit obsessed with Myles Palmer.
I don't see him posting blog slagging you off. Thats because you donn't know what to write about only comment on what he writes.
Get a life man.

Anonymous said...

quaresma to athletico fell through, swy liverpool were linked more recently. we need a 'super' signing to give us an edge - which we may have lost due to the exit of henry, and quaresma is the man to give us that edge.

and there aren't too many super players available. and every team thats won the league has had a flying winger (remember marwood 89, limpar 91, overmars 98, pires 03). i reckon we should get in quaresma and play eduardo up front, or play eduardo coming in from the left and get a super striker to spearhead the attack.


Anonymous said...

SWP had his chance to come to Arsenal but chose CFC instead. Spurs are welcome to him. Besides Chelski will never sell to a direct rival.

Ben said...

Arsene has said he was expecting Thierry to stay at the start of the summer and I'm not surprised. It is fairly well known that one of the biggest reasons why Henry didn't move to Barca last summer was due to his wife. She refused to live there. Their recent split removed this obstacle and off he went.

AW has also now said that before the end of the season he was intending to make one super signing, but this isn't Eduardo Da Silva. He is the additional striker needed due to the loss of Henry.
Therefore assuming Reyes is still being sold it is reasonable to expect Arsene making this super signing before the end of the summer, especially now because he has £8mil+ ("+" due to the extra money saved from Henry's vast wages) more than he expected.

I know that speculation is silly but I have a inkling that this super singing could be Robinho. It seems strange that the transfer of Reyes has not gone through yet and a possible reason for this is that AW is waiting to see whether Real can acquire Robben. If they can then they'd be more willing to exchange Robinho for Reyes + cash.
It seems likely that the super signing is a left winger/striker because firstly we are short in that area and secondly it is "believed" that when he was bought Rosicky had been intended primarily for the right midfield, not the left. Arsene was unable to acquire Ribery or Robinho last summer, 2 definite targets. He seems like the logical choice, but then again I'm not AW. I guess we'll just have to play the waiting game.

What I do know is that if Reyes is sold and a big signing is not made then there will be a lot of dissappointed and angry Arsenal fans, not that that would bother Arsene or the board....

gunner4life&beyond said...

Goonerboy, I say well done and don't worry about the people having a 'pop' at you for supposedly having a 'pop' at him (hypocritical much?). Anyway, I've read his blog and he can be a bit of a d**k, so someone should have said something about him. Cheers.

hboy said...

I can't believe there are people on here defending Myles Palmer. He's worth reading, but only to have a good laugh at him, he's absolutely hilarious. The man who is the best friend of every celebrity, sporting or otherwise, in the United Kingdom ... or not, but he'd certainly like us all to believe it.

The man who writes an Arsenal blog every day, but claims not to be an Arsenal fan.

It's scary to think that there are people out there closely following, preaching and defending Myles words.

Goonerboy said...

Thanks for the positive comments guys.

Ben - I agree wholeheartedly with you: we need new players for the wings. But I worry that they're not coming, and if they don't then our squad is nowhere near strong enough to compete next year.

Ben said...

Good to know I'm not alone!

I think we'll do better than last season assuming we keep relatively injury free. I think Da Silva will make a lot of difference. A lack of finishing is responsible for most of our problems last season and Da Silva might fix this. If Adebayor stays as is and Van Persie doesn't sharpen up again we'll have problems though.

The type of game Arsenal plays now means wide players are less essential but variety is good to have. Mixing things up can generally shake opposition defences enough to make the difference. I personally would be happy to see Reyes back at Arsenal but that's because I think Henry was the main cause of his London disliking, not the weather.
However, Robinho is my first choice. He's a man who's just come into form. He can play on the right or left, on the wing or upfront. A real fireball. Having that 2 in 1 is a real bonus and I know it's something that AW values.

However, I personally believe that in a particular match we can compete with any team, even without a new signing. When the boys are up for it their game is just so superior to anyone else's, even ManU's. Their problem is when they're not up for it they drop off and weaker teams can take advantage when Arsenal don't convert their chances. A super player like Robinho could be the force to carry them in that situation. That might be where the title lies...

Goonerboy said...

All fully fit, we have a half-decent squad. Yet for the last two seasons we've suffered as our squad isn't big enough. That's my worry.

Anonymous said...

This site has been consistently the worst for spouting utter garbage for many months,unlike ANR which appears to be well measured in it's appraisal of various situations.For you to suddenly declare a victory on the back of one incorrect report from Myles is so laughable,after all weren't you the one who after a couple of poor results last season, joined "the doubting Wenger" gang?Wenger knows,you my friend,given one unlucky home draw will call for David O'Leary to step into his shoes.

Anonymous said... said that Arsenal had agreed a fee for Porto winger Lucho González, but valencia have offered 15 million for him !

The said...

Hi Norman,
I used to adore Myles Palmer articles. But nowadays his articles looks more like they are with a hidden agenda. Like someone bought him to propagate certain things on fans behalf. But I always appreciated the mentality of Arsebloger. they are consistent in their opionion.

Anonymous said...

This site has its many faults but Myles is something else! For a man who claims to be so well informed, he does produce such crap! He once stated, not spectulated, that he has inside info on a deal having been SIGNED to bring ledley king to Arsenal for £22.5m. Such claims are not one-offs.

Let us also recall that this is the man who said Henry was an average player who would never make anything of himself at Arsenal the same week that he signed.

Anonymous said...

This site has its many faults but Myles is something else! For a man who claims to be so well informed, he does produce such crap! He once stated, not spectulated, that he has inside info on a deal having been SIGNED to bring ledley king to Arsenal for £22.5m. Such claims are not one-offs.

Let us also recall that this is the man who said Henry was an average player who would never make anything of himself at Arsenal the same week that he signed.

Anonymous said...

We are being linked with an Iraqi player :

I youtubed his name and he seems to be a very decent player..check these out :

and this wonder goal :