Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Anyone else nervous?

An understated title methinks.

So, a first and a last tonight: our first ever CL semi-final; our last european game at highbury. Sob. Anything less than a ball-busting win would do the stadium an injustice, but it's going to be a very tough game. Villa are the first team we've played in the knockout stages with our level of hunger, and also without the hubristic approach of Real or Juve. They have Riquelme - a player so good Maradona marked him out as his successor - while Forlan is unrecognisable from the lump who took a season to score at ManU. If we let our concentration drop we're done for. And, if we don't get a result tonight, going to Spain and getting one will be, perhaps, a step too far, despite our heroics in Madrid.

Luckily Fab's fit, and whilst Reyes is missing, I think Bobby has a point to prove tonight after being dropped for the match in Turin.

Personally, with Fab, I think our 5 midfielders will be too much. My hope is: Freddie and Bobby will rouse themselves for one last night, and will battle and scare the life out of a Villa midfield used to sedate la liga ways; Fab and Hleb will supply the creativity; Gilbs will basically, although we won't admit it, take Riquelme out. Tel will have a point to prove after the idiot journalist questioned his commitment to Arsenal [we all love you Terry!]; the back four will have, another, big game; and Jens will be his crazy,impenetrable, best keeper in Europe, self.

Not much to ask.

If you're up for a laugh to ease some of the tension, see Myles' ANR column today: 'I'm a famous journalist, I've done too many previews before' hahaha. His article on Milan-Barca was spot on though. 1-0 down, at home, who do Milan bring on? Maldini. A defender. Gotta love Italian football. Why Schevchenko is still there god knows.

Oh, and no comment on Tel's contract because we know the situation. He will or won't sign but he'll make his mind up between the end of the season and the world cup. Now everyone shut up, apart from telling him how much we love him, and hope he decides to stay. Read Arseblog for his full quote, but any paper which suggests he doesn't think he owes Arsenal or us fans anything is talking rubbish.

So -COME ON BOYS!!!! One last night at Highbury. We can do it.


Anonymous said...

well i am very nervous, not only for tonight, but Saturday. i work in an office with a Spurs fan, who has a cheeky, arrogance about him as he believes his team will get the draw on Saturday and then sail to the end for the fourth spot... that makes me very nervous, even though i have faith and trust in our boys to do so well...

i am also worried that the EHO will be round to my house tonight to tell me to keep the noise down...

massive night,and cant wait

come on boys

gazzap said...

its up to us. we have 2 great chances to qualify for the CL next season. if we are good enough and deserve it then we will be in it, pretty simple really. I think the Arsenal boys will raise their game for the last few games.
I would take a 1-0 tonight. Come on, lets do em.

eddy said...

I come from Hong Kong and have been a gooner for almost 28 years. This is the first time we are in European Cup Semi. The game starts at 2:45 am and will be live on TV. Hope we will get something in this Highbury historic moment.
Come on Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

Not at all nervous about tonight. Villarreal are suddenly being hyped up as an excellent team which quite frankly they are not. Refs have given them massive decisions in games against everton (qualifying round) & rangers which have put them through. They scored what can only be described as a lucky goal within two minutes at inter milan & again won because of it. Having watched them many times they really are not that good & I fully expect arsenal to beat them with a fair amount of ease. People can point to the draws with man utd but at the time man utd were really awful even getting beaten by benfica etc. 2-0 tonight & we are through.

As for spurs they can think all they like, it amazes me how their fans are so cocky considering how poor they actually are. Arsenal have lost as many this season as they have in the past 3 seasons combined yet fourth place is still in our hands, so why are people raving about spurs?? Sure they have more league points than last season but went out of both cups in the first round to lower league opposition. Jol has spent more money than any other spurs manager in recent history & the only reason they are in with a chance is because arsenal have been decimated by injuries all season!! King is the first proper injury spurs have had. Also they play west ham on the last day of the season at upton park & west ham have a good record against spurs & would love to stop them getting champions league football. West ham fans hate spurs more than anyone else so should spurs get a draw at highbury they will think the job is done, only to be shocked on the last day!!

Anonymous said...

Feel ill. Can't work. Even the cat is feeling the tension (has just been sick under a chair).

Henry sounds simultaneously furious and whimsical in the papers today. Asked what he most loves about Arsenal, he answered: the grass. Every time he screws up a shot or a cross, he'd like to stop and take a look at it apparently. The grass? Does this bode well?

Goonerboy said...

Well, Highbury does have a beautifully kept pitch...

Maybe this might swing his decision.

Anonymous said...

Just eating my fifth bag of crisps today, I'm just so nervous I'm binge eating to help fill the void....

I went to my last EVER Highbury game Saturday (Dennis’s Goal was sublime) and said my goodbyes to the stadium that holds millions of unforgettable memories for so many Gooners.
I just hope the players realise how passionate true gunners feel about this being the last ever Champions League game at Highbury, it’s a time to where you heart on your sleeves boys and show the world that we are not the nearly team in Europe.

Anonymous said...

The Highbury pitch isn't going to keep Titi at Ashburton Grove, is it? The pitch there should be just as good mind you, even if somewhat bigger. The webcam on shows the new pitch being laid at this very minute.
Hopefully we'll get the rub of the green tonight and set the tie to rest in the first leg.

Anonymous said...

I gotta admit to being bloody nervous about tonight. I know nothing about Villareal in all honesty, and even though a few people don't give them much hope, if they get a bit of luck then an away goal could be curtains.

The truth of the matter is though that this Arsenal team seems hungry in europe like I have never seen before, and with performances like we've put in in the last 4 games in the CL means we have an absolutely superb chance. We just have to keep performing.

I can't wait for it to start, although I may not be able to watch when it does!

Up the gunners.

Goonerboy said...

Yeah Boz your right - highbury won't keep Tel at Arsenal next year...

Although I imagine the groundstaff will remain the same: so the grass should still be nice :)

Black said...

if any1 else has read the article, youl find out that the emirite grass will be the best in the world, there more technology dedicated to it than what youd expect for - wel grass.

Anonymous said...

Ohmygod streets near where I live full of Villarreal fans - though in fairness they're looking as tense as I feel. Just had a nasty thought: when we play there will we have to wear our unlucky blue?

Anonymous said...

Not quite enough? Certainly not as good as I'd hoped, and they seemed pretty happy about it. Man of the Match: Gilberto for me (despite the penalty claim). We were unlucky, I thought - nothing wrong with the disallowed goal, but by about 60 minutes I found myself hoping Walcott might come on - always a bad sign. What happened to the squirrel?

Park Lane Yiddo said...

Hello Gooners

Spurs fan here.

Well i'm glad that a few of you are nervous because it's makes me feel slightly better but you simply cannot be as nervous as me.

Usually going into a derby game at your pad i hope for a draw at best and pray that you don't batter us, but because there is so much at stake for both clubs i feel a lot more optimistic than usual, that and the fact the derby game is sandwiched in between your important CL semi's.

Even if (and it's a big if) Spurs were to manage to get a result of some sort on sat you still have to be favourites for 4th as someone pointed out ealier we play the Hamsters away on the last day of the season, and if we go into that game needing a win then i'm afraid it could end our CL hopes.

I also expect you to take full points from you remaining 3 games.

Must say I always wish English teams the best in Europe and unlike many Spurs fans I genuinely wish you luck too.

But if Spurs manage to finish 4th then i'm afraid i won't be cheering you on if you make the final as it will (obviously) snatch our chance of CL qualification.

Must admit that we are only where we are due to you's having a poor season by your high standards and it would destroy me to be robbed of a stab at Europes elite competition.

Anyway it's nice to be actually playing for something at this stage of the season and Spurs only need 1 pt to secure Uefa Cup footie (which i would have taken at the start of the season) so i'm still going to be happy come may.

If you do go on & finish 4th then well done & all the best in the CL!

Damn, saying that hurts!!!

Roll on Saturday, let the fun begin!


jobby said...

fair play park lane yiddo, good to see someone with sense....if we do miss out on fourth and dont win the CL than I will be highly pissed off but its not as if its been robbed from us, the team that finishes higher deserves to, all in all the league table doesnt lie, if we dont get fourth its because we didnt deserve it, saying that, I still wanna thump u guys on Saturday. Anyone wonder what changes Arsene will make for saturday, id say there could be at least five. Van p, Ade, Reyes, Diaby and djourou/sol will all come in id say, which doesnt fill me with confidence.

Sammy Nelson's shorts said...

Whoever finishes 4th, will deserve the CL spot, so fair to you Park Lane Boy. I think it will be quite open on Saturday, as The Arse will make some changes and will lose some of their cohesion. Perhaps the squirrel on the right wing?? First NL derby I've really looked forward to for many a year.
With regards to the away leg, the redcurrant kit will be worn.

Anonymous said...

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