Thursday, April 13, 2006

A couple of questions, and don't scapegoat Adebayor

I'll write a full post on the game tonight when i have unmonitored internet use.

For now a couple of questions:

What was Arsene thinking with the line up? Song-Diaby in CM!?!

Does Reyes bother turning up for away games?

If we concede a goal, do we ever bother battling back anymore/ Or, more worryingly, Can we battle back, i.e. do we have the quality in the team to pull games back any more if we go down, or need to get a goal?

If Freddie can't score, should he play?

If Song is playing, why not Walcott?

Most damningly of all, are we an average team, being artificially propped up by the greatest player on earth - Henry?

A quick note on Adebayor. He missed several sitters last night, and by sitters i mean just touch the ball in a forward motion and =goal, BUT PLEASE DON'T SCAPEGOAT HIM. He WILL get better if we keep faith in him. I'm sick of reading people slagging off the players after watching them in a handful of games. Adey has brought us a dimension we didn't have, and will improve his finishing. Trust me. His first miss was set up by a header of his which no-one else on the team would have won. Consider that.

Having said that, I'm now minorly hysterical that we're going to go bankrupt without CL football, and that TH is surely thinking about playing for a team of men, not boys. Any reassurance on this panic will be welcome.



Jack said...

mate don't panic! firstly we wont go bankrupt cos the 10 mill you get from CL qualification we've already made by getting to the semis this year. secondly, you're right about adebayor. at kleast he's gettin in those positions and he will score more than he misses. i seem to remember th not being able to hit a barn door in his first few games, this guy already has 4 goals and links up superbly with henry, as we saw in our goal last night. and we can bounce back cos as last night proved we do still create chances when we let ion a goal which is the hard opart. we just gotta put more away. lets just hope the scum drop points in either of their next two games and it'll be in our hands again

TulanMing said...

Scapegoat ? Did we put a gun to his head and FORCED him to miss that sitter ? not to mention that header ? That header is what we BOUGHT him for...and he missed ?

And he stumbled when almost clear on one on one ?

And he pushed the ball forward when he is already in the 6 yard box where a turn the other way would give him a clear shot at goal ? Who forced him to do all that ? certainly not us viewers. His lack of touch and intellect did it for him.

He is Peter Crouch and Andy Cole ( without the goals ) combined. If i could strangle him, i would last night.

The more annoying thing was..when Lua lua equalised in the 66th..the team revert to self pitying mode.


How we have turned the corner not.

Anonymous said...

That last comment was pathetic and one of those typical gooners that is all pesimistic now that we've drawn a game!

Yes it was frustrating, but these things happen in football. Chances do get missed, Henry has missed open goals in his time with us, and had a very slow start to his Arsenal career. Give Adey a chance, he's scored 4 goals so far which isn't a bad return.

He is very raw still, and we bought him knowing he was still raw. He was never bought as the finished artical was he!? He's stil young, and he offers us something different up front - give him a full season before we start persecuting him.

Pompey were sh!t and lucky. They deserve to go down with the sort of football they play.

Spurs have the tougher run in, and history tells us they can choke at anytime anywhere!

We'll see....

Anonymous said...


But when we fighting for a 4th place finish why should we stick by the striker who cant hit a barn door. Last night was not the first night he missed a hatful of clear cut chances. Van Persie was sitting on the bench and we give him a 15 minute warm once we gone inot self destruction mode and never gave the ball to the strikers. Im not a pesimistic Arsenal fan, but we have to be honest with ourselves. Kanu didnt make the grade at arsenal so why should this togo star as they are very similar.

As for Song. Well lets hope we dont see him at paly another game for Arsneal. his touch, paces, movent was aweful. very young and in experienced i agree but why not play helb in there as the 2 centre midfielders did not attack at all or play decent football.

Anonymous said...

Can't agree on your comment on Adebayor. He was clueless on the pitch. Every time he touched the ball, he have to take time to gain control and the play slow down. No one touch football for him except the bounce pass for the Henry goal (under was perform under henry's instruction). He not only missed chances, he broke up play.

He looked like he didn't sleep the night before. With his reaction as slow as cygan, I wouldn't say it was his normal self but, last night, he totally missed it.

tunadog said...

i have a huge problem with is always right to give a foreign player a season to settle into a foreign league...Reyes has had plenty of time.He has a lot of speed & obvious talent but is he mentally tuned into the requirements of the team.I have lost track of the number of times he runs straight at the opposition with no end product...his finishing is poor & i find his habit of going to ground at the merest touch very annoying...IS REYES ANOTHER PLAYER WHO PROMISES MUCH BUT PRODUCES LITTLE ?

lc said...

When we lost to Manu, people quickly went on to defend the coach tactic. I think we are helping Arsene to make more mistakes by not saying what is really wrong with his tactic.
You can't rotate a team that's got poor quality on bench. I said that and I am saying this again. That game was a key game and all our regular players should have had played. Yes, Adebayor did miss a lot of goal scoring opportunities. But people forget that we produced these opportunities within the way ADE link up well with TH. Can anyone tell me how many goal scoring chances we had after Adebayor went off? I can't remember any with RVP entry. So there is problem somewhere.
Thiery Henry is our all times goal scorer; but he can't link up well with Robin Van Persie because both players can't keep ball. They lose quite a lof balls. In my opinion, Adebayor is a good signing; he needs a bit of times to settle with goal scoring. At least he makes a lof of goals scoring chances; and that is a good sign. The coach was once again the only responsible for our poor performance by playing Sol,Song and Freddie who thinks that football is only about making silly run without thinking at all.

Anonymous said...

Obviously frustrating that we only drew with pompey but lets not overreact here ... the only decision I would question last night was not having backup on the bench for Song if he didn't perform. It would have been nice to be able to put on Gilberto and steady the ship.

Ade has scored in previous games and every striker can have a 'mare, although personally I like Van Persie as a player more and thought he should have come on much earlier.

It may not be entirely in our hands but the spuds have a tough run in, and so long as we match blackburns points tally over the next 5 games we'll finish above them.

We need wenger to play a full strength 11 against WBA (or as close to full strength as he can get) and we need to get behind the team and give WBA a good battering.

Up the gunners.

+urieph+ said...

first of all, in my mind, they played really well last night, and then I think Pompey deserved the point since they have been great recently, and they battled last night.

Adebayor? ok I was so pissed about him last night.. but it happens, even the dutch master had been in the same situation, as well as our Captain.

one thing is, why didnt wenger play walcott, he can put freddie in the centre instead of song.. since we need an attacking side. Pompey was very disiplined last night.

on the other hand I always grateful to see our young players performing well, and cool under the end season pressure.

have faith people, Juve was brought down on their knee by Arsenal.

Anonymous said...

No worry mate! Mathematically we are still in it.
I am sure Spurs would lose at least two games. But we have to win all our remaining games. It sounds though, but not impossible.
The only regret last night, is that our bench hasn't got enough quality to rest any player at the moment. As there's only an interval of three days between our next games, the coach should give the players about two days for rest and one day for tactical training.
I don't believe we will win many games by rotating the squad as last two games shown it.
Adebayor wasn't the only player who performed badly last night; even Thiery Henry, despite his goal did perform poorly; Song, Freddie and Van Persie, all had poorly performed.
But players that create more goal scoring chances should remain on pitch(Reyes, Hleb, Adebayor) instead of replacing them; and we couldn't get any chance to score when RVP came in, because he doesn't create any.

Anonymous said...

tunadog is out of his mind. Check the leader in assist for the Premiership. Reyes. Nuff said

Anonymous said...

Haha you lot really should start panicking. You had a run of about 6 games when you played mediocre teams with nothing to play for (Villa,Charlton,Fulham) and ageing teams (Madrid, Juventus) and suddenly everything was ok. You were back to your best we were all told. Yeah well not everyone believed that crap and lo and behold, you play against a couple of teams with something to play for, with fire in their belly, and your soft centre is exposed again. Beware, WBA are fighting aginst relegation too, they will be tougher then Portsmouth. I fancy another draw. Especially if Wenger does us a favour and rotates your incredibly weak squad. You say that the mighty Spurs have a tougher run in but Everton are floating in mid table. They wont be a bother as we have only lost twice in the prem to them. Man Utd is the only tricky game but we are at home. Highbury is the crunch match but with the second leg against Villareal a couple of days later. Bolton at home, no problem, and Hammers away with their eyes firmly fixed on the FA cup final a week later (If they beat Boro).
Arse 1-1 WBA
Everton 1-3 Spurs
= 6 points clear

TulanMing said...

yo spurs fan, just because we are slamming Adebayor and moaning in general does not mean we are remotely concerned spurs are getting the 4th spot.

We just dont like losing, whatever the circumstances. Especially when an idiot misses such simple chances.

Why do you guys bother i wonder, fighting so desperately for the 4th spot ? Are you planning to do another Everton in Europe ?

Know your place.

jobby said...

Anyone know who dennis testimonial is against, Ajax??

Goonerboy said...

See link on today's post to, for the provisional plans for the testimonial. It will almost certainly be against Ajax.

Gooner said...

havin seen this blog late . first of all arsenal are never going to go bankrupt "touch wood" due to the fact arsen has been given £50 mil to spend in the summer and when ur in debt u dont go spending £50 mil do you? well secondly adey somehow got 13 goals out of 15 for togo that means they must be setting him up better than arsenal are, thirdly arsenal are thinking about henry btw i have sources sayin hes goin but the fight back with torres will be comin with and 95% chance also the and new keeper and a midfielder will be bought, also other sources of mine have said that arsenal will make a last minute ditch for ballack with a HUGE contract deal to lure him away from billionair russian twats chelsea with an 80% chance of gettin him.