Monday, April 17, 2006

Eurgh, supporting ManU: the necessary evil.

Yes, its necessary evil time in about half an hour: we must all support United - again, urgh - to beat Spuds to keep our fourth place dreams alive. It will be a pain-fest. Spurs are without Ledley 'I'll be at Arsenal in two years max' King: good for us, bad for England.

Very slow day apart from this. Almost everyone is playing today in the Premiership apart from us, as the boys prepare themselves for Wednesday night.

So, here's some semi-mindless speculation that's been floating about since yesterday to keep you all sated.

Firstly Michael Carrick I wouldn't say no to his arrival: good solid player, if a little unsepectacular, who could be groomed into a more efficient Gilberto. Plus, it'd be worth it for the looks on the Spuds faces. The Zigic rumours refuse to go away. I saw a clip of him playing, where he scored a couple of screamers - but, with Adey about, unless Tel leaves it'd be hard to see this happening. And we're vying with Spurs for some Bulgarian guy, I've never heard of.

That's your lot. I was a bit sad to see my Dennis tribute derailed by Spuds posting abusive messages; still, suppose you shouldn't expect any more from them.

Til tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

why would king or carrick wanna go to a team that aint gonna reach champions league. face it your team are finished. u will get knoked out of champions league. come 5th mayb 6th. henry will leave, infact half you players will leave & that will be the end of arsenal woooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

typical arse scum response....we would not want you to win if our lives depended on it!

Thats the kind of loyalty you shite have......wait til you don,t have any champs league and Henry gone and a big empty stadium......all your good time fans gone......sad little bastards really arnt you.....coys!

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you at the match then?

Anonymous said...

If we're finished, how the fuck did we get to the semi finals of the biggest club stage in Europe? Jackass

greek gooner said...

two goals from the fatty and your dreams are over.shame isn't it? we're waiting for you next saturday, you'll leave with the same look on your face that you have everytime you're leaving highbury,disgraced,dissapointed,thinking "why the hell am i a spurs fan?".i really wish we could send you to the uefa cup on the 17th of may but unfortunately it will all be over for you way before that.but don't worry,you would be humiliated in the cl anyway so maybe it's better for the summer you can all come to greece where we'll fuck your girlfriends while you're flat out drunk on the pavement thinking "omg,they got ledley TOO?".Have a nice summer ya all!

Anonymous said...

Dear"Spurs4Europe"; your fans have been predicting the downfall of Arsenal against nearly every European team we have played and we are in the Semi's.If we were to go through from the Semi's you would no doubt say "oh don't worry the scum will lose to AC or Barcelona" but aren't you once again losing sight of the bigger picture ie We are possibly 3 games away from winning the biggest Cup competition in the World,one that(in it's new Cl format)you have never played in.

Anonymous said...

Coys your ridiculous idea of playing in "a half empty stadium" shows how thick you are....I have been trying to get a season ticket for Arsenal for 8 years and am now 8000th on the list and don't look like getting one for the new ground.We have a list of over 30,000 people waiting,22,000 existing season ticket holders who have all taken up there allocation.....yeah the box office are cleary shitting themselves you mug...I don't imagine the demand is so high when the last time you won the League it was covered on Pathe News.