Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Juve have written our team-talk for us: let's show them who Arsenal Football Club really are.

Player by player Juve are superior to Arsenal and it will not be a surprise if we were to get three or four goals.

Now the whole world will see what the real Juventus is all about. We are out for revenge for the humiliation we suffered.

Lilian Thuram

SSo, it seems at least some of the Juve players are recognising that we gave them a footballing lesson last week at Highbury. In the case of Thuram, however, and surely some of the other Juve players this has led to the hubristic tongue being poked out. I'm sure that Juve can't play as badly as they did last week. Even with 3 players suspended, they will be better tonight. I'm expecting an avalanche of pressure to fall on us in the opening 20 minutes as Juve look to get a quick first goal from which they can then try and control the match. I don't think we'll see the opening sparring that we did in the first leg, where, at the beginning of the match, neither team wanted to probe too deeply. This ended when we realised Juve's defence could be opened almost at will.

[sorry this was a mispost. For Today's actual post see: Juve Preview: Thuram writes our team talk for us. A technologically inept Goonerboy.]


Anonymous said...

I saw Thuram's quote yesterday and felt the hackles rise at once. Who the feck are Juve anyway?
Let's give ’em hell, boys!!!

Goonerboy said...

For today's actual post go to the main page and see Juve preview: Thuram writes our team talk for us. I must have accidently publishe this one. Sorry!

Anonymous said...

Thuram is a vastly experienced defender and has had a great career but it doesn't stop him talking sh*t does it?

I'd say to him - player for player we are younger, faster, hungrier both individually and collectively.