Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Jens is coming home [to London], and transfer rumours.

Firstly, commiserations to Jens. What does he have to do this season to win a major trophy? I certainly don’t see how he could have played any better in the tournament. After his heroics in the Argentinean penalty shoot-out and his performance last night, I thought he could help drive his team into the final. Unfortunately, as Jens went about plucking everything within a five-mile radius out of the air, the rest of his team mates finally seem to have run out of steam. The Germans have been great in the tournament though, and it was sad to see them go.

I have to say, however, that the Italians finally played football yesterday. The refereeing was utterly superb – its such a piece of fresh air when there’s a truly decent ref: it changes the whole flow and style of the game. The Italians were fast, incisive and passed the ball beautifully. Play acting was absence, and it changed the entire nature of the game. Contrasting Cannavaro’s performance to Ferdinand’s makes the claim that Ferdinand is a world class centre back a little implausible. Cannavaro always had a beautiful pass at the end of every tackle and it was a joy to see. The beauty of both Italian goals reminded me of what I had admired in Italian football when I was young, and I hope they keep it up for the final.

The Italians will need some cheering up after the prosecutor in yesterday’s football corruption trial called for the relegation of Juve to Serie C, and Fiorientina, Lazio, and AC Milan to Serie B. This is still only a possibility, but, needless to say, there were a lot of Italians playing for their future yesterday; including Gigi Buffon. Rumours of a possible switch to us continue to surface, but I think it’s a case of wait and see. It may be just a case of an agent drumming up interest before a possible switch elsewhere.

There are, predictably, many other transfer rumours, which will come thicker and faster at the end of the world cup. Saviola now wants to leave La Liga, but his preferred destination, Greece, may be out of the question with Greek teams banned from European football next season. So the Arsenal deal is back on. Well, according to the Spanish press. [see link in this page].

Also according to the Spanish, and now English press, Fab is off to Madrid. No, he’s not. At least not for the foreseeable future. Especially as, rather symbolically, he’s been given Paddy’s old no.4 shirt. Rosicky has been given Bobby’s old no.7 shirt. Which leaves the no.10 shirt still vacant. Is anyone getting Bergkamp 10 on the new shirt? I may, but I would like to look to the future. [edit: scrub that – look at the delightful, Dennis testimonial range in the club shop!]All shirts are now orderable from here. Including a delightful ‘snot-green’ [as Joyce might put it] goalie shirt for Jens next year.

Other rumours: Torres to be the target of a £20m bid. Hmm – this one is straight off the ANR printing press – I’d love it to be true though. Lyon now want to sign Gilberto as well. I can’t really see us letting him go at this stage, and I think Gilbs has always said he wants to return to Brazil after he finishes with Arsenal to end his career there. Our other targets seem to have gone cold- I’m thinking Trabelsi, Yaya, et al. Although Carrick’s girlfriend has opened the floodgates of speculation with this comment. Triple hmm.

Right, Time for some work. Here’s hoping Les Bleus can do it tonight.


Anonymous said...

Myles Palmer at ANR must make it up. Didn't he use to work for the Sun? Old habits die hard.
Torres is too expensive and RVP is a better player.
Carrick no chance from Spurs.
Saviola is a good story. Wengers sort of player at his sort of price, but would he want to introduce 2 new payers into the 1st. team.
Buffon. Assuming Juventus are relegated. Where can he go in Italy. AC Milan have Dida, Inter Cesar and Toldo and both Roma and Lazio are broke and could not afford his wages let alone the transfer fee. Not Spain, and as Chelsea or ManU would not be in the market it looks like he either replaces Lehmann or Oliver Kahn at B Munich.
Certainly some interesting options for clubs with money to spend.

jobby said...

I have France in the pub sweepstake, £2500 if they win, so damn straight come on Les Bleus

Anonymous said...

If Juventus only get relegated one division they will probably just loan players like Buffon to other Italian clubs for a season. Only if they go down 2 divisions would they need to sell players.

Anonymous said...

AC Milan are reportedly looking to replace Dida after his forgettable season. I also wouldn't rule ManUre out as VDS is only a year younger than Jens.

Anonymous said...

Please not Torres!

While Torres does on the surface seem a perfect Wenger winger/forward (fast, well-balanced, good dribbler, good passer) he lacks the most important bit - two braincells to rub together. In England he would turn into another El-Hadji Diouf.

I'd take Saviola any day over him.