Thursday, July 20, 2006

Latest on transfer rumours, the Emirates, and shirt numbers.

A few stories of note floating about.

Firstly, the Cole situation refuses to go away, and most Gooners are accepting his departure as a fait accompli. Apparently it's been set for next Wednesday, but I'm still not so sure myself, and I'd be willing to wager that he might still be a Gooner when we kick off vs. Villa. Arsene clearly doesn't want him to go, and has even wheeled out the 'we'll make you honour your contract' threat. As for his book - if he stays it'll be edited to remove the inflammatory passages. Yet, the speculation seems to be gaining solidity, even if the same stories went around last summer. If he does go, it seems pretty obvious that it'll only be to Real or Chel£ea for around £16m. The Mirror's report that the Chavs are lining up a double swoop for Roberto Carlos and Cashley seems a bit offish, even if the bit about the signing of Carlos being an act of pure-Abramovic caprice rings very true. Personally, even if they are on the verge of selling Del Horno, I think Mourinho may swoop for Zambrotta, which may complicate any potential deal with Ashley. Also, to give Mourinho some credit, I'm not sure whether he really wants Ash any more: there's too much heat and bad blood to go with it. Still, I suppose all will soon become clear.

Thuram's agent has stated that we've put a bid in for in him, but so have Barcelona. Lily is thus contemplating which he'd prefer. From what i've heard, it sounds like Barca is where his heart lies, but it would be nice to get him. I still can't really see the deal happening even if he'd be an excellent stop-gap; especially with Davies being valued at nearly twice his current worth.

In this rather bizzare comment, it appears that Buffon will stay with Juve. His ambition is now to win Serie B, according to his agent. I suppose when you've got a world cup winner's medal, your ambitions might fall, but this seems a bit much. Even if he does leave, its a deal I can't really see happening with us.

Barcelona startlet Fran 'already the new Fabregas' Merida, now seems to be on the way to Liverpool. I really don't know what to make of him. WE've all seen the youtube video, but all it really shows is a bunch of lads having a kick about. Far too early to tell whether we've really lost out.

Aside from that, all seems quiet on the transfer front, apart from this ridiculous swap deal with Cesc that is pure fantasy, and the likelyhood that Justin Hoyte will again be going out on loan, this time probably to Norwich. Hard to see him having a future at the club if he does go, which is a shame as I think he's a prospect. Arseblogger makes the excellent point that the newly decided upon forthcoming Barca election will lead to transfer fantasy land aplenty, so don't get too worried by the outlandish claims the candidates will inevitably make.

I think we may see a lot of Arsene and Arsenal playing their transfer rumours close to their chest this summer after we got burnt last year by openly pursuing Baptista and Robinho. Also, no concrete deals will emerge until after the EGM tomorrow [for a complex, if reasonably clear, guide to our financial restructuring see here], and hence probably not until next week. It's shaping up to be a summer of snippets of information, but I'm still holding out that Arsene will make one or two signings, as he's stated.

On a lighter note, who's got the new home kit? And more importantly, who've you got on the back? I'm going to wait a bit before deciding. Currently it's between TH14 - naturally-, Cesc4 and Hleb13. I'm never one to gamble, so Rosicky7 may be out of the question. I may buy the Czech shirt with him on the back. Indeed my indecision when it comes to buying Arsenal shirts is such, that I never got a number on the redcurrent. I spent the entire season procrastinating between getting DB10 or TH14 as I was worried it might be the last chance i'd have to get either on the back of my shirt. So it wasn't until Tel signed his new deal that i decided, and by this time they'd run out of lettering. Bloody hell. So, if anyone knows where to get decent Dennis related shirts please let me know. Especially as the club have also run out of testimonial shirts.

Actually, having said I'm not one to gamble, I got Walcott23 on my England shirt. Everywhere I went I was bantered. sigh.

salut mes amis,



Goonerboy said...

To clarify - the reference to the Emirates relates to the EGM. If anyone went to the members day yesterday, do tell all.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck were you doing buying an England shirt? You could have given that money to a crack addict.

Gelbs said...

lol. I wouldn't wipe my arse with an England shirt.

Gelbs said...

Goonerboy said...

Nice photos Gelbs. I didn't realise they had the massive Arsenal letters outside the stadium.

Er, I bought an England shirt because I support England. Much like I buy Arsenal shirts because I support Arsenal. I do recognise the loutish overtones of wearing an England shirt though - I try not to subscribe to them.

Gelbs said...

No probs. Getty images is a good website to go to if you wanna check out latest pics of games and shit. In other words, if you too tight to pay out for Sky and have to result listening on the radio lol. I just don't like England coz of that cunt Sven. Since he joined, my opinion of the national team went down. Over-payed arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Whatever, supporting England is for success starved clubs. I still think the money would've been better spent on a crack addict. I mean, when you actually analyse it, do you REALLY care when England lose? I mean, do you get that awful sinking feeling when the opposition score? Most people support England cos they think they have to. Thankfully, I am smarter than the average bear and gave up kidding myself to please tabloids a long time ago. God I'm clever.

Goonerboy said...

The only time i really, really felt the way I do about Arsenal when England played this summer was during the penalty shoot-out.

I found it really hard to care about this England squad because of the way they played, the fact that half the players are arrogant tossers, and Sven.

I do support England but I now justify this as a choice. When I was younger, it did kind of feel that I had to. I also do try and avoid the excesses of nationalism that the papers seem to incite us towards.

But, the world cup's over - so I won't be talking about England for a while.

Anonymous said...

You have no idea how lucky you are to have a country to support. Australia was in the World Cup for the first time in my life. And the Socceroos made me feel things that no sporting team has a right to make me feel.
Normally, we 3rd-world football folk have to barrack for a country of convenience.
Count yourselves lucky that you're from a country whose bunch of arrogant tossers are in the world cup every time. Plently of other countries would love to be in your situatin.

Anonymous said...

Goonerboy, for a bergkamp shirt go to,cwin=30,hos=1

It is last season's yellow away shirt with the champs lge final embroidery (yeah we lost but stil a great memory). Top draw!

Brad said...

Well I Got Walcott 23 On My England Shirt To Also I tHINK wE are going to sign Franck Ribary