Sunday, July 09, 2006

'Sol' Long, Ribery, and, oh yeah, the World Cup final.

So, it's finally been confirmed. Mr Campbell has left the building. Sorry for the awful headline pun but I couldn't resist it. In a rather odd statement he's announced that he's decided to leave: where, exactly, hasn't been mentioned, neither has any potential fee.Which leads to the probable conclusion that we've terminated his contract by 'mutual consent', or that we've basically made clear that he's allowed to leave for free. Not quite the £8m that had been mooted...

Mercifully, Arseblogger is on his hols this week, so a rather more measured statement from Tom is on Arseblog today. I think I share EastLower's views though. It's been very easy to forget Sol's contribution to the club due to his pri-madonna strops this season. I wouldn't like to speculate but I think there was more to his downfall this year than just physical playing ability. Either way, a lot of last season was difficult for everyone, and I think Sol's implosion was rather typical of our travails. Personally, I'd like to remember him as the player with whom we won two titles, a host of FA cups, and as the titanic rock of the Champions League final. If that's his last game for the club, I think its a fair representation of his contribution to the Arsenal over the last five years. Adios Sol, and best of luck in the future.

And the future needs to be thought about. Combined with Bergy and Bobby's exit, we've now lost three experienced players who have been stalwarts of the squad for several seasons. New players Arsene. Quick!! I certainly think that Thuram would be a great stop-gap solution, but we need a new centre-back, at least as cover, for the long-term. I was also encouraged by Ribery's comments. I think he could be a long-term successor to Freddie. The way Riberys' improved even over the world cup has been astounding.

Also, in case we could possibly forget, its the final of the World Cup today. Allez Les Bleus! Or should I say 'les blancs' as Italy will be in blue this evening. While I though Italy were excellent in the semi-final - largely thanks to a ref who made it clear that gamesmanship would cut little ice with him - I still think France are the more exciting, and more deserving, team.

Mais Bien sur, the French have good old Thierry. But they also have the king of jesters that is Barthez, Paddy, Thuram, and most importantly Zinedine Zidane. I completely agree with Arsene's comments that Zizou can be compared to Maradona and Pele. [printed on the bbc gossip page]. Easily the best player I've ever seen [although, and I say this without Bias Tel isn't far away]. He deserves it and Tel deserves it. Also, hopefully it'll put one over Le Pen if France bring back the world-cup with its multicultural squad.

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Pat Rice said...

Hello Gentlemen,
A few years back the gaffer was very interested in a young French defender called Phillipe Mexes. At the time Phillipe felt his style would be better suited to Serie A and he went to Roma. We have been keeping tabs on his progression and he's done fairly well professionally but personally he hasn't settled in Italy. For a nominal and undisclosed fee of course, Mexes will be joining us over the next few weeks, medical pending.

Those of you who watch Arsenal regularly will know that Freddy plays exceptional well on the left side of midfield all has a far better scoring rate from the left then he does from the right expectially when Dennis hasn't played. Freddy will be starting on the left side of midfield with Robin Van Persie starting the season on the right.

To confirm, Yaya will not be joining us. If we wanted to buy this player he would have joined us for 2 million a few years back not 7 million now. Arsene preffered Diaby, whose ankle injury is on schedule.
Nor will we be buying Lillian Thuram or Frank Ribery who has already signed for Lyon. Arsene looked closely at a deal to bring in Buffon but has opted not to bring him in. Jens has had a wonderful run and will still be our number one next season with Yohann Pele joining us next Summer.

Finally with Mr Edelman's abilty to bring finances into the club with the bond scheme, we are close to signing a certain 22 year old Spanish striker whose name I can't disclose with Lauren going the other way.

Hope to see and hear you all this season at the Emirates Stadium.
Best regards,

Anonymous said...

who r u and where on earth did u get all those info or u juz made it up

Bora said...

I smell some well concooted B******t. 22 year old spanish striker yeah right!!

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Anonymous said...

Alot of what Pat talked about made a lot of sense.
I heard a rumour that Mexes wanted a move to London pre- World Cup. Please keep us up to date Pat. Thanks, North Bank Hero.

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Anonymous said...

How does he know all dat?!

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Lmfao @ "hello gentleman."

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Anonymous said...

Frank Lampard had a terrible world cup and Sven's tactics were utter rubbish. France will win in over time.

greek boy said...

Yeah, Lampard was SH17 the most overrated player at the world cup next to Ronaldinho.