Saturday, October 21, 2006

Arsecast, Agm, Financial report, Lauren, Fabregas.


Firstly, if you haven't done so already, go to Arseblog and download the arsecast. There's a very enjoyable discussion between him and Goodplaya, which resembles an informed post-match-in-the-pub discussion. Although it did make me even more annoyed about missing the Moscow game. Some funny stuff on there as well.

The AGM was held this week and, justifiably, there seemed to much back-slapping all round. It rapidly seems to be becoming the case that if the fans had there way Arsene would sit on a throne in his dug-out. He probably deserves one, but being the guy he is, he'd turn it down. The annual report also came out, which I could analyse in depth [er, maybe] but thankfully someone's already done it. With a slightly misleading title, read this ANR article. I think most people - including myself - who clicked on it, probably thought a literal bridge was being built between Highbury and Ashburton. whoops. The key points seem to be: we have a large debt, but its managable, relatively low interest, and not dependent on us selling out every game or getting into the CL every year; the Highbury redevelopment is key to the paying off of initial debts; Paddy's sale was vital to giving us an overall profit, as was the Champions league run. The way you have to look at the debt, if you don't already, is as a massive mortgage. We've built a very expensive new house, but one which will vastly increase our revenues. Our large debt is stable and can be paid back without a hugely negative impact on the club. So, basically, don't worry. Our board isn't as stupid as Leeds's. I would say though, and I know others have said not to read into it but I have, where was Danny Fizman? Its great that the board are saying they won't sell the club to a foreign entrepreneur, but it would have been nice if they were all there to say it.

To get back to more direct footballing matters, it was announced that Lauren won't be returning until the new year. I always found his injury a bit odd: he must have been playing in considerable pain for some time before realising that an op was necessary. I suppose it shows that 'going through the pain barrier' isn't always the best idea. I also wonder if he'll actually get back in the team when he comes back. If the future is Eboue, which I think it is, then Ralphy may get his chances limited when he returns. I think Eboue offers more going forward, but he lacks the steel and defensive abilities of Lauren. However, I think it'd be better to continue train up Eboue than use Lauren; especially as Eboue and Hleb have actually given us a right flank for the first time in about ten years.

Finally I can't go without sharing in the general joy that is Cesc's 5,000 year long new deal. Ok, I exaggerate, its eight years. But, in footballing terms, the two aren't far apart. I don't think it will stop Real and Barca sniffing around him every season, but, especially if the seeds of doubt ever did come into his mind, the contract is a pretty hefty counter-weight to any move. I also think that a major reason in his decision to sign was the promise, if only perhaps tacit, of the team gradually becoming moulded round him as the central point. Thierry should remain the focus for the next two or three years, but gradually Fab will step up. He's good enough to warrant it and he deserves it. We are so lucky to have him and I can't even begin to conceive of how good he'll be when he's about 22 -23. Because, unlike Rooney, he has a manager who will develop and nurture his considerable talent; not just one who, as Rooney put it himself this morning, 'tells him to play how he likes'. Hmm, a possible reason for his dip in form? Just maybe?

Right, that's all. There shall be a post tomorrow, but I haven't decided whether to do a preview or a review of the game. It'll be a tough one and I hope Jens shows the reading boys that it would be unwise to try any shennanigans with him.


Anonymous said...

Stop that nonsense talk. Rooney is a very very good player and I think he is one of the best strikers in the world.

Saying that Cesc is a class apart from Rooney because Cesc has so much to his game that Rooney doesn't have. Pass, Cross, Freekicks, and far superior football game. You can actually see Cesc's head getting bigger as he think and if you look closely you will see smoke coming out of his brain.

Cesc is more consistent that alot of players, and I include Kaka here. With Kaka you are sure that he will have one moment of brillance in every game, but with Cesc you are not expecting a bad game even if he starts with a bad game, he would end up being the best player on the pitch.

RVP should spend more time with Cesc and talk, he can learn alot from the young lad who is of course one of our most senior players, how ironic. Young, senior...

I am off...

Anonymous said...

Unfortuately Cesc could sign a contract until 2106 and Real Madrid would still start their nonsense every summmer about 'Madrid always gets their man'.

Of course Cesc's agent will probably encourage this as it will mean he can negotiate a pay rise for his client on a regular basis.

So if Cesc becomes the World Class star we think he will, he will get a World Class salary whether at Real Madrid or Arsenal. The contract mostly means that his sale value will not collapse if he enters the last year of the contract!

Prof Rocastle said...

Hey GB what's with the free advert on ANR? Not Myles in disguise are you? ;)

Anonymous said...

yeah gunnerboy is actually myles alta ego coz i just dont see him as a hacker.

Goonerboy said...

Can I just confirm, I am not Myles in disguise. Although, I am not a hacker either. I think Ian might have been trying to put a link to me on the site and posted it as an article.

Nice of them to mention me either way.

Anonymous said...

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