Saturday, October 14, 2006

Theo to start? No Eboue, No Baptista, and Watford could be tough.

Just got about 45 minutes before I head off to make a quick post, have some food, and to ponder today's game.

The big news this morning is that Theo is set to start. As far as this one goes, Arsene knows, I think. I'm slightly surprised he's staring him before the new year, but if Arsene thinks he's ready then I'll trust his judgement. The decision is probably heavily predicated on a lot of tired legs after the two internationals many will have played in the last week, and the prospect of our tough trip to Moscow on Wednesday. Theo's two sensational goals may also have helped.

Things have also been complicated by injuries to Eboue and Baptista, both of whom are, reportedly, now out for 4 weeks. Eboue is probably the bigger loss, given his great form at the moment, but Baptista's injury certainly won't have helped his already slow progression towards full fitness. It may not be until January now that we really begin to be seen what he's made of. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt, because he's going to need probably a season to settle in, but he could really help towards the tail end of this season in our, hopefully, push for trophies. Freddie is also out injured, but I think that's a loss we can more readily cover.

Indeed, it could be a tough game today, and I think I'd like it to be difficult. Walkovers are boring. Watford have been desperately unlucky not to pick up a win so far this season, and I think they'll certainly be a tougher proposition than Sheff Utd. Marlon King, in particular, is a quality player and, even if Watford do go down, I think he's good enough to get a transfer elsewhere in the premiership. Watford's players won't have been playing journey round the world this week, so they'll be fresh and hungry to cause an upset. Some of our boys could be tired and, while I hope not, perhaps a little complacent even. Watford will try and be patient, stifle us, and then hit us as we tire or grow frustrated.

I've also noticed that Arsene is a little reticent to start Rosicky and Hleb together. I think this may be part of Rosicky's integration, but it's denying us our most powerful midfield at the moment.

I'd love to see a midfiled of



Someone pointed out that if we bought Ribery we could have a five piece of


Now that we be a pretty good midfield... as it is swapping ribery for Walcott's not too bad either.

My predicted team for today


I think that should be strong enough to deal with the matter at hand, especially with Rosicky and Adebayor as possible re-enforcements. Hopefully Clichy and Big Phil might get a chance to have a run around as well.

See you at the Emirates!


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Anonymous said...

Trust me; Ribery vs Walcott is a no brainer. Walcott is far superior at 17 than Ribery is now (not sure of his age). Wouldnt mind Ribery though not in place of Walcott though.