Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can England sink any lower?


I was struck whilst watching the Wales Cyprus match by something odd. Wales were neatly playing crisp one touch football, using pace to cut open Cyprus's defence, making deft runs off the ball to beat markers and get shots in on goal.

Why was this odd? Because I'd just finished watching the England match. There was nothing of this football in this encounter.

Instead, there was 3 central midfielders all trying to do the same thing and failing. Gary Neville and Ashley Cole playing as hopeless wing backs. Rooney shooting every time he got the ball, instead of looking for the pass or thinking about whether to take another touch, living in a fantasy land where he's still in the school-yard. Crouch being the lamp-post he is, a magnet for all England's futile endeavours, long-balls, and general lack of imagination.

England don't know how, or simply refuse to try, to play technical football. They are the antithesis of Wenger-ball. They get the ball, knock it around for a bit, and then hack it forward, or have a shot. They are either not being couched or they lack the discipline to wait and carve out proper opportunities.

And then the defence. I don't blame Robinson for the second goal. It was a freak occurance. One could criticise him for perhaps leaning too far over before he tried to take the kick, but bobbles like that can't be predicted. Even if he is a Spud, I feel for him, because that is probably just about the worse thing that can happen to an International footballer.

I would actually be more critical about his positioning and goalkeeping for the first goal; he should never have allowed the ball to loop over his head, yet the header should have been prevented. There were six English players, in a line, in the box, and only two Croatians. Without having to jump, one of the Croatians headed it into the net. A farce.

Where can England go from here? My one hope would be that McClaren will go and a manager of international calibre will come in. But that won't happen. Given that Theo looked better for the u21s than any of the England players did tonight [why is Richardson in the senior squad?] maybe he should get the call up. But then McClaren is still trying to pretend he's not Sven. Hence the tactical shambles tonight.

One would hope that England have reached a nadir; but perhaps there is further yet to fall. Maybe England need to fall further so the FA realise the extent of change that is needed to the current set up.


lase said...

Can England sink any lower? I thought they were already digging.

Wingston75 said...

when are people gonna face the facts that england are a fucking overhyped shambolic turd of a side. Big on ego, not so big on talent, or execution of supposed talent thereof. I dodnt eve bother watchong the match tonight, i never bother that much with england qualifiers or friendlies, you know how they're gonna turn out - shite football, flattering to deceive, or a crap performance and loss. Just heard neville say on skysports that he 'knows they can play better than that.' I do believe i've heard that after every england match since our opening fixture in this summer's world cup.

Why is everyone deluding themelves we have a 'golden generation'? out of the current international squad, with the *magnificent talent* at our disposal, surely these giants of the international footballing scene, resplendent in their talent, prowess, skill, technique, shooting, positioning, passing, vision, large wage packets, endorsements, ghost-written-autobiographies, designer watches, fleet of sports cars, designer girlfriend, etc... could learn the surely-not-too-complex art of playing as a team??? or maybe england is more a team of runaway egos, not world class footballing talent...

»»Arsene Knows««

Wingston75 said...

* didn't even bother watching

»»Arsene Knows««

Anonymous said...

The simple facts of the england performance is they are not a team and the coach is worse than sven. Picking people like carrick and richardson is a joke. The FA spent so much on wembley McClaren was all they could afford. It will get worse to as they have dropped any thought of a new acadamy for english youth.

RockinRobin said...

Of course, throw in another spursplayer..

Anonymous said...

Wonder why Wenger doesnt buy english players

Anonymous said...

do you think all the boxes at asburton grove would be sold in arsenal dished up that dross.

Anonymous said...

what annoys me is how gerrard and mclaren both used walcott as a scape goat.


i want england to be on the verge of going out like under keegan. and then gerrard to grovel for theo to save the day.

rooney and gerrad the most overhyped shite footballers in the world. closely followed by terry.

Wingston75 said...

As public enemy said... don't believe the hype...

right, now this 'in-ger-lund, three lions, best in the world, oh-shit-we-fucked-up-and-are-really-quite-ordinary' lark is done with, can we get back to premiership football now?

»»Arsene Knows««

DEVOID said...

i've said it since the premiership was formed ,i'd only pick players from the 1st division because they would die to play for England.
the resent english squad always have one foot at their clubs!
Money rules ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Arsene Knows and it's true what every commentor above me has said.

Walcott >> The entire England squad. Watch the interview on youtube after his match winning 2 goals vs ze Germans. Makings of a true champ. What have Terry, Gerrard, Lampard, Rooney (shitface in my opinion) have.

As one poster said, it's really sad to see Steve Mclaren and Steven Gerrard making Theo the scapegoat. FFS GERRARD WTF WHERE THE GOALS WHICH WERE SUPPOSED TO COME FROM THE MIDFIELD YOU SOD.

goonermtl said...

No English players at Arsenal, except Theo Walcott.

Why? Maybe cause he's the only bloody Engishman who can play proper football.

East at the Grove said...

They'll sink lower all right. Jenas could be picked soon.

The Herd said...

They have no passion no balls and a huge pay packet to match their huge ego's...! overhyped by the media they believe the hype that they are actually any good...! The fans have more passion in their little finger than those dickheads that wear the shirt. The teams picks itself on ego's and stardom not on quality.. the under 21 side would have been a far better option to of played Croatia...! Now back to the "real" football....!!

The Herd said...

Whats the betting we struggle to beat Watford cos we aint trained together and are tired from all these internation games of farcical football....?. About time the big clubs all got together and tolf fifa to fuck off and organise the fixtures better cos Club football comes first....!

Deise Gooner said...

Unleash the Beast against Watford i say, thats if we need to rest anyone due to tiredness cause of the internationals.

Matthew said...

The short answer to your question: Yes. Absolutely. They have the potential to go all the way.......Down.

It's becoming embarassing now. Truly embarassing. So ashamed of the English team.

gazzap said...

the england players just are not very good. dont listen to what the media say about the golden generation. so they will have more bad games in the future and they will lose more games so yes they can fall further. whether they can have such an inept performance again is another matter. could it have been any worse?

OK so sven played andy johnson on the wing, but maclaren played parker in a 5-3-2 formation (not 3-5-2) and thinks carrick is a holding midfielder. that man must have sh*t for brains.

whats wrong with keeping it nice and simple. not experimenting, just playing players where they play for their clubs?

Neville King Terry Cole
SWP SG/FLamp SPark/OHar JC/TWal

Anonymous said...

England were absolutely awful, and they embarrassed us as a country. McClaren has to go, it is all down to him at the end of the day. How can you not have Beckham even in the squad! Would have been a perfect replacement for Gerrard on the right. Lampard has to go, he has been useless for a long time now, play Gerrard in the middle at least he is a driving force. Crouch and Rooney cannot be allowed to play together ever again. Just because Crouch scores 4 against some shit minnows doesnt mean he should be in the team.

Stick to 4-4-2 or even 4-5-1 like Arsenal in Champions League.
Neville Ferdinand Terry Cole
Lennon/Beckham Gerrard Hargreaves J.Cole/Walcott
Rooney/Crouch Owen/Johnson

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - and make Wenger part-time manager of England. He would do a better job in 3 days than that idiot McClaren.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the more I think about it 4-5-1 would suit England really well with the players below, fast and penetrative.


Neville Ferdinand Terry Cole
Gerrard J.Cole
Lennon Walcott

What an attacking line up!

Anonymous said...

Why give a shit? Watford here we come! leave this Ingerlund shit away, RVp scored, Thierry scored, Walcott scored, that's 3 fucking Arsenal players scoring goals. I'm more than satisfied.

- Kilzen-

Little Dutch said...

The England football team, as picked by hello magazine. The greatest thing is, Arsenal has absolutely fuck all to do with it! HA HA HA HA! Gerrard's a cunt!

Anonymous said...

John Terry is the most overated sack of shit I've ever seen. William Gallas covered his feeble arse at Chelsea, and in international football is showing him up for what he is.

Maybe now Gallas will turn it on for Arsenal, and form the best central pairing in in the country, maybe the likes of Hansen will see what a twat Terry is.

Not one England player would get near the French side, or the Czech side, or the Brazizlian side, and so on....... That's why AW doesn't waste millions of pounds on English players. He's the best manager in the world, and he does it all in fraction of the budget, and in twice the style everyone else does!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finally everyone's beginning to see through Terry. Now it's just Carrick, Lampard, Crouch and the rest. Oh and the biggest cunt of all.......step up Rio the fuckwit.

Overpaid, lazy fuckers. Oh, and keep Walcott out of it as long as possible. The last thing he needs is to be surrounded by those big headed wasters once a month.

Fuck England and bring on the real football.

lase said...

the longer Walcott keeps off the national team the better. think he is better off at the under 21 sorrounded by the likes of reo-cocker who strike me to be an alright bloke.