Friday, October 27, 2006

Joke about the Queen, Diaby, Adey, and Admin

Why did the Queen not open the Emirates Stadium?

Because we battered the royals on Sunday.

Awful, awful joke I know, but I couldn't resist it. Some of you may have seen me make this joke on EastLower earlier...

In seriousness, does it matter that the Queen didn't open the stadium? She doesn't like football, she's got nothing to do with the club - aside from being titular head of the UK - and she had nothing to do with its planning and realisation. Personally, I thought it might have been nice to have one of the board - such as Danny Fiszman or Edelman - who were the impetus behind the project to open it. Or even, Arsene. He pushed the board to open the stadium; might it not have been a nice way to say thanks? As it is, we had the Duke of Edinburgh, who probably couldn't distinguish between us and other top flight teams. I'm also amazed he didn't get through the occassion without making an un PC/borderline racist remark. Perhaps in future, those who mean something to the club should be its dignitaries?

On a more footballing front, Abou Diaby gave an interview yesterday. Its great that he's going to be back soon, because he should be pushing Gilberto for his place before too long. I think Gilbs is a great player, but, hopefully, Diaby could do his defensive work, and be a bit more adventurous. And accurate with the passing. Its amazing that Dan Smith only got a yellow card for that tackle - which the FA refuse to upgrade for fear of undermining refs - while people are regularly booked for overly emotional celebrations. Common sense, yet again, does not prevail.

Better news comes from the Adebayor injury story. Its not as serious as first feared and he should be back in the squad by the CSKA game. I would also say to any red members who are reading that tickets were available for you a few days ago for this, so snap them up - if you haven't already.

Finally, a little admin. I've added two RSS buttons in the right-hand toolbar to make it easier to add me if you wish. Also, I've tried to install Haloscan comments, which should cut down on spam. I hope. If the site starts running crushingly slowly as a result I'll wipe them off. I'm also considering, one day, switching to word press, because blogger is a bit rubbish. Any advice would be gratefully received.

til later.


Goonerboy said...

Ok, I can't seem to get Haloscan to work. It either appears in the wrong place, or not at all. So much for the 'automated' install...And when it did work, it had adverts, which I don't want on the site. So, old school comments remain. let the anonymous abuse continue!

gazzap said...

I see clichy is 'rested' for tomorrow. like 13 months isn't enough rest. I thought he was fit. he should be able to manage 20 minutes from the bench! Gallas will be fine there though.

ade could be back for the game against moscow, so Aliadiere better take his chance tomorrow!!!

Eboue and Baptista are not far away, 1 to 2 weeks. with Diaby coming back in soon, its starting to look promising again now that Senderos and Clichy are there as well. so then its just Lauren and Freddie I think.

Anonymous said...

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