Sunday, October 01, 2006

This year is make or break for Van Persie.

A good win yesterday. It was a funny game that we could have equally won 3 or 4-1 if our finsihing had been better, yet also perhaps have lost if Charlton had put away someof their chances, or been awarded a pretty stone-wall penalty.

We seem to be playing really good football again in terms of our passing and movement. Pin-ball football - or Wengerball - seemed to be happily pinging away. Indeed, some nice early passing created an opportunity for Fabregas, which he should have scored with a headed chance set up by Thierry. Instead, he skied his header from close range. It was a poor miss and you could tell he was dissapointed by the way he refused to meet Tel's eyes as he ran off.

Charlton then, against the run of play, took the lead. Hoyte, who continues to be a weak spot in the team, played Hasselbaink onside, allowing him to cross for a completely unmarked Bent. It was a really soft goal to concede and I did worry about our reaction.

Yet we've had to battle back from a goal down a few times already this season - the difference yesterday was that two of our chances actually went in.

Hleb was a constant hub of activity on the right hand side. Unfairly maligned by quite a few supporters for his reluctance to shoot, he is becoming a real creative dynamo. He holds on to the ball and more often than not makes an intelligent pass. I've said it before, but he really reminds me of Dennis sometimes - not in his scoring abilities [yet] but the way he always seems to be thinking when he's on the ball. Something always seems on the verge of happening with him, and very often does.

He was given too much time by the Charlton defence for RvP's first goal. He danced around enough to pull defenders towards him, before floating a perfect ball to RvP. Robin's finish was excellent, and at 1-1 I fancied us to win.

There are not enough superlatives in the dictionary for Robin's second. It was a stupidly good goal, the type you try when you're a kid in the playground and ends up in the road. Arsene got it right when he said it was technically perfect. A perfect goal, perhaps, already,the best of his career.

And after that we should have put the game to bed; but we fluffed our lines instead. Robin missed an easy chance for his hat-trick, while Thierry missed a fabulously easy chance when one on one with the keeper. Persistent tackling by Hleb gave Thierry the ball with only Carson to beat and, unusually for Thierry, he snatched at the opportunity.

So we then had to deal with a lot of Charlton pressure and three golden chances in particular. Jens pulled off a fantastic save low to his left to prevent an otherwise certain goal. At his present rate, he's pulling off on game-winning save a game. Then Willy hand-balled it in the box but a penalty wasn't given. I don't think he was fully fit yesterday but he's so good I want him in the team whenever possible at the moment. He's a real battler who can help us win games just by his presence. Finally Hasselbaink, who moaned all game, headed wide when he should have scored.

The headline might seem odd given his fantastic performance yesterday, but I really believe that this is the case. We've all known, since the Blackburn semi-final, that Robin is capable of scoring unbelievable goals - hence why he has a loyal fan club among many Arsenal fans. On his day he's as dangerous a striker as they come and its good to have a player in the team who's game is so focused on scoring goals. But, the worry remains that he isn't developing his wider game for us. For Holland, he gets to play on the wing, which, despite his desire for goal, he may actually prefer, and he seems to contribute more to the team. Unfortunately, I think he likes the spaces that Thierry occupies. When Robin's scoring, he's fulfilling his worth to the team and squad. Unfortunately, and unlike, say, Adebayor, or even Baptista in the flashes we've seen of him, when Robin isn't scoring, he often might as well not be on the pitch.

I think Arsene will give Robin another year to prove his worth to the squad. If he gets 15+ goals this year and isn't otherwise developing, he may get another year on top of this. But if Robin's game doesn't become more consistent or more productive in terms of his general team play, he may cash in and bank on one of Bendtner or Lupoli making it at Premiership level. Both are currently tearing up the Championship. Especially as I'm still not sure if Thierry likes playing with Robin.

Results elsewhere went for us yesterday, so, if we win our game in hand, we're only two points from the top. And our next home game is against Watford. Three good summer siginings, combined with a few youngsters and foreigners who have now adapted to the Premiership, have turned our squad into one that can genuinely compete for the title. Especially with Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool all looking fallible.


Anonymous said...

rubbish rubbish rubbish

Anonymous said...

So you are telling me that 4 more goals than last season then he is safe. I have never heard so much rubbish in my life.

One more year and that's it! What sort of brain do you have? I keep reading stupid articles like this; first it was ANR and now this. RVP is technically better than Henry, but Henry is a better footballer.

Think a little bit hard before you write articles please. If Henry is not playing who would you play? If you are honest with yourself you will say RVP simply because he is next to Henry. How can you say stupid things like this about the second best striker behind Henry.

RVP was Arsenal second highest goal scorer, 11 goals. One more years, you are having a laugh. One of the brightest young prospect in the world. The strike yesterday and today you write articles like this; it just shows how stupid you are!

Anonymous said...

You DO know Robin is top of the assist table for the team don't you?

TWICE as much as any other player.

Well I'd guess you don't.

But don't let facts get in the way of lazy critiques eh?

GLORY1000 said...

Never write articles like this again!

What short memory you all have. RVP got player of the month and he was in fine form even with all the troubles he had before he got injured and stop his fine form.

Goals against Blackburn, goal against Chelsea(disallowed), the goal in the CL.

Anonymous said...

this article doesn't make much sense, Wenger is no fool to sell an amazing talent like RVP, come two more years he'll be as good as anyone out there. Even now, it won't be wrong to say he comes just behing Thierry interms of pure class

Anonymous said...

the results are in & it's pretty conclusive - you're a f**king idiot

Anonymous said...

Goonerboy is absoulutely right. RVP is an awesome talent, no one is questioning that. The question is can he produce consistently? Frankly, despite his two excellent goals, he had a poor game on the left wing. I'm a big fan and I think the boy will come good, but he also should have been sent off before his goals and at 23 he has to learn. He's also sooooo right about Hleb, he's indispensible at the moment yet when he was subbed yesterday, he got only lukewarm applause which is really disappointing. Especially because Freddie was ineffective again yesterday but gets this hero worship. I think those of you that commented above are too defensive, if you look at van Persie's output performance wise, he is still inconsistent and to be the top, top player he can be, this needs to be rectified.

Goonerboy said...

Thank you LD.

I think the way that Hleb is treated is very poor. He hasn't even got a song yet as far as I know and he set up RvP's first, and should have had another assist when Henry missed.

I do like RvP - but I think the fact he's scored some exceptionally good goals has covered up many of the inadequacies of his game.

Anonymous said...

van persie is a bit like wayne rooney, same temper but brilliance. vp is very dangerous when on form just like th14. im also sure that vp contributes to the team hugely when he doesnt score, like assists and tracking back, he will learn from top players, and become one of the best in the next season. so why the f**k should wenger sell him off????

no use for a name said...

Well, whos the idiots? Most of you dont even comment on whats wrong in the article. only small portions, and thats crappy writing. and to top it off, you can't express yourself in other matters than swearing..that shows a lack of word skills, and last but not least maturity. Why not come with something PRODUCTIVE? Otherwise his, mine and yours articles won't be any better.

Anonymous said...

with goonerboy here. it shows just the at times blind way that rvp supporters view the debate over his performance to the team. in fact it is the same way they have been moaning why he was being subbed while freddie was not (conveniently forgetting that appart from freddies defensive attributes, rvp was on a yellow already)nobody denies his talent. the question is what he brings to the team. this is an area that he can improve on, but if he does not then his talent is not worth much.

his maturity also comes into question. an instance is his tackle on hasselbaink that luckily earned him a yellow. then when he scored the second goal (what a goal!) he had me worried by running to the supporters. worried in that he could have easily earned a second yellow like robben did sometime back last season.

overall i believe that he really has to show his general contribution to the team and be consistent as lupoli and bendtiner are really full of hunger on his heels (then there are walcott, the beast, ade etc}

Anonymous said...

Go back to school you illiterate clown.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA. I love the way that guy called Fups gives everyone a lecture on spelling and how to write an article when he writes like a five-year-old. That's like Henry telling a nuclear physicist how to do his job.

GLORY1000 said...

You see what make me angry is how you people throw people down when they have a few bad games.

My point is this; imagine RVP gone as you people like to. If the game isn't going as well as we want it to be and Arsene want to change the strike partnership between Henry and Adebayor who will come in?

LD you are wrong. You see if you talk of temper RVP and Cesc are on the same level. They can kick out, push players on the pitch as they wish to does that then mean that Cesc or RVP class counts for nothing.

Henry is 29 or 30 and you are telling me this is break or make season for RVP; that's what I don't get. If you think Henry will be playing 90 minutes when he is 31 or 32 then you are dreaming.

There are good players at Arsenal but RVP is an extraordinary talent. The things he does on the pitch, forget the 2 goals he scored yesterday and remember the other things he has done.

I said people have short memory simply because if you remember the old Robin it was dribble, dribble and dribble. Now he passes alot; he is now much more of a team player. The game people are refering to which seems to annoy me is the fact that that game he was actually trying to pass the ball more and if you listen to him alot you will notice now that he mentions team everytime now before it was him him and him. Please give credit where it is due.

If RVP did not get injured he would easily have scored more than those numbers of goals you wrote up there (+15), which works out to be +4. He got player of the month not even Cesc who is a big big player has got.

If RVP leaves Arsenal it would be as big a blow as Cesc leaving because him, Cesc, Senderos, Eboue, Hleb, Theo, Djourou, Nicholas, Chichy, Traore are all the future of Arsenal.

Stop this stupid talk please, all you just have to look at it the majority and you will know that you are wrong. I bet you were one of the people that was complaining about Henry when he wasn't playing that well.

Reading this article is as bad for me as us losing a game. It is annoying to read nonsense article like this.

Anonymous said...

For your information, RvP was actually defending in some parts of the game and driving the ball forward. It was almost like what Reyes used to do when he was around. Also, RvP was playing around the right wing.

Anonymous said...

You again are too defensive glory100. I'm not saying his temper denegrates his class, but it's something he has to work on. It's a mistake to think that just because he is a brilliant player he cannot improve. RVP certainly has a worse temper than Cesc, Fab was kicked relentlessly yesterday but let his class do the talking, RVP took a petulant swipe at JFH which would have cost us the game had he been sent off. The reason we are talking about inconsistency is because we are acutely aware of his class. RVP is a brilliant player but that does not mean we owe him blind religious quiescence, this is a valid point made in the article. I care not for what the majority say, I've seen every game RVP has played for us and he is inconsistent. If he becomes consistent, he will be one of the top strikers in the world.

gazzap said...

RVP has always had a temper and one day, maybe this season it WILL cost us a win. perhaps you have to accept that with some players but I really hope AW lets him know how to behave.

Goonerboy is spot on, but its never going to be a popular viewpoint the day after he has scored 2 goals. RVP is possibly the most naturally gifted player at Arsenal and I think thats what a lot of fans see. He is a maverick though and is capable of the sublime out of nothing.
In contrast Tony Adams had very little skill but Adams was a better footballer. this is what its all about. RVP has to become a better team player for us and play at the same sort of level game in game out. AW has to know what he is going to get from Robin before he steps onto the pitch. This IS a big season for him.

Anonymous said...

Selling Van Persie is the most ridiculous comment i've heard from a gooner in a long time. He has the potential to be as good or even better than dennis bergkamp and i dont think dennis performed at a consistent level until he arrived at arsenal. Give Van Persie time and he'll be the best player in the premier league.

GLORY1000 said...
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GLORY1000 said...

LD, I might be too defensive and you are too negative. If there is anything people should learn from Arsene is the fact that he ticks to his player everytime.

LD, you also missed my point. RVP temper has gotten better. You are called Little Dutch but it does not mean anything. Off all the players that went to the world cup from Arsenal two players shone the most Cesc and RVP.

I also said that if RVP left then this would be a disappointment but he is as skillful a player that Arsene has bought.

I ask you a question? Will you give him to Spurs? I know I can be defensive but sometimes you have to realise that if life we have to compromise. Reyes has gone, yeah yeah yeah because he wasn't happy in London.

I am telling what I feel and LD you do not even attempt to answer any of my question. If you don't care about the majority then you are living in your own little world or little dutch world. You have to take people's comment in mind. You say I am defensive, I agree. One thing that everybody were saying at the beginning of the season was that RVP would be people first chioce to partner Henry.

Please one last thing when you say remove RVP, give me a replacement that is consistent. Henry and Ronaldihno are not even consistent. Give me one player in the world that can replace RVP and partner Henry.

Please don't start by saying you are too defensive, you have said that twice already I am not deaf but it seems you are because you have not answered any of my questions.

Anonymous said...

This isn't a make or break season for RvP.

That's ridiculous.

All he has to do is put his head down and keep improving.

He scored 6 goals in the premiership last season; he can definitely improve on that. I'm looking for AT LEAST 10 premiership goals from him this season and at least 15 in all competitions.

He's still a young lad and he has incredible potential. Trust in Arsene to help him fulfil it.

Anonymous said...

RVP scored 11 goals last season. 4 more goals and that make 15. If he get less that 15 Arsene will sell him. You are having a laugh.

I can't believe what I see, Little Dutch and the guy that wrote this article what are you talking about?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

Ok Gooners, it's like this:

YES, he does have a petulant streak and a temper issue.
YES he is improving. Both his game and his temper.
NO, we are never ever selling him.

End off.

Anonymous said...

the simple fact is that for any player to gain consistency he need regular football. ask yourself this. does he gat regualr football at arsenal

Anonymous said...

i meant regular football.sorry

Anonymous said...


gazzap said...

some fans react to headlines, while others really see inside the game and can tell what partnerships are working and what players are doing off the ball and the hard work they put in that does not get noticed by headlines. Luckily wenger sees inside the game so I trust his judgement and if RVP deserves to stay at Arsenal then that is correct. Arsene knows.

Anonymous said...

i am the special one

Anonymous said...

Charlton were the better side in this game, Van P should have been sent off adnCAFC should have had two penalties!