Monday, February 27, 2006


Firstly, congratulations to Arseblogger for making it to his 4th birthday. I can't remember when exactly i stumbled across him, but it is now the first Arsenal site i read in the morning, every morning.

As of this morning we are now 7th in the league. Some fans have started questioning whether we're even going to make a Uefa cup spot. We're going to have to go on some streak until the end of the season if we want to take anything from this year. Even worse, the Mancs hammered Wigan yesterday. What i would give for Rooney in our team. Without him, United would be 7th this season. Still, it seems Ruud's time at Old Trafford may be drawing in: I'm sure all Arsenal wish him well in the future. *any Arsenal fans actually reading splutter their coffee over their computers in disbelief, before realising that the sarcasm of this comment is so biting they now have teeth marks on their arms*

If you haven't heard it, there was the amusing Ronaldo story in the NOTW. Perhaps Arsene told the players about this before the match: probably made them so laugh so much they cheered up enough to win the game.

Cesc is saying he's 100% committed, after speculation with Real. I hope so. Jens is on the verge of a new deal, but speculation has again surfaced linking us with Shay Given and Jaaskelainen. Either would be a great buy: I would hope even Arsene realises that buying a 15 year old keeper is suicide. I do love Jens though. I think he'll be one of those players who we'll all realise we've taken for granted when he's gone. Best keeper by a mile in the Premieship this year .

After telling SWP to go to Chelsea, and advising TH to go to Barca, Ian Wright continues to enhance his post-Arsenal reputation with this story. Nice one Wrighty. Ever considered that SWP would now be pushing for a starting position in the world cup if he was playing for us?

Watched Real last night at Mallorca. Real were abysmal, lazy, and for the most part uninterested. Baptista looked like a £1.3m , not £13m player, and Robinho seemed a light weight even for La Liga. Increasingly glad we didn't get either, although, obviously, things could have been different with us. Real scored a goal against the run of a play after a superb free kick by Beckham planted the ball on Ramos's head. I really think that Becks is now Real's best player, along with Casillas. He's had a real resurgance of form and deserves to be starting for England as captain.

That Mallorca went on to beat them bodes very well for us. Seeing as even Gilberto can dominate the Real midfield, I'm fairly optimistic for the second leg. Although, considering how we've been playing this year, it wouldn't surprise me if Real hammered us.

Right, time for some work.

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