Thursday, February 23, 2006

More post-Real and the never ending contract negotiations.

Another excellent article by Myles Palmer on ANR. Really spot on about why Real were so awful: laziness and greed. I feel sorry for Beckham, because he really gives 100%, despite fading ability. He really thought he'd go to Spain and rack up a few medals quickly, because Real were at the top of a seemingly unassailable crescent. He didn't realise that his move was actually symbolic of everything that was wrong with Real: money and commercialism over footballing ability. Beckham was a great player when he signed, but Real had entered some crazy nether-footballing world were commercial value decided whether you played or not. The symbolic signing of Gravesen was Real's attempt to show the Galactico policy had ended, but it hasn't. Why would you want to join a club where managerial stability is almost attacked? Why would you want to join a club where Robinho is taken off, and Ronaldo left on after Ronaldo had done nothing? Well, save passing the ball to Fabregas for our opener.

Barca are, and always will be, the greatest club in Spain, because, aside from the fairly dirty manner they've conducted the attempted Henry transfer so far, they're all about football. They have great traditions and the club is owned by the fans. Look at the dispute that's broken out just because they're considering have a sponser on their shirt! The ultimate contrast with Real.

I also felt for Woodgate on Tuesday - after the game had finsished naturally. He's a great centre-back, who has improved Real's defence 10X since he's been fit. But he seems to be a bit of a 'sick note'. My hope? Real again put money before football and offload him to us, where we'll put him right. When fit, he should be in the England squad.

Aside from post-real reaction, we're seemingly entering stage 20096605 of the Thierry Henry contract negotiation. The truth is painful: unless we a) win the Champions league b) qualify for the Champions league he won't be with us next season. Indeed, if neither happens he might even move before the World Cup because I think he'll want to be settled before it starts. As i've always said, all the best to Thierry whatever he does. I can only see him going to one club: Barca. He won't go back to Italy because of racism, and he won't go to Real because they're against what he believes football should be about.

BUT i don't think he'd be as good at Barca as Arsenal. The team wouldn't be built around him like it is at Arsenal. I don't know how he'd fit into the Ronaldinhio/Eto'o attack. And the knives would come out very quickly if he didn't produce the goods immediately.

Please stay!! Arsenal are entering a new era. Next season we will be strong if we continue our rebuilding to its conclusion. Our midfield might even start scoring again! As i said before if i just got 10-15 more goals a season we'd be 2nd-3rd in the league now, and T would have signed his conract. But, if T goes then we may go through another transition season. A painful thought...

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