Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Cole out, Beckham and Torres in?

In our 2-1 defeat to the Spuds reserves last night - hopefully not a portent of things to come in the premiership - old Ash hobbled off again. Are all our defender legs made out of paper? It seems, at current, our defence merely has to look at a blade of grass before hitting the deck in agony. Currently its being reported as a 'sprained ankle', but there's been no definite estimate at the length of time he'll be out for. I read somewhere it could be a month, which, in terms of the effect it'll have on our 4th place chances, is effectively the rest of the season. Hopefully it's just a knock.

Elsewhere, clubcall - that paragon of reliability - has reported we've made an approach for Torres, who, if Barcelona don't get him, will come to us. Not sure about the impact he'd have at the Grove. He has undoubted ability, but do we really want another lightweight La Liga player who's going to take a year to acclimatise to the premiership?

Over on ANR, Miles has been getting quite philosophical - 'do football results matter?' etc.
He also suggests that Becks maybe coming to us next year. Hmm. Do we want him? On current form - yes, he would energise the team. I think he could be good for bolstering the squad: it'd be nice to have at least one player over 22 who isn't crap, sulking, injured, having some form of weird mental breakdown. I would have concerns, however, over how sustainable his current form is - how long he will able play in a manner that will propel us into the Champions League. Also, the club would probably faint when they saw his wage demand.

I have to admire Miles' optimism of us keeping TH. 'Will we finish 4th? no. Will we keep TH? yes.' Hmm.

I also feel the club should be keeping an eye on Jaaskelainen: he seems to be refusing a new deal at Bolton and would be a superb keeper to bring in when Old Jens finally goes to the asylum.

right, must work. Until tomorrow.

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