Friday, February 24, 2006

News 24/2

Various cra...I mean stories floating round this morning.

Ashley Cole is at the centre of two. Firstly, Real now have a 'firm agreement' to buy him at the end of the season. Which seems to contrast with the Mail, who have Real buying Del Horno from the Chavs. As i can't see them buying both - although i wouldn't put it past them - I think the Del Horno story seems more likely. Mourinhio is not the 'patient one'. He already seemed unhappy with him, and his farcical performance against Barcelona may have been the final nail in his Stamford Bridge coffin. Ash off to Real? Maybe - I want him to stay, but I think he could go.

, Ash is fit again. Yay! Well, not quite. Seems he might be fit, but he's only going to play reserve matches for about two months until he's actually fit. So god knows when we'll see him again. Return match at Highbury vs. Real?

According to the Mirror, Real also want to steal little Cesc from us. Well, you can't have him. He's ours. Expect an interminable transfer saga involving Cesc every summer for the rest of his Arsenal career though. wah.

Although Real's president also reckons that TH will stay at Arsenal. Hmm. Are Real now using reverse psychology to get our players?

Finally, we're rich! Moohahah! Well, By 'we' I mean Arsenal. It seems Paddy's parting gift to the club was to contribute to a huge profit in our interim results. Yay! I may even do a post on the full report: or perhaps i'l wait until the Annual report comes out for that.

Must go.

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