Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another horrible result

Just a quick post.

Final whistle has just gone at Ewood park: Blackburn 1 Arsenal 0.

Oh dear. A depressing, yet, if I'm being honest, predictable result. I'll watch the game tonight and make a fuller post. But, as a not so random stab in the dark, lets see how far I am from the truth with this:

Blackburn gave us no time/space on the ball to play our fancy little passing game. They closed us down quickly and dictated the game.
Gilberto was an invisible wall in reality, not metaphorically.
Our midfield not only didn't score, but didn't look like scoring, and was comprehensively muscled out the game.
Our defence looked like the bunch of inexperienced kids - save kolo and Jens - that it is.
Thierry waited for passes that never came; Adebayor held the ball up well, but looked like a player with a 1 in 4 strike rate.

Champions league next year through league performance is looking increasingly unlikely. These are worrying times, regardless of European performance. Still, we can do it and I always thought this would be a tough game with our current form. But - cold, hard facts: we are 5 points adrift of a champions league spot and West Ham and Bolton look likely to leapfrog us.

Let's hope last Tuesday wasn't a one off.

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