Wednesday, February 22, 2006

News in brief

Some post Real reaction.

Wenger is already banging on to Henry about how this game proves he should stay.

Barcelona just won't give up though. Bastards

Or have they? Maybe?

Thierry is making sure we keep our feet on the ground. Fat chance, but it's the right sentiment.

Oh, and, as per usual, Chelsea are trying every underhand method in the book to win their match.

In some Tabloid speculation, appartently Aaron Lennon is leaving spuds for the North in a £5m move; and Bolton have rejected Didier Agathe, a player with whom we have been tenuously linked. Can't see that move myself. Also, in an almost daily saga on certain slightly untrustworthy websites, Rosicky has/hasn't/may/may never/has exploded come to Arsenal. Personally I think Wenger chose between him and Hleb in the summer, so unless we ship off Alix -hope we don't and I don't think we will - can't see the 'footballing Mozart' joining us.

Must work.

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