Friday, March 03, 2006


Ash is launching a fairly unprecedented libel action against the sun and the NOTW. Despite not being officially named, as his lawyer puts it: '"The newspapers knew there was no basis to name Ashley but arranged the articles and pictures in such a way that readers would identify him.'

It should be, like his tapping up case, a pretty landmark ruling, potentially deciding on a precedent for whether these types of stories - involving 'unnamed', but clearly identifiable persons - are still libellous. If they are, the NOTW is screwed. Who'd have thought our Ash would become such a leading figure in the practice of British Jurisprudence? For links see here or here.

I like the bit about 'false privacy': 'you have breeched my privacy, by saying things about my private life which are not true'. Ah, The Law. Still, I'm tempted to get behind Ash. Unless it affects his performance, or seriously damages the life/wellbeing of another individual, surely he should be free to lead his life without it being exposed on a daily basis? And also, although it clearly is Ash in the pictures in the NOTW, that doesn't mean the story is true.

Inter apparently want TH: NEVER going to happen with all the racism in Italian football, and the fact Inter aren't that much better than us. Ballack turned down a move to them by saying he was more likely to win the CL with Bayern than Inter, and the reason he was movin was to win the CL. Ouch. Real are still banging on about Cesc. Go Away!

As for tomorrow, we have Dennis and Freddie back. Hopefully Arsene won't play his suicide tactics of Fred and Bobby on the wings. I like to think Dennis could rustle up some form of vintage performance , but, unfortunately, I think his legs might just be too far gone.

RVP should be back for the Real game which is good news.

A scurrilous rumour I heard yesterday was that Arsene wants Yakubu. He fits the bill for Arsene: big, strong, powerful, scores goals - but is he a truly top level player? Obviously there's only one way to find out, but i'd rather we didn't pay up to £15m (the reported price) to find out first.

Finally, go to the official Arsenal website and watch the second video on Jens's page. Quote (something like) 'I don't know if i'm a maniac, but i do work very hard'. Yes Jens. You are a maniac: but that's why we all love you!! I wish he was about 5 years younger so we could have him for a few more years and not just, possibly, one.

Have a great weekend; try not to stress about the Fulham game!

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